Friday, February 27, 2015

Are You There?

Are You up in Your Heaven, or here in my room?
Flying the sky or coming here soon??
Are you at Your desk planning or looking right down?
Are You walking towards me? Are You wearing a crown?

I want to be near You but I cannot quite see
Please come through the clouds and stay close to me
Today has been awful everything has gone wrong
And I’m so alone, not just one in a throng.

I need You right here so I can tell You my tale
Sympathy would be nice or I’ll let out a wail
Just so I feel that I am near to You
You really can help that’s something You do.

You have answered prayers as quick as a flash
But this thing took longer to turn into hash
And so I expect for some time to go by
Before all is sorted and I’m out of the pie

Now I’m feeling Your Peace and I know You are near
Please slip Your arms round me say I’ve nothing to fear
I will tread with more care this rocky terrain
So I don’t keep on calling again and again.