Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Am On The Cross

I am on the cross, do you feel My pain?
See how My mother weeps?
The ones that understand are here
And those who will vigil keep.

My followers climbed the hill with Me
Though they dozed as I struggled in prayer
Are you ready to keep a vigil with Me
Or will you leave Me alone, then and there?

May I remind you of the cross on the hill?
I willingly paid the price
I surrendered My glory, My Father, My life
In exchange I offered you Life.

Yes, life will be fragile, the way hard and long
But I’ll be there each step of the way
Together we’ll travel; together belong
And Heaven will be yours one day.

WB Sept 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Reflecting Light

As the sun shines on the ocean may we reflect the light of God
When the clouds have made it darken we remember paths we’ve trod
When the rain adds to its bounty we can watch the way Christ walked
And become His loyal followers obeying all He taught.

Following Jesus Christ our Saviour as He leads us day by day
Holding out the hand of friendship to those we meet along the way
Let’s remember to forget ourselves and think of those God loves
For we’re not always in a boxing ring and wearing sparring gloves.

Can we spread peace and love to others in the way Christ did to us?
Can we plod quietly through life’s turmoil and never make a fuss?
I know that doesn’t sound like me but I’m sure going to try
I’ll give that boxing ring a miss and quietly walk on by.

Following Jesus……………………

W.B Aug 2013.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Feel The Spirit

Are you standing in the rain?
Is your baby sick again?
Close your eyes, feel the Spirit touching you
Have the dark clouds rolled on by?
Are you stifling a cry?
Breathe in softly for the Spirit is with you.

Bad days will come and go
They’ve been before, and this you know
Breathe in softly for the Spirit’s at your side
Lift your head up from your hands
God loves you so and He has plans
Breathe out softly for the Spirit heard your sigh.

As God’s Peace drifts through the door
Breathe it in, but wait, there’s more
For the Spirit came inside and will remain
God has said He’ll not leave you
He keeps His word and He loves you
You are in this fight together, praise His name!

W.B Aug 2013

What Does Love Do?

She is alone, new town and new people
Another silent house except for noise from some rats
She looks through the window for people or movement
Hungering for friendship but just seeing cats.

What does love do?

Love senses the hole that needs filling with people
Friends from her old world and new friends to make
Is someone else lonely; is there someone to talk to?
A place where folk gather? A smile or handshake?

What would love do?

A seat on a pew? She will always be welcome
Half empty churches a great place to start
‘What is your name dear? Thank you for coming.
See you next week; don’t forget when we start’.

What can love do?

She is thankful for old friends, still faithfully writing;
That she’s not yet forgotten though far out of sight
Dazzled by views that are set out before her
But no one to share all that beauty so bright.

What will love do?

Seek out the places that need volunteers
Hoping to find some that don’t request fees
Reading the noticeboard next to the doctors’
Maybe there’s someone she may be able to please.

W.B AUG 2013.

I Heard Your Footsteps

I heard Your footsteps in the hall
On that night I gave my all
When I learned that You had died at Calvary
It was the first time I’d shed tears
For I’d hardened through the years
Not believing that Your love was meant for me.

You kept calling; You would not let go
A singer wrote that he loved You so
That music filled my soul and brought me to my knees
There was a love song in his heart
He shared the whole, not just a part
And all I wanted was to see my Saviour pleased.

I heard Your footsteps in the hall
And knew that I must give my all
To the Lamb of God Who died at Calvary
I’m glad I came that night You called
For at the Cross You gave Your all
And I know for sure Your love was meant for me.

God bless the singer who showed Your love to me.

W.B. AUG 2013.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Heart Wants To Tell

My heart wants to tell You how much, Lord, I love You
My mouth is just frozen in time
Are my tears the produce of emotional weakness
Is my spiritual life in decline?

When You should be in the forefront of my thinking
My problems will get in the way
I sigh at the difficulties I am facing
And my praising has fallen away.

Yet I know You are able and that You are willing
You are closer to me than my breath
So why am I settling for imminent failure
And see nothing ahead but my death?

The future is something I’d like to avoid
My history proves that is true
My hopes and my plans all sink into sand
Yet You are my hope, Lord, just You.

So if I step out into sunlight and warmth
Will Your presence be still with me then?
I would say, “Please convince me” But there’s some faith within me
That says You’re not there now and then

You are with me for ever in every endeavour
Though results are not all I would wish
I’ll try not to refer to the plans You have there
I’ll comply with faith, that is Your wish

W..B Aug 2013.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Psalm 25

Do not remember the sins of my youth
But remember me, oh Lord
Cleanse me, instruct me, and teach me Your way
Keep me humbled as I wait on You today.

I am Yours dear Lord, I am Yours.

Kindness and truth are Your pathways
I would not shame You, dear Lord
Your covenant I’m learning to write on my heart
Keep me under the blood You shed from the start.

I am Yours, dear Lord, I am Yours.

I would tell you my secrets but You already know
All my prayers are heard by You
While I wait, while I listen, remember me
Will Your secrets be known to me?

I am Yours dear Lord, I am Yours.

W.B. Aug 2013.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You're A Star

The Lord is here beside you now
You will never walk alone
Believe His Word, it’s inside you now
His Spirit gave it a home.

Look up into His faithful eyes
Be held in His loving heart
Take hold of both His nail scarred hands
Let Him prove you’ll never part.

As soon as troubles gather round
Just take them to the cross
Don’t let their shadows hide the light
Get rid of them; they’re dross.

Step forward in the light of God
Remember Whose you are
Take the high road from earth to heaven
And show that you’re a star.

W.B. Aug 2013.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All The Precious Things You Do

How can I not sing songs to You
For all the precious things You do
Yes, though the sun should fail to rise
Your love shines out through loving eyes.
Problems and puzzles strewn my path
Rising before me, and I ask
Dear Father guide me just for today
Lest I despair and turn away.

The little things, the big, big bills
Cannot submerge me in life’s ills
For You are my strength, my hope, my life
My future planned, Your love is life.
Knowing your mercy will provide
Comfort and safety on every side
And then, at last, the sky will light
And chase away depressing night.

The orange glow, that happy sign
That soon the sunlight will be mine
What warmth, what laughter in the sky
The Master comes; sorrow’s denied
For who could fail to hope and dance
Under the light; it’s warmth not chance
For You Lord, made both light and shade
The woods, the hills, those treasured glades.

Needs of the day a minor thing
When I praise You and hear birds sing
When my prayers rise up into the sky
And I can feel Your presence nigh
Oh, join me, children of our God
Sing too, His praises as angels nod
And add to ours their worship pure
Our God is eternal and His love will endure.

W.B. Aug 2013.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Garden

Will it always be here, Your Creation?
This garden that You gave to me?
As I wander through green rustling bushes
With leaves and debris at my feet.

How I picture the plants I will grow here
And I hope that my life will endure
While I nurture the life You have given
To the flora You created before.

Every day Your bright sun will be faithful
Every day there’ll be clouds , maybe rain
You watch over the whole of Creation
And me too, as long as I can remain.

You are with me, so near me, dear Saviour
I’m so blessed not to walk all alone
I feel Your love in the warmth of the sunlight
And Your cleansing and healing atone.

W.B. 2013.


Some day I’ll find a tiny glen
Lost in the forest, I don’t know when
A whispering breeze will call me there
A new life I’ll find and dwell in there.

Birds of the forest need have no fear
A child of Creator I am quiet here
The soft toned bird calls, not calling me
I and my Saviour are just here to see.

‘See what I made?’ Your Spirit asks.
‘What things can we tackle? You need not ask
Wait for My plans to lay the ground
Love, Joy, and Peace you’ve already found.’

See My dear creatures move round the bush
Hunting and eating, they’re not in a rush
Their tiny heart knows that they’re in My care
Days come and go and you are all in My care’.

W.B. August 2013.