Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Child's Prayer.

Please answer the door, Lord, the devil is knocking,
He put in my head things I don’t want to hear.
Please peep round the door while I hide behind you,
And tell him to clear off, because You are here.

I want to just think about all that is lovely
All the wonderful things that You do.
The devil is mean, nasty, and ugly,
He’s not to get in or he’ll make me mean too

You know that I love You and You love me too,
And the devil just hates both of us,
So if we stick together as close as we can
Then he can’t get in between us.

Just you and I Lord can win my fights
I know that You already have won
You beat Satan at Calvary there on the cross
So why is he being so dumb?

He thinks I’ll forget that You gave me a sword
And a shield and a breastplate and stuff
That they’re all in a cupboard and hidden away.
I suppose I don’t use them enough.

But if You’re beside me when the fight starts
You’ll help me to fight like a ‘pro’
So I’ll go to the door by myself, with Your sword
And tell Satan just where he can go!.

WB July 08.

1 comment:

ginal said...

Great song my friend. True with God near us we can fight everyone and everything. Having faith in him make us strong every day.