Saturday, June 27, 2009

All Of Grace

If I have done Your will today
It’s all of Grace and none of me.
The robe of righteousness you gave
Shields me from sin, yet I am free.

Free to choose whom I will obey
Free to follow, yet free to sin.
Oh, precious Lord, keep my love strong
Your Spirit cleanses and I hold You within.

Lord I choose life and I choose You
I know the things that I should do
You are my guide, my reason to live
My eyes turned to You, Lord, I’m ready for You.

Ready to take the next step in faith
Ready to receive more of Your Grace
I have all Your armour, I’m willing and strong
My eyes are on You Lord, I look full in Your face.

W.B. June 2009.

I Wish I Could Fly.

I wish I could fly through the sky.
Because it’s blue
And there’s nothing to do.

I’d fly around
My eyesight would be sound
I could see the ground
And you!

I’d fly to the ‘Land of eternal spring’
That has a certain ring
I don’t like the cold, I wouldn’t grow old
Well, why am I waiting?

Did you call? Please don’t!
I’m in the land of irresponsibility
I don’t want you to tell me
I’m just being silly.

I’m flying free
And there’s no-one but me
And I’m not coming back
Till I’m ready.

W.B. June 2009.

I’m Stepping Forward.

I’m stepping forward, in the love of God
He’s the centre of my world, as it should be
I am holding the key to His supplies for me
Won’t you join me on my pilgrimage to God?

There are clouds in the sky and they will pass me by
I’m sheltered in the loving arms of God
No evil can harm me since Christ died upon the tree
Won’t you join me in my worship of our God?

The world may still be turning but soon it will be stopped
The clock is close to midnight, don’t you see?
It’s two thousand years since my Saviour died for me
It’s time for your salvation. Let it be.

I’m not travelling alone since Christ will lead me home
But I’d really love to have your company
We would really be strong and could right so many wrongs
When were travelling together, don’t you see?

W.B. June 2009.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Prayers of the Saints.

The prayers of the saints pave a pathway to God
Whether chanted in churches, whispered, or thought
They rise like clouds of incense floating up above
Wrapping those we pray for in a shelter of love.

Our praises to You, Lord, and the whole Trinity
Are just echoes of the worship we long to give Thee
All over the world and at every hour
Petitions and praise building up like a tower.

Our prayers are absorbed in the walls of a church
Or in a humble room where we kneel down to search
For words prayed with wisdom, Your promises claimed
Or just a plea, ‘God bless my friend’ with the love that contains.

W.B. June 2009.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Tomorrows.

Lord, I’m not looking forward at tomorrow
I’m just holding out my arms to You today
It’s quite enough for me to take the next step that I see
Just be a lamp down at my feet I pray.

Now, one more step. I wonder what will today bring?
I am trying not to dread what lies ahead
I know Your love for me is all I need to see
In trust I’ll go everywhere I’m led.

Just hold me Lord, and I won’t worry about tomorrow
Lead me Lord and I’ll trust in Your strength today
I’ll fix my eyes upon You, my Saviour, only
Then my tomorrow will be just one little day.

W.B. June 2009.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Without You.

I wouldn’t want to live if there were no Saviour
I wouldn’t want to live if there were no God
How would I live my life without the hope I have in You
You’ve been with me every single step I trod.

Without You, my life is over
Without You, it is the end
The end of all my hopes and dreams of Glory
The end of love and friendship my Dear Friend.

Without a Saviour, why would the sun even shine?
Without my glorifying Lord who would need rain?
Without Your Holy Spirit’s power to sustain me
Or Your precious blood to make me whole again.

Without You, there’ll be no joy in my tomorrows
Without You this long , long day will never end
But now You’ve come to walk with me through those tomorrows
It’s the start of love and friendship, my Dear Friend.

I want to live, because You love me
I want to live, because You died
I want to glorify You Lord, and do all You ask of me
Dear Jesus You are always at my side.
Yes, Jesus, You are always at my side.

Only with You there is life, love, and hope, Lord.

W.B. June 2009.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Carers’ Creed.

Do you ever feel the mundane tasks
Are a burden now to you?
Their ‘dailyness’ gives you no break
And some are distasteful too?

Just look at them as ‘washing feet’
A task our Lord performed
The lowliest work of servanthood
Is where character is formed.

If God himself could kneel and wash
Our soiled and filthy feet
To show love and humility
To those He came to meet.

What honour then for us to do
That sacrificial thing
Then all our mundane daily tasks
Are done for God, our king.

W.B. June 2009.