Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Love Me For Ever.

Love me for ever dear Lord Divine
Faithful Creator I am all Thine
My many failings Lord please forgive
My heart is longing with You to live.

I’ll love You for ever dear Lord Divine
Hold me, oh hold me, my love refine
I’ll rest in Your love Lord, rest in Your will
Guided, not chided, Your loved one still.

W.B.July ‘14

Monday, July 28, 2014

Painted Skies

With each new morning, Lord, the skies are painted
With blushing reds and pinks that turn to gold
The sleepy ocean fidgets under breezes
While morning’s glory rapidly grows old.

The banks of cloud that have been ocean’s blanket
Rise slowly from horizon’s gentle hold
While birds appearing black against the sunlight
Stretch out their wings to swoop and glide, now bold.

And so we joy in God’s renewed creation
And gazing upward hope for a great day
He promised us a hope and guided future
Rest in His love that never fades away.

Come sunshine, storm or pain He has a reason
Our goal a direct line to Heaven above
Spurred on by praying saints through every season
While wrapped around with God’s eternal love.

W.B July ‘14

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Random Acts?

Does your life seem full of random acts, no sense or order there?
What are God’s plans you sometimes ask and does He know or care?
We overlook the simplicity that rests twixt God and man
When fretfully we kneel and cry, “Please help?” He says, “I can”!

Think back on God the Father and remember you’re His child
Present Him with the mess that’s you when your thoughts are running wild
He made you and His plans for you are written on His hand
So offer now yourself to Him He has a Master plan.

Don’t overlook the comfort of resting in His will
Just walk inside His footsteps He is your leader still
He spreads His love in blessings to brighten up your heart
So tightly hold His nail scarred hand this is your only part.

W.B. July ‘14

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

God Gave You A Special Name

The God Who named a trillion stars has a special name for you
And a daily plan is His alone for what He’d have you do
A smile, a touch, whose source is love, will warm His loving heart
As He holds your hand and leads you on, revealing your next part.

When skies are gray the sun still shines, His grip grows ever tighter
His Spirit whispers, “Don’t dismay, you are My giant fighter
The war is won, the battle’s Mine, come, read the final page
The enemy is the loser and you throw him in a rage.”

“With time so short, a day, a month, My Father knows just when
We will return with trumpet sound; worlds end with stroke of pen
The accuser of the Brethren hurled down the pit of Hell
While I Your Lord and Saviour smile and say you have done well.”

W.B. July ’14.

Monday, July 21, 2014

I Love The Dawn

Now here comes the morning, oh how I love the dawn
Sleepless nights and stresses in light of day are shorn
Hope born to an endless day; spirits lifted high
Angels flying with the clouds ride eternal skies.

Tomorrow’s hidden in Your heart; troubles cannot breathe
Satan makes his useless plans hoping to deceive
Looking to my Saviour now, breathing in His love
Pleading for all dying souls, oh take them Lord, above.

Faithful, changeless, no decline in Your eternal love
Holding me with power divine prepare me for above
You will never turn away or give me up as lost
Lead me to eternal day and teach me what it cost.

Love divine what can I give to prove my earnest love?
I would be faithful every day until I’m called above
Oh for a revival that sets the world on fire
Holding up the Cross of Christ higher, Lord, yet higher.

W.B July ‘14

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Think On God.

In spite of all the darkening clouds the sun has risen again
Our God is faithful everyday in sunshine or in rain
So think on God for every breath is His great gift to you
And as you ponder on His love ask what He’d have you do.

If you are busy and working hard with job and family
Ask Him for guidance, wisdom too for a day that’s orderly
Under His banner step into this day that He has planned
With heartfelt prayer as every care is placed into His hands.

Today someone will bless you, so seek to do the same
And offer prayer for those you know are suffering great pain
So think on Christ and how His love surrendered all for you
Now our mighty resurrected Lord is praying from Heaven for you.

W.B July ‘14

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Words

What words are there that I could write to fill your yearning heart
If I don’t raise the Cross of Christ? This is my only part.
To tell you Christ has died for you; to say you need the blood
To beg you now to yield to Him, Who wishes only good.

A judgement day is coming soon when Jesus will return
And He alone will know you’re saved; oh how your heart will burn
When He opens up the Book of Life, will your name be written down
With perhaps a spot of His own blood, and the sign of a victor’s crown?

His prayers are written in His blood and He Who died still prays
He chose you to be one of His and lead you in His ways
A victor’s crown would then be yours but your love is all He claims
Great hope and future promised you from day to glorious day.

W.B. July ‘14

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Waiting Room

I’m sitting in Your waiting room as many others do
These rooms are full of waiting souls; do they know they wait for You?
Or are they just in limbo land, not quite sure where they are?
Or even where they left their teeth, or medicines on the bar?
They know that soon a bell will sound when their next meal is served
And they will blossom as they share the life that led them there.
Then, after that time, warmed and fed, returning to their room
A cosy heater on the wall, they hope for morning soon.

A rustle now, of footsteps, with voices soft and low
The doctor’s called to check a pulse. Alive? How does he know?
A pallid face, deep wrinkles set; expression too is set.
They don’t remember if you called or may call even yet.
Their memories are clearer of past and ancient times
The present too surreal to them and now has blurred the lines.
Yes, earlier the phone did ring; they remembered they were loved
And a burning tear coursed slowly down a cheek of your beloved.

W.B. July ‘14

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Far From Home

You hold me when I pass through chilling waters
You hold me when I am too far from home
The sun still shines as if I’m on Your doorstep
After a lifetime must I walk a brand new road?

You are close when all else is unfamiliar
You are my joy, my heart and my beloved home…
Oh precious lord I would be even nearer
I fear no space when in Your arms enclosed.

W.B July ‘14