Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Words

What words are there that I could write to fill your yearning heart
If I don’t raise the Cross of Christ? This is my only part.
To tell you Christ has died for you; to say you need the blood
To beg you now to yield to Him, Who wishes only good.

A judgement day is coming soon when Jesus will return
And He alone will know you’re saved; oh how your heart will burn
When He opens up the Book of Life, will your name be written down
With perhaps a spot of His own blood, and the sign of a victor’s crown?

His prayers are written in His blood and He Who died still prays
He chose you to be one of His and lead you in His ways
A victor’s crown would then be yours but your love is all He claims
Great hope and future promised you from day to glorious day.

W.B. July ‘14


Elizabeth said...

Wise words my friend!
I pray I'm ready!

Elizabeth said...
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Wyn Barratt said...

Not only are you ready dear one, but you are leading His lambs to the throne in everything you write.