Friday, November 29, 2013

Are You Finding It Hard To Be Joyful?

Are you finding it hard to be joyful
In the trials that have fallen on you?
Stand close to the cross of the Saviour
And know He is praying for you.

There were times of great blessings around you
Though they may seem a long way away
In the pools of gentling waters
That soothed your tired soul on some days.

But now there’s a fire that’s burning
Refining the silver that is you
The Lord knows just when He will end it
His timing is perfect, that’s true.

You and He are in this together
You are never standing alone
He already sees you as perfect
He prepares you to enter His Home.

It’s alright to call on God’s family
To hold your name up to the Throne
You have brothers and sisters in Jesus
So never feel lost and alone.

WB Nov 2013.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Hear Your Voice

I hear Your voice in the rumbling of the thunder
I see Your smile in the smile of a child
I hear Your songs from birds and running waters
And admire Your creations for mile after mile.

Gentle are the hands that care for all our babies
An arm around our shoulders will take our cares away
The cross upon the hill is the sign of the Atonement
You purchased with Your blood on that terrible day.

Saffron in the skies and another day is over
Hope for tomorrow already on its way
Mothers at the windows looking for their children
Fathers weary footsteps going homeward today.

Love is the chain that binds us all together
Family the unit ordained by God
Gentle awareness of those who need us
Loving like the Father and living for God.

W.B. Nov 2013

If I Loved You

If I loved You my Lord as You surely deserve
I would kneel at Your feet to hear every word
That came from Your lips and was then written down
I would learn them by heart and spread them around
I would speak of You often as lovers will do
And tell everyone the great things about You.

My thoughts would not wander my eyes would be fixed
On You precious Saviour; my feelings not mixed
With needs of the moment or selfish desires
I would ask You to hold me and set me on fire
For love that is weak and half hearted at best
Would make You feel sick and be torn from Your breast

And I do not know how to put into words
That one hundred and ten percent of me will be Yours
I’ll try not to slip and fall short of the mark
I’ll be wrapt up inside You like those in the Ark
Then just to be sure that I never grow cold
Fix Your gaze on me Father until I grow old.

W.B 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Till I See You

Lord, here’s a love letter coming to You
To tell You I‘m thankful for all that You do
You’re right at my side so I’m never alone
Though sometimes I’m scared in this big empty home.

The changes in life and in health for the old
Are things to be tackled by the brave and the bold
So since I am neither, and that, we all know
I cannot stand up with an arrow and bow.

My knees will not kneel however humble I feel
My breaths are reluctant; I need help to breath
But You send me Your love and the sunshine of heaven
The prayers of Your saints bless me seventy times seven.

So I’m thanking You Father for every day that I live
For time to send prayers; for the blessings You give
For the love of my family and Your family too
And here is my love till the day I see You.

W.B. Nov 2013.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gifts From The Heart

Lord, You love gifts that come from the heart, not calculated payments
You know who is rich or poor not just those in gaudy raiment
The widow’s mite means more to You than profits from a king
Then may I always bring my love with every offering.

You gave Your all, do I withhold even the smallest part?
Some time or thoughts that I have kept secret within my heart?
Your arms are open as Your heart, You give, and give again
And I receive all as my part and do not give again.

I sometimes wish that I could throw out into the four winds
Every single thing that I possess and with them all my sins
You are my life, my hope, my love, your arms are always near
And every penny I possess came down from far or near.

I have enough, yet fearing want, lest I should have to beg
I hold on tight to this or that and things within my head.
I want you to be proud of me and say, ‘Well done, my child’
For all I do is not enough and my love I cannot hide.

I hold my arms up to you, Lord and try to wrap around
But how can I retain the wind even here on holy ground?
When all is said and done, my Lord, in crisis teach me more
Then my dependence on You alone will keep my loving pure.

W.B. Nov 2013.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Want To Write A Song For You

I want to write a song for You
A song that has no pride
With words declaring all my love
For You’ve been at my side
In war or peace in pain or grief
You never left me Lord
And how could I declare enough
The joy Your love affords.

No judgement, condemnation here
Your blood has washed away
The very stains that sin has made
Since my first human day.
Oh precious Lord, my Saviour dear
I worship at Your feet
Lord how I wish the world would know
That sin brings sure defeat.

Look at the cross those who deny
That Jesus died at all
Look at His blood and then deny
That He would save us all.
A simple act, an act of faith
Then give your life to Him
His blood will cleanse, His Spirit free
Your soul to fly with Him.

Eternity, life without end
Is a glorious song of songs
The road to Heaven has no bend
The road is straight but long
God’s music follows all the way
While myriad witnesses sing
And Christ our Lord will lead the band
Himself our Offering.

W.B. Nov 2013.