Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If I Loved You

If I loved You my Lord as You surely deserve
I would kneel at Your feet to hear every word
That came from Your lips and was then written down
I would learn them by heart and spread them around
I would speak of You often as lovers will do
And tell everyone the great things about You.

My thoughts would not wander my eyes would be fixed
On You precious Saviour; my feelings not mixed
With needs of the moment or selfish desires
I would ask You to hold me and set me on fire
For love that is weak and half hearted at best
Would make You feel sick and be torn from Your breast

And I do not know how to put into words
That one hundred and ten percent of me will be Yours
I’ll try not to slip and fall short of the mark
I’ll be wrapt up inside You like those in the Ark
Then just to be sure that I never grow cold
Fix Your gaze on me Father until I grow old.

W.B 2013

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