Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Must Keep Writing

I know I must keep writing though it’s only tossed on water
For I am urged by the Spirit so to do
These words that comfort me have a purpose I don’t see
But I know that if He wills, they’ll come to you.

Please know He feels your pain and weeps with you again
As you kneel at His feet and tell Him all
He knows your future will be bright though it’s not like this tonight
And He’s holding you so you won’t trip or fall.

When I lean on someone else though God never takes offence
They are human and just cannot hold my weight
They already carry burdens and the one that does it best
Waiting patiently, He bids us come and wait.

His timing is not ours and though minutes feel like hours
Each whispered prayer’s in Heaven right away
He already has a plan but he’ll please you if He can
Though it’s best to let the Lord have His way.

W.B. Feb ‘14

Where Is The Music?

Where is the music that Angels sing?
Soft and gentle but clear
More beautiful than the birds can bring
And sung to the Father dear?

Music that comes from a heart that bled
Following the pathway He trod
With words that He Himself may have said
When pondering on His God.

Up on the mountain He’d go to pray
Silence and mist all around
Then blessed and strengthened to face the day
Traversing the stony ground.

Was it then that the Angels sang their songs?
Unforgettable melodies theirs?
So sing your songs out from your heart to God’s
And that same music may still be heard.

W.B. Feb 2014.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lord Help Me.

Lord help me write a song
That many souls might sing
To tell that we to You belong
Since Your great suffering.

Help me to watch and pray
For You are faithful, Lord
I give You all my love and praise
Each time I walk abroad.

Creation’s silent praise
Birdsongs that never cease
Are not enough to show Your ways
But fill our hearts with peace.

I’ll walk the path of faith
Until You glorify
This child, who sometimes hides their face
Still in Your watching eye.

W.B. 2.14

Our God Is BIG!!!!!

Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened unto you, for EVERYONE that asks, receives, and he that seeks shall find and to him that knocks it SHALL BE OPENED!! Hallelujah!!!

This is in Matthew 7.7-8 also Luke 9.9-10. I believe God had it entered twice because of its importance to our Faith.

Our God is BIG!! DON’T INSULT Him with small expectations!!

Dear Father in Your Word You say that before I even ask
You will hear my prayer and right away start work upon a task
I’m not na├»ve and don’t believe that it always is a ‘yes’
But if I seek change it isn’t strange to think You’ll change ME next!

Monday, February 10, 2014


I love watching the ocean when it’s shrouded in mist
The horizon still sleeping till the sun blows a kiss
The gray waves now gentle still roll to the shore
In answer to the moon I can’t see any more.

Our lives are just like that, we have calm and then storms
But hovering above us are God’s open arms
He is there when we fear we’ll fall out of the boat
Or when waves are so high that we can’t stay afloat.

The mist hides our future and shields from alarm
And whatever God plans He wishes no harm
As the waves roll to shore regardless of storms
God continues to guide and He will lead us Home.

W.B Feb ‘14

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love Makes All The Difference.

And here begins another day. Another day with You
In cloudy grey the sky belies that the sun still shines there too
Today I’ll go on with my chores an offering of love
With routine tasks I’m quickly bored unless performed in love
For love makes all the difference in every part of life
It bathes all in its beauty as a loving sacrifice.
All love began with Jesus Christ; it took Him to the cross
When dying there He bridged the gap where sin had caused such loss.
When we are His this love abounds through every day and hour
As long as we will look to Him then we can know His power.
So thank You Lord for this new day as I seek to honour You
May Your love, Your gentleness be seen in everything I do,

W.B Feb ‘14

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where Are We Seeking God?

Where are we seeking a glimpse of our God,
In some grand and glorious sighting?
In beauty of Nature in sky or in sod
Or in visions or dreams so exciting?

Yes, He will be there, but have we overlooked
That He comes to us in the humdrum
In meaningless tasks with no reason or rhyme
In the humble performance of jobs done.

It is when we are faithful in each little thing
Whether we see it or no
That each task’s that our duty when offered in love
Is the source of God’s smile as we go.

So God can rely on our faithfulness there
Where no flags and no trumpets declare
Yet He can be seen in the light in our eyes
And He knows we are faithful right there.

No hint of drudgery follows the tasks
When we make them an offering to God
And nothing we do if it’s more than He asks
Would be leaving the paths that He trod.

W.B. Feb ‘14

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sing To Me

Sing to me Jesus, on those lonely days
When I sit on the porch and consider my ways
I go over the times that I heard You speak
Then I ponder again as in silence I weep.

The times I forgot You when flustered and fussed
Then called out to You, the only One I could trust
Now Lord, as I sit here, surrounded by birds
I can hear heaven’s music but I can’t hear the words.

So sing to me Jesus as in days long gone by
I imagine You sang when Your siblings would cry
I can hear Heavens’ music but I can’t hear the words
So Jesus sing softly then no one else is disturbed.

W.B. Feb ‘14