Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus.

Happy Birthday Jesus,
How old are You today?
Mother says it’s rude to ask,
But I’m asking anyway.

My sister says You’re 2008
She thinks she’s very smart,
But Dad says You’re much older
Because You made the world at the start.

I’d love to see what you look like
Seeing You are so old
My Gran has wrinkles everywhere
And she is not that old.

It’s great You made the world, Jesus
I like to make things too.
One day when I have finished school
I’ll build a house for You.

Mum says You built a home for us
Way up there in the sky,
But I prefer to stay down here
Unless You can make me fly.

Then I could fly down here to earth
I’d miss my friends you see,
My dogs, and bird, and Guinea pigs
Would You like to come with me?

Since you made all my animals
And many more beside
I’m sure You’d like to visit them
I’ll show You where they hide.

I built them little houses,
But the one I build for You
Would be tall and grand and very large
I’m sure You’d love it too.

So You see I have things all worked out,
We’d both fly up and down.
I’d visit You, You’d visit me
Like best friends ‘do the rounds’.

W.B. Nov 2008.

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Marja said...

Awesome Wyn, I absolutely love this one!!