Monday, December 23, 2013

Silent Night, Silent Day

I feel as if I have dined on an empty plate. No jewel in the words I read today have stood out as a lesson or a guide to me.

Is this to be a silent day on this, the silent night
When shepherds in the quiet fields saw a brightly shining light?
They heard a voice, an angel spoke, no doubt was in their mind
Yet today while I am writing this I might as well be blind
Today I cannot see a light. The words I read are dead
And yet, Lord, I faithfully sit down to take my Daily Bread.

What have I done? Where have I failed? Does sin lie at my door?
I have prayed that You would cleanse me, even heal me, and then more
The sky is dark and cloudy, just today I need You Lord
To shine Your light upon me, or better still, walk through the door!
Well, now I’ve got that off my chest, did I detect Your smile?
You want my faith to be worked out and You were here all the while?.

W.B Dec 24th

Friday, December 20, 2013


Have you ever stood in silence, closed your eyes and begun to think
Of the blessings God has given, filling your cup up to the brink?
Beginning with a new day dawning, a fresh white page to start anew
The bed you’ve slept in, safe warm housing, food to eat, and loving, too.

Being loved another blessing, all too few can call this theirs
Until they know the Gentle Shepherd who loved the world; His life not spared
I know that life is not all blessing and trials come in spite of this
But they drive us to the arms of Jesus Who is slow to judge and quick to bless.

I could keep on like this for ever! Meet my Jesus! Love Him too!
I long to see you all in Glory. Is there something else that I could do?
Pray, of course to My dear Shepherd, His prayers for you will never cease
And until the day of His returning, may you know His Love and Peace.


Sunday, December 15, 2013


If I never say another word then let that word be ‘Thanks’!
Not, ‘God do this, or this, or that, please fill my needy banks’.
Let me first kneel to touch Your feet, caress the nail marked scars
And vow to step where You have walked, the path You walked now ‘ours’.

Do I say too often, ‘Help me, Lord’ when I should say ‘I’ll help You”?
Although You do not need it, but that’s what love would do
And if I bowed down before Your throne in armour every day
I’d be prepared to fight for Home and Glory all the way.

So let’s set out together an army to make God proud
With praises at Reveille and the Last Post just as loud
We might wake some sleeping giants and stir our Governments
Hold the cross up even higher; prove God’s power to be immense.

W.B Dec 2013.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Worship your Creator, you monumental trees
You’re reaching near to Heaven and swaying in the breeze
The sun is sparkling on your leaves while nesting birds hold tight
Your canopy holds darkness yet your crown is bright with light.
The grasses reaching round your feet are keeping your roots warm
Those roots now spread beneath the soil will hold in any storm.
And did our Saviour long ago rest underneath your shade
Or did he plant the very seed that your mighty stature made?
Stand proudly then oh mighty tree for you were made by God
And shelter those that come to you, as graciously you nod.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Can You See Me?

Lord, I’m down in the garden and under a tree
Mom said You see all things, but can You see me?
If I look to Heaven I just see blue sky
So where is the gateway and when will I die?

Yu’know I’m so alone here and if You are near
Please hold out Your hand, or sing in my ear
That’s what my Pa does when I cannot sleep
And his breath always tickles when his voice goes down deep.

I know that You’re big for You stretch East to West
So when I’m afraid may I lay on Your chest?
I’ll hear You breathing and I will be brave
For I know that You love me and You came to save.

Are We Waiting For God?

Are we waiting FOR God when we should wait WITH Him?
He knows just when the time is right
Never too late and never too early
The darkest night ends in bright morning light.
‘When’ ‘why’ and ‘if’ are such small words to handle
Yet they’re little foxes that eat Faith away.

God sees the big picture while we look through keyholes
He sees the end as we plod on the way.
Lord give us a vision to see life through Your eyes
While we joy in Your promises day after day
You Lord, are faithful, and the road ahead rises
We’re travelling Home, faith renewed every day.

W.B Dec '13

Sunday, December 1, 2013

God Is Good

God is good; let the world declare it
Lord, open the eyes of the spiritually blind
From innocent children to the dying aged
We see and declare Lord, that You are kind.
So many times Your hand has blessed us
Not many times we expressed our thanks
With every sunrise You show You are faithful
For every sunset we will give thanks.
We thrill with a day started with You, Lord
And the peace of a night within Your arms
Trials and blessings our earthly adventures
Safe in the knowledge Your Spirit’s in ours.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Are You Finding It Hard To Be Joyful?

Are you finding it hard to be joyful
In the trials that have fallen on you?
Stand close to the cross of the Saviour
And know He is praying for you.

There were times of great blessings around you
Though they may seem a long way away
In the pools of gentling waters
That soothed your tired soul on some days.

But now there’s a fire that’s burning
Refining the silver that is you
The Lord knows just when He will end it
His timing is perfect, that’s true.

You and He are in this together
You are never standing alone
He already sees you as perfect
He prepares you to enter His Home.

It’s alright to call on God’s family
To hold your name up to the Throne
You have brothers and sisters in Jesus
So never feel lost and alone.

WB Nov 2013.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Hear Your Voice

I hear Your voice in the rumbling of the thunder
I see Your smile in the smile of a child
I hear Your songs from birds and running waters
And admire Your creations for mile after mile.

Gentle are the hands that care for all our babies
An arm around our shoulders will take our cares away
The cross upon the hill is the sign of the Atonement
You purchased with Your blood on that terrible day.

Saffron in the skies and another day is over
Hope for tomorrow already on its way
Mothers at the windows looking for their children
Fathers weary footsteps going homeward today.

Love is the chain that binds us all together
Family the unit ordained by God
Gentle awareness of those who need us
Loving like the Father and living for God.

W.B. Nov 2013

If I Loved You

If I loved You my Lord as You surely deserve
I would kneel at Your feet to hear every word
That came from Your lips and was then written down
I would learn them by heart and spread them around
I would speak of You often as lovers will do
And tell everyone the great things about You.

My thoughts would not wander my eyes would be fixed
On You precious Saviour; my feelings not mixed
With needs of the moment or selfish desires
I would ask You to hold me and set me on fire
For love that is weak and half hearted at best
Would make You feel sick and be torn from Your breast

And I do not know how to put into words
That one hundred and ten percent of me will be Yours
I’ll try not to slip and fall short of the mark
I’ll be wrapt up inside You like those in the Ark
Then just to be sure that I never grow cold
Fix Your gaze on me Father until I grow old.

W.B 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Till I See You

Lord, here’s a love letter coming to You
To tell You I‘m thankful for all that You do
You’re right at my side so I’m never alone
Though sometimes I’m scared in this big empty home.

The changes in life and in health for the old
Are things to be tackled by the brave and the bold
So since I am neither, and that, we all know
I cannot stand up with an arrow and bow.

My knees will not kneel however humble I feel
My breaths are reluctant; I need help to breath
But You send me Your love and the sunshine of heaven
The prayers of Your saints bless me seventy times seven.

So I’m thanking You Father for every day that I live
For time to send prayers; for the blessings You give
For the love of my family and Your family too
And here is my love till the day I see You.

W.B. Nov 2013.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gifts From The Heart

Lord, You love gifts that come from the heart, not calculated payments
You know who is rich or poor not just those in gaudy raiment
The widow’s mite means more to You than profits from a king
Then may I always bring my love with every offering.

You gave Your all, do I withhold even the smallest part?
Some time or thoughts that I have kept secret within my heart?
Your arms are open as Your heart, You give, and give again
And I receive all as my part and do not give again.

I sometimes wish that I could throw out into the four winds
Every single thing that I possess and with them all my sins
You are my life, my hope, my love, your arms are always near
And every penny I possess came down from far or near.

I have enough, yet fearing want, lest I should have to beg
I hold on tight to this or that and things within my head.
I want you to be proud of me and say, ‘Well done, my child’
For all I do is not enough and my love I cannot hide.

I hold my arms up to you, Lord and try to wrap around
But how can I retain the wind even here on holy ground?
When all is said and done, my Lord, in crisis teach me more
Then my dependence on You alone will keep my loving pure.

W.B. Nov 2013.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Want To Write A Song For You

I want to write a song for You
A song that has no pride
With words declaring all my love
For You’ve been at my side
In war or peace in pain or grief
You never left me Lord
And how could I declare enough
The joy Your love affords.

No judgement, condemnation here
Your blood has washed away
The very stains that sin has made
Since my first human day.
Oh precious Lord, my Saviour dear
I worship at Your feet
Lord how I wish the world would know
That sin brings sure defeat.

Look at the cross those who deny
That Jesus died at all
Look at His blood and then deny
That He would save us all.
A simple act, an act of faith
Then give your life to Him
His blood will cleanse, His Spirit free
Your soul to fly with Him.

Eternity, life without end
Is a glorious song of songs
The road to Heaven has no bend
The road is straight but long
God’s music follows all the way
While myriad witnesses sing
And Christ our Lord will lead the band
Himself our Offering.

W.B. Nov 2013.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just Can't Help Loving You

I just can’t help loving You
My dear Lord, my Saviour
Your Spirit keeps on coming through
When I fear I have lost favour.

But I really know deep in my heart
That You will never change
As long as I will take my part
It is I that needs to change.

Yes I’ll be here; I will stay near
For I know I need You Lord,
My eyes are fixed on You
Your Spirit leads me through.

I just can’t help loving You dear Lord.
I just can’t help loving You my dear Lord.

W.B. Oct 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Treasures Of God

The treasures of God are hidden ones spawned through our darkest days
In those times we wept to be taken from, He showed His loving ways
Not for one moment did He turn and let you fight in vain
Or stand and watch uncaring when you fought, but failed again.

Your tears were His though you did not know His heart was breaking too
You are His love, His precious one, and He is part of you
In light or dark; in pain or grief these lessons aren’t in vain
Though weaning us from unwise love may bring the greatest pain.

Tomorrow the same sun will shine but it’s you who will be changed
As imperceptibly refined by the Spirit’s increased range
Some things may go some new thing come but your point of view is new
Now seeing through the Spirit’s eyes as He steps along with you.

W.B Oct 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Each Moment.

I need You oh my precious Lord each moment of the day
There’s not a breath that I would take without You there to stay
I do the things at hand to do but never on my own
And that includes the time I spend on computer or the phone.

I am Yours for ever and a day dear Spirit please be close
And tap me on the shoulder if I’m sharp or too verbose
I am grateful for the angels that You send to comfort me
But it’s only in Your sweet presence that I really want to be.

Sometimes the days are far too long and sometimes they’re too short
But every day’s a gift from You though I don’t do all I ought
When night time comes I go to bed and rest back in Your arms
And the last words that I speak are from my favourite book of Psalms.

W.B Oct ‘13

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Set Me Loose

Set me loose in Your heavens
Let me roam the hills You walked
Let me kneel on those hard rocks
Where You kneeled and where You talked

I want to hear those hardy stones
Cry out in praise again to You
They have far too long been silent
And they long to speak of You.

It is our right now to witness
And our privilege to sing
Of the love our Saviour offers
And the Salvation that He brings

Your heart bleeds again for sinners
And for saints who do not pray
We have bottled up Your power
By looking for Your ‘NAY’.

Dear Jesus You’re Almighty
The Father’s only Son
Your Word is true and mighty
Our victory You have won.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

When I Am Up In Heaven

When I am up in Heaven and I hope it won’t be long
I will ponder on the loving that my dear friends sent along
I do not need to name you for we both know who you are
How you comforted and blessed me when my spirit slid too far.

I will ask my precious Saviour to give you extra care
To kiss your tears when you are sad and I cannot be there
I will ask Him too, to smooth your path until we meet again
And may your dreaming never pass for hope brings joy, not pain.

I will remember, dear friend, the kind words that you wrote
When I suspect that often you had trials but never spoke
I would have held you at those times and been honoured by the deed
So I will wait with patience till you come and may God speed.

Sept 2013.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Anything You Say.

Anything You say Lord, I promise to obey
Until a rock is thrown at me and I want to run away
Why am I so weak Lord, just what is wrong with me?
Please take the Peter out of me; like You I want to be

There’s nothing I can do but throw myself on You
Lord, how I need Your mercy! How I depend on You
I am hiding in the bushes, my fig leaf’s full of holes
Call me; call me, precious Lord for I am far from home.

When I read Your Word Lord, I know just what to do
I‘m bright and brave and no one’s slave, I’m going to be like You
Then things go wrong; they always do and You know what happens then
I’m on my knees, I cry, “Lord, please forgive me again”.

There’s nothing I can do but throw myself on You
Lord, how I need Your mercy! How I depend on You!
I am hiding in the bushes, my fig leaf’s full of holes
Call me; call me, precious Lord I’m ready to go Home..


Thursday, September 12, 2013

If I Didn't Have You

If I didn’t have You, I’d be nothing
And nothing I don’t want to be
I want to show You all my loving
For loving’s what You gave to me.

To wake every morning and see empty skies
What does the day hold for me?
Is there someone to love and see love in their eyes?
I would share the love You gave to me.

My days may be ending, this I cannot tell
But I know the world’s hurting out there
My material blessings I’d toss down a well
To know more of Your love and Your care.

If I didn’t know You I’d know nothing
But I know I’ll forever be Yours
And I wish the same for every soul on this plain
I would claim every one for Your cause.

W.B. Sept 2013.

Friday, September 6, 2013

You're Always There

You’re always there though I’m not aware
For sometimes I’m shadowed by doubt
I look into myself and see only misgivings
Forgetting that living is why You sent me out.

Trying for perfection drives me to distraction
Yet Your Spirit will teach me the way
You want me to surrender or I’ll break if not bended
So Father, I’ll do things Your way.

You’re always there and You know how I need You
But I want to feel You are near
Yes, Lord, I have faith, but it’s not always awake
Empty space can be something I fear.

Then I feel alone even though I’m at home
And in silence I gaze at the walls
They are vacant and bland in this beautiful land
Yet I’m sheltered from harm here of course.

So inside or out, it’s not You I’m without
You are closer to me than my breath
My thought processes are messes to drag from recesses
And my faith will be exercised yet.

Love You, Lord……………..


Sept 2013.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Am On The Cross

I am on the cross, do you feel My pain?
See how My mother weeps?
The ones that understand are here
And those who will vigil keep.

My followers climbed the hill with Me
Though they dozed as I struggled in prayer
Are you ready to keep a vigil with Me
Or will you leave Me alone, then and there?

May I remind you of the cross on the hill?
I willingly paid the price
I surrendered My glory, My Father, My life
In exchange I offered you Life.

Yes, life will be fragile, the way hard and long
But I’ll be there each step of the way
Together we’ll travel; together belong
And Heaven will be yours one day.

WB Sept 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Reflecting Light

As the sun shines on the ocean may we reflect the light of God
When the clouds have made it darken we remember paths we’ve trod
When the rain adds to its bounty we can watch the way Christ walked
And become His loyal followers obeying all He taught.

Following Jesus Christ our Saviour as He leads us day by day
Holding out the hand of friendship to those we meet along the way
Let’s remember to forget ourselves and think of those God loves
For we’re not always in a boxing ring and wearing sparring gloves.

Can we spread peace and love to others in the way Christ did to us?
Can we plod quietly through life’s turmoil and never make a fuss?
I know that doesn’t sound like me but I’m sure going to try
I’ll give that boxing ring a miss and quietly walk on by.

Following Jesus……………………

W.B Aug 2013.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Feel The Spirit

Are you standing in the rain?
Is your baby sick again?
Close your eyes, feel the Spirit touching you
Have the dark clouds rolled on by?
Are you stifling a cry?
Breathe in softly for the Spirit is with you.

Bad days will come and go
They’ve been before, and this you know
Breathe in softly for the Spirit’s at your side
Lift your head up from your hands
God loves you so and He has plans
Breathe out softly for the Spirit heard your sigh.

As God’s Peace drifts through the door
Breathe it in, but wait, there’s more
For the Spirit came inside and will remain
God has said He’ll not leave you
He keeps His word and He loves you
You are in this fight together, praise His name!

W.B Aug 2013

What Does Love Do?

She is alone, new town and new people
Another silent house except for noise from some rats
She looks through the window for people or movement
Hungering for friendship but just seeing cats.

What does love do?

Love senses the hole that needs filling with people
Friends from her old world and new friends to make
Is someone else lonely; is there someone to talk to?
A place where folk gather? A smile or handshake?

What would love do?

A seat on a pew? She will always be welcome
Half empty churches a great place to start
‘What is your name dear? Thank you for coming.
See you next week; don’t forget when we start’.

What can love do?

She is thankful for old friends, still faithfully writing;
That she’s not yet forgotten though far out of sight
Dazzled by views that are set out before her
But no one to share all that beauty so bright.

What will love do?

Seek out the places that need volunteers
Hoping to find some that don’t request fees
Reading the noticeboard next to the doctors’
Maybe there’s someone she may be able to please.

W.B AUG 2013.

I Heard Your Footsteps

I heard Your footsteps in the hall
On that night I gave my all
When I learned that You had died at Calvary
It was the first time I’d shed tears
For I’d hardened through the years
Not believing that Your love was meant for me.

You kept calling; You would not let go
A singer wrote that he loved You so
That music filled my soul and brought me to my knees
There was a love song in his heart
He shared the whole, not just a part
And all I wanted was to see my Saviour pleased.

I heard Your footsteps in the hall
And knew that I must give my all
To the Lamb of God Who died at Calvary
I’m glad I came that night You called
For at the Cross You gave Your all
And I know for sure Your love was meant for me.

God bless the singer who showed Your love to me.

W.B. AUG 2013.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Heart Wants To Tell

My heart wants to tell You how much, Lord, I love You
My mouth is just frozen in time
Are my tears the produce of emotional weakness
Is my spiritual life in decline?

When You should be in the forefront of my thinking
My problems will get in the way
I sigh at the difficulties I am facing
And my praising has fallen away.

Yet I know You are able and that You are willing
You are closer to me than my breath
So why am I settling for imminent failure
And see nothing ahead but my death?

The future is something I’d like to avoid
My history proves that is true
My hopes and my plans all sink into sand
Yet You are my hope, Lord, just You.

So if I step out into sunlight and warmth
Will Your presence be still with me then?
I would say, “Please convince me” But there’s some faith within me
That says You’re not there now and then

You are with me for ever in every endeavour
Though results are not all I would wish
I’ll try not to refer to the plans You have there
I’ll comply with faith, that is Your wish

W..B Aug 2013.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Psalm 25

Do not remember the sins of my youth
But remember me, oh Lord
Cleanse me, instruct me, and teach me Your way
Keep me humbled as I wait on You today.

I am Yours dear Lord, I am Yours.

Kindness and truth are Your pathways
I would not shame You, dear Lord
Your covenant I’m learning to write on my heart
Keep me under the blood You shed from the start.

I am Yours, dear Lord, I am Yours.

I would tell you my secrets but You already know
All my prayers are heard by You
While I wait, while I listen, remember me
Will Your secrets be known to me?

I am Yours dear Lord, I am Yours.

W.B. Aug 2013.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You're A Star

The Lord is here beside you now
You will never walk alone
Believe His Word, it’s inside you now
His Spirit gave it a home.

Look up into His faithful eyes
Be held in His loving heart
Take hold of both His nail scarred hands
Let Him prove you’ll never part.

As soon as troubles gather round
Just take them to the cross
Don’t let their shadows hide the light
Get rid of them; they’re dross.

Step forward in the light of God
Remember Whose you are
Take the high road from earth to heaven
And show that you’re a star.

W.B. Aug 2013.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All The Precious Things You Do

How can I not sing songs to You
For all the precious things You do
Yes, though the sun should fail to rise
Your love shines out through loving eyes.
Problems and puzzles strewn my path
Rising before me, and I ask
Dear Father guide me just for today
Lest I despair and turn away.

The little things, the big, big bills
Cannot submerge me in life’s ills
For You are my strength, my hope, my life
My future planned, Your love is life.
Knowing your mercy will provide
Comfort and safety on every side
And then, at last, the sky will light
And chase away depressing night.

The orange glow, that happy sign
That soon the sunlight will be mine
What warmth, what laughter in the sky
The Master comes; sorrow’s denied
For who could fail to hope and dance
Under the light; it’s warmth not chance
For You Lord, made both light and shade
The woods, the hills, those treasured glades.

Needs of the day a minor thing
When I praise You and hear birds sing
When my prayers rise up into the sky
And I can feel Your presence nigh
Oh, join me, children of our God
Sing too, His praises as angels nod
And add to ours their worship pure
Our God is eternal and His love will endure.

W.B. Aug 2013.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Garden

Will it always be here, Your Creation?
This garden that You gave to me?
As I wander through green rustling bushes
With leaves and debris at my feet.

How I picture the plants I will grow here
And I hope that my life will endure
While I nurture the life You have given
To the flora You created before.

Every day Your bright sun will be faithful
Every day there’ll be clouds , maybe rain
You watch over the whole of Creation
And me too, as long as I can remain.

You are with me, so near me, dear Saviour
I’m so blessed not to walk all alone
I feel Your love in the warmth of the sunlight
And Your cleansing and healing atone.

W.B. 2013.


Some day I’ll find a tiny glen
Lost in the forest, I don’t know when
A whispering breeze will call me there
A new life I’ll find and dwell in there.

Birds of the forest need have no fear
A child of Creator I am quiet here
The soft toned bird calls, not calling me
I and my Saviour are just here to see.

‘See what I made?’ Your Spirit asks.
‘What things can we tackle? You need not ask
Wait for My plans to lay the ground
Love, Joy, and Peace you’ve already found.’

See My dear creatures move round the bush
Hunting and eating, they’re not in a rush
Their tiny heart knows that they’re in My care
Days come and go and you are all in My care’.

W.B. August 2013.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Do You Tell Jokes?

When the days are dull and sombre Lord, do You go round telling jokes?
Do You sometimes tease children at Your knees and say, “Don’t tell your folks!!!”
Do You make new songs or creatures for although Creation’s done
It would be nice to slice some mice and give them a long green tongue?

I’m sure You walk through hospitals where children lie in pain
And tell them happy stories just to see them smile again
Then on Your way back to Your house You find their Mom and Dad
And cheer them up and pat their pup, saying “I’ve visited your fine lad”.

Though everyday is different with people to be blessed
Tears to dry, and asking “why?’ and making Mothers rest
Grandparents not forgotten; don’t they doze off a lot?
And as they age at some new stage they go back into a cot!

I’m sure Your days are happy and You’re always busy too
And when I get to Heaven that is what I’d like to do
So please leave out some tasks for me that will not take too long
And now I am a writer I’ll write a special song.

W.B.  July 2013.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A. Teacher.


She leaned against the wall that day her head towards the ground
A slim and tender figure, worth nothing, I’ll be bound
Her eyes now hollow, empty, dead, not like I saw before
For then her eyes were sparkling from adventures, not from a score.

What happened child?  I mused again, where had that pupil gone
Who answered quickly, smartly, before questioning had begun?
She had a world of interest in every class she took
And though her family was so poor she eagerly took each book.

She knew there were such treasures in every page she read.
Each book returned, well fingered, just like my Daily Bread
I thought she’d be a teacher or travel round the world
And day by day she blossomed as she ‘ate’ the written word.

But one day school was over and time to look for work
To spend more time with her peer group, no time for the written word
No work; no income; walk the streets; a pill; a needle then
It takes your mind off circumstance…then wait for more. And then?

She looked up, then, and once again I was the teacher now
Emotion caused my voice to rasp, while again her head went down.
“I own a little book shop with books you liked to read
Would you care to take a walk with me while I bring you up to speed?”

“If you wanted, you could help me. There are lots of books to read
When you’ve set the new books on the shelves you could teach some kids to read.”
Remember all the treasures you found inside each page?
It’s time you shared the things you found even at that early age.

Could you forget those needles? Will you discard those pills?
I’d be happy to prepare your meals and help you if you’re ill.
I could not pay you very much but we’d share and share alike
Surrounded by our treasures in a happy hopeful life.

W.B    July 2013.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mary Were You Troubled

Mary were you troubled when your Son climbed up a mountain
And spent the night alone and icy cold
Did you ever call to Him “Take another cloak, that’s thin!”
Did He listen like He did when He wasn’t old?

Did He say “Now, Mother dear, I am on Father’s business here
And I need to talk to Him about my life
I tell Him every little thing and the love I’m offering
While He shows me how to handle hate or strife”

Did you relax when once again the winter’s cold had passed?
And the nights up in the mountains weren’t so harsh
Yet I imagine that you still might fix a little meal ‘to go’
As He scrambled through a stony field or marsh.

So as Your precious Son took off to follow all His Father’s plans
You would sit quietly in deep worship and in prayer
Pondering on the words of God and your Son’s first stumbling words
To Calvary where you watched Him die right there.

As Mothers all, right up till now, what myriad tears we shed
As we protect and love and grieve for all our own
Yet one day they’ll rise in glory from a grave they did not dread
As their Saviour holds out His arms to those He’s known.

W.B. June 2013.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Teach Me Your Truth

Teach me Your Truth oh Spirit of Truth
And let me learn from You
My cloudy future hides reproof
If I see my life through You
Old age no barrier to Your plans
One day is all You need
Obedience takes error from my hands
Will I then gather speed?

Teach me to be quiet under stress
To rest in peace on You
To see the sun both rise and set
And know I am blessed by You
Teach me to praise and pray for all
Be sensitive to their need
To spread the love You feel for all
Tell them a Saviour hears

Help me forget myself this day
To lock my eyes on You
To praise You As You plan my way
As I am led by You.
You wrap me in Your kindly love
Harsh judgements cannot pierce
And I still have some work to do
Old age cannot defeat.

W.B.  June 2013.

How Many Times?

How many times I cry to You, and say, “Please help me, Lord"
I take Your time on little things that You can ill afford
When disasters of more urgent kind befall this broken world
And I, as selfish as I am, bewail a mislaid word
Or phone, or struggle on  with some heavy, tiresome task
For now my strength is almost gone; it is too much to ask.

So I’ll ask Your peace to live with this, my slowness, loss of strength
My love for You is still intact and I’ll be with You at length
Now when I call I try to see the features of Your face
Yet it is enough that I should know Your mercy and Your Grace
While I still ask to dream of You and be close to You in sleep
 Your Spirit’s deep within my heart and I know He’s mine to keep.

W.B June 2013.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Day

 Will You come back today, Lord?
I want to be ready for You
Will this be the very last day, Lord
That I could be loyal and true?
I want to look into Your eyes Lord
I love when they sparkle with smiles
I would be both humble and obedient
Always walking that second mile.

I long to see others with Your eyes
To grieve with the lonely and lost
To grasp the hands stretched out in sorrow
To hold someone breathing their last.
To point out the cross and my Saviour
Tell others You died for them, too
Holding hope out to the hopeless
And the future that You can renew.

For one day may be too late to know You Lord
The gates to Your heaven may be closed
You’ll appear in the sky with Your angels
To call up the ones that you know.
Is your name written down in His book, friend?
Does He know you and call you by name?
He first called your name from the cross on the hill
Then whispered again from his grave.

Yet Christ rose again in great triumph
Satan defeated again
But that old loser though on his way down
Would take you to Hell with him then.
So break free and run to your Saviour
Take His offer of salvation now
The pathway to Heaven is lined with His saints
Hear them cheer when your hand’s on the plough.

W.B  June 2013.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Just Not Enough.

It’s just not enough to give to You
This old broken heart
It’s just not enough to say to You
“Oh Lord, I’ll do my part’.
It’s just not enough to sorrow
For all my sinful ways
It had to be Your very life
That You so freely gave.

And so You bought me dearest Lord
And You brought me, Lord of mine
Back from Hells’ hungry open mouth
Saying ‘you are Mine’
You did what You’d always planned to do
My soul knows that full well
So here I am part of Your great plan
And You’ve closed the gate to Hell.

W.B June 2013.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Have I Told You?

Have I told You today that I love You?
Did I whisper that You have my heart?
Did I thank You that You never leave me?
That I’m grateful that we’ll never part?

Lord I’m grateful that You are my haven
And You are my anchor and rest
I feel Your warmth when You hold me
When I lay my head down on Your breast.

I used to be anxious and fretful
For my faith was not always this strong
But You held on to me every moment
Now every moment to You I belong.

Wyn Barratt  June 2013

The Morning Sky.

I love to watch the morning sky when dawn turns into day
And know that You will have Your eye on things that come my way
The pinks and gold I can behold and feel Your presence near
You offer me a brand new page with a love that is so dear.

Your Spirit paints the sky for us to cheer us on our way
You know the joys and sorrows that can make or break the day
So this day that You have made for me I give right back to You
And I will do my very best to bring some joy to You.

Wyn Barratt June 2013.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

God's Waiting Room.

I’ve heard about God’s waiting room
For older Christian souls
But there’s another waiting room
That I have known of old.

That’s when we wait upon God’s will
Though we cannot see Him work.
But in His hall of eternal peace
We know He will not shirk

His plans to answer every prayer
To set our spirits free
To lift us up on wings of hope
In His love for you and me.

So I’m content in this, His waiting room
While He works out His plans
He said He’ll never leave me
So I’ll be putty in His hands.

As I rest my head upon His knee
I dreams of days to come
When I have learned discipleship
And my learning days are done.

Wyn Barratt June 2013.

The Birds Can't Wait.

The birds can’t wait for dawn to rise
To start their praise to You
And I awake with glad surprise
And wonder what we’ll do.

For each new day though trials may come
I know You’ll be close by
The plans You’ve made to bless my life
Will never go awry.

My paths may wind around a cliff
Or follow mountains high
But Your lamp will shine and light my way
While You watch me with Your eye.

So Lord anoint me with Your peace
And keep my heart at rest
For You are my Beloved Chief
And what You do is best.

Wyn Barratt June 2013.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do We have No King?

Do we have no king but Caesar?
Have we denied our Lord?
Where now is our allegiance?
Are we standing with the Lord?

What sacrifice He made for us
What pain in His tortured death
Is that not enough to gain our love?
Will He not win our last breath?

What purpose has our life if we
Don’t live it all for Him
What future do we seek once we
Are washed from all our sin?

A life that’s lived for God alone
A solid worshipping stance
Not up and down as emotions roll
First an upward then backward glance.

Oh Lord, I need Your power right now
To keep my worship pure
Unsullied by a Godless pout
If I think my pleas ignored.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Friday, May 24, 2013

It Has To Be You

It has to be You, Lord, it has to be You
Who shows me the way and tells me what to do
I muddle and flounder; I puzzle and test
All of the waters, choosing what I think best.
I want You to lead me to point out the way
So there will be no doubt You are leading today
You are my Master, my Saviour, my Friend
I’m no good without You, my life may as well end.

Dear Lord please get hold of me in a grip that could hurt
For I’m tired of slipping right down in the dirt
You know how I need You, how I’d love to belong
To Your group of friends who are trustworthy and strong.
But as yet I don’t feel You have all of my brain
As Your Word keeps correcting me again and again
So Lord don’t give up on me and I will hold on
Until You can come for me or this world is gone.

Wyn Barratt May 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lord, Are You There?

I am marred by the incurable
My decisions named ‘deplorable’
And everything I touch turns into sand
The storms of life have weakened me
All hope has now seeped out of me
I want to get away from this ‘holy’ band.

My memories no longer sweet
They mock me as I wake or weep
I cannot move, oh Lord, please take my hand
The wisdom that I know I need
Eludes me though I pray and plead
My future cannot be in this hard land.

Is there a place that I may hide
Until You take me as Your bride
Where I can write of love to You alone?
The judgments that are hurled at me
From those who say they care for me
Just drive me out to find another home.

Is there a land where no one knows
That I am shy, withdrawn, morose
Where I might find a non judgmental friend?
Where can I watch the restless sea
That fills a yearning need in me
Lord, are You there? Please hold me at the end.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Seventy Times Seven

Seventy times seven those words came through today
Seventy times seven my sins are washed away
Seventy times seven my Lord has lifted me
And a million times a million He has shown His love for me.

As I lift up a tear stained face confessing that I’ve failed
To honour You in all my ways and see the hands I’ve nailed
I feel You touch my head with love as You’ve forgiven me
And the sunlight glistens on the page that You renewed for me.

A second chance, yes, many more than that I have received
A true confession and remorse I’ve laid down at Your feet
You lifted me as all my heart just melted with your love
And here I find a fresh new day in the light shed from above.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013

I'm So Glad I Asked

 I’m so glad I asked You to undertake
You know I get muddled and the mistakes that I make
I just want Your perfect will for my life
Or I get into trouble, yes, trouble and strife.

I opened my heart so You know my desires
But they’re not set in stone and the enemy conspires
I’ll leave it to You, Lord, to lead me aright
I can only be happy if You’re King of my life.

So I set down before You the steps that I took
My intention was just to sit beside a clear brook
To daydream and write of the Saviour I love
To share with some others about our home above.

But the things that I touched have just crumbled away
My dreams are all shattered and hope’s died with the day
So now I surrender and ask You dear Lord
Please take my hand; guide me; I need You on board.

Not as a sailor or even first mate
I need You as Captain for You are first rate
I told You my dreams but my life story’s Yours
You’ll write the ending if I follow Your course.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Faith is a quiet room to hide
Within its strong, firm walls
A place where nought else comes inside
And God fills all our thoughts.

Please Help Me.

Please help me Lord in all I do
To keep my eyes fixed on You
To keep Eternity in mind
Remaining gentle, humble, kind.
Perfection’s still eluding me
But You are perfect, and it’s You I see
I know I’ve grumbled when I’ve seen
You work through others but not through me.

When I withhold from Your dear heart
Some little thing or tiny part
That’s not surrendered, kept as mine
That is the start of my decline.
So help me Lord, each day, each hour
To surrender to You and claim Your power
For I am not a helpless child
But a follower of Jesus, the meek and mild.

You are the light that shows the way
But mine the power to disobey
This power I surrender, may it never return
Until my life’s ended Lord, let my heart burn
With love and with passion to do all Your will
Take me and keep this restless heart still
I have nought to be proud of and nor can I stand
Without You are close Lord, and have hold of my hand.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Hundred Thousand

I’ve a hundred thousand reasons Lord to love You
For a hundred thousand sins You’ve washed away
And a hundred thousand times that You have lifted me
When I fell as I tried to run away.

A hundred thousand times You’ve said You love me
And a million times You’ve proved that this is true
So what else can I say except  ‘I love You’
And it’s time I proved that this is true too.

Wyn Barratt.  May 2013.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Keep My Vision Clear.

Dear Father, keep my vision clear
Let my will never interfere
With anything that You would do
Or any sight I think is You

Pointing the way that I should go.
Please give me clearly ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
My wits are dull my thoughts confused
Don’t let the enemy take and use

The things that only You have given
The gifts that point my way to Heaven
I am Your child and would remain
Placid, obedient, not giving pain.

A gentle servant, full of love
For those You groom for life above
With peaceful, non-judgmental care
For those in pain and lying there.

This poem, you see, still has no end
Like my future Lord, on You depends.
No more I see, but only You
You alone show me what to do

So here I am; my pen; my day
Is Yours in secret or in open way
My future known to only You
My past beneath the Blood, that’s true

What I’m to be is almost passed
But I am Yours; that’s what will last.
So Father keep my vision clear
Let my will never interfere.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Can I Write.?

What can I write when sorrows hand lies heavy on my brow?
What can I write when all around are crying ‘Now, now, now’?
Where is the peace for which I long with all the clamour gone
Where are those soft green pastures that You said You will lead me on?

Have my prayers been heard? But nothing’s changed; things daily getting worse.
In health’s decline, old age’s range, too much for this old horse
The days I sought, kin round my knee, just never came to pass
I can’t even read a story for my voice can only rasp.

I expected a gracious genteel old age; a picturesque decline
Instead I’m fighting like a cat to save this life of mine
I’ll go here; No, there; try this or that; the ocean too far away
No paddling in the gentle waves. I can’t afford to stay.

This is a rich man’s paradise but it’s a poor man’s hell
No cake is passed round on my plate; do I want bread as well?
And yet I tell you all I want is to be in my Father’s will
So would you pray it will be so for I need your friendship still?

Wyn Barratt May 2013.

Monday, May 6, 2013

He Will Remember You.

Our God Who calls the stars by name
He will remember you
He knows your every stress and strain
And He will see you through
Don’t think your present trials
Are too much for you to bear
For He is right beside you
And He will lead with care.

All prayers fly up to God on high
Though you only whisper HELP!
He knows before you call on Him
You are not left on the shelf
He weeps with you He smiles with you
His joy is to surprise
So launch yourself into His arms
And feel your spirit rise.

Wyn Barratt May 2013.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lord, Lead me Gently.

Lord, lead me gently through the time that remains
I am no leader, let me follow again
Strength now is fading, the future is dim
Let my epitaph say, ‘I followed Him’.

Lord, lead me gently I’m not groomed for a fight
Prayer is my strength and I’m not led by my sight
Gnarled hands are groping looking for doors
Opened by You Lord, the One I adore.

Lord, take me gently there’ll be no regrets
Things I can’t do now, put aside with the rest
Just let my love remain stronger through time
Touching my loved ones for they still are mine.

May they remember though perfect I’m not
That I truly loved them though it may be all that they got
My deepest longing so important to me
Is that we’ll meet in Paradise and I can still see.

Wyn Barratt May 2013.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

As Long As You're There Lord

As long as You’re there, Lord, as long as You’re there
My heart is resting, yet any challenge I’d dare
I’d leap a wall as high as the sky
Or plunge the depths when I know You are nigh.

As long as You’re there Lord ,that’s where I will be
I’d follow You across the wildest sea
I’d walk those waves if You hold my hand
Just point the way, Lord, I’m at Your command.

You took the burden I laid at Your feet
You gave Your life there on Calvary’s tree
You chose me Lord, when I stood condemned
You are my Saviour, my Lord, and my friend.

As long as I’m here, Lord, my love is all Yours
I’ll go where You lead if You open the doors
The whys and the wherefores of life may be strange
But with You as my Leader I can ride any range.

Wyn Barratt April 2013.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Are You Sleepless?

Are you sleepless, are you weary
Worn with days of constant care
God is watching, He is near you;
Close your eyes and feel Him there.

There is never just a moment
That He’d ever glance away
You’re His child, oh how He loves You!
His for ever and a day.

He will watch you when you’re sleeping,
When the tears run down your face
When your lonely vigil keeping
He is with you in that place.

So take  heart dearly beloved
Life will not always be so
He prepares a greener valley
And through that you both will go.

Wyn Barratt. April 2013.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Holding You, Holding ME

When can I hold You and look in Your eyes?
When You are holding me.
I look around in joyful surprise
At the wonderful things I can see.

Your world astounds me as Your love surrounds me
How can I be depressed?
Grace is the ocean that sets life in motion
When in Your love I am dressed.

A hope and a future, Your promise is true
You cannot tell a lie
Whatever the Word says on that we can stand
Then with God we can see eye to eye.

Trials and troubles are the rocks we can climb
For a better view now of You
Stumbles and tumbles open up wounds
For a look at what’s inside us too.

So change me, rearrange me until I can see
That my ‘old man’ is buried and gone
Keep my heart soft and tender until my life’s ended
And we’re holding each other as one.

Wyn Barratt April 2013.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

There's A New Day Dawning.

There’s a new day dawning when I hope I won’t be here
I’ll be standing at the pearly gates with a smile and not a tear
I’ll look down through a cloudy sky at those I left behind
But you know that I am happy and I know that you won’t mind.

I will still be praying for all my friends down there
And the Father may be saying, ‘They know that you still care’.
So if one day you notice that I am not around
You’ll remember I’m not lying in a hole down in the ground.

I may not leave the Saviour’s side for many many days
But then Saint Paul you just can’t hide. I’ll find you in that maze
I want to ask what you thought, and look into your head
And when I have the answers I’ll find someone else instead.

I don’t know who may be next that I will want to meet
Like Abraham or Moses who accepted no defeat
King David’s Psalms are dear to me and so he will be too
All this will keep me occupied while I have to wait for you.

Wyn Barratt April 2013.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Part Of Me.

Part of me wants to walk through the desert
Part of me wants to be at the sea
All of me wants to be in the stillness
And all of me be close to Thee.

Hiding, abiding are all that I’m heeding
But should I be placed in a crowd
How would I deal with the noise and the bustle?
Could I even whisper aloud?

Would You then wrap me up in Your Spirit
Help me be quiet and calm?
Safe in Your love and my right to be in it
Do You shield my spirit from harm?

My arms are held out as I feel Your assurance
Is there someone else I can hold too?
Whisper the names of those needing Your Spirit
May I help them climb up into You?

Lord, I want to walk through the desert
Yet I long to stay near the sea
Part of me wants to breathe in the stillness
But sharing the love You pour into me.

Wyn Barratt  March 2013.

Friday, March 29, 2013

I Love The Ocean

O how I love the ocean; fearsome yet gentle too
One day I’ll rest upon it and be carried home to You
Its constancy of surging is my best lullaby
However hard the day may be, the night flows gently by.

It reminds me of Your Spirit You said is always near
To comfort, check, and carry, and wipe away our tears
For all Your life was driven by passion for our God
And you are still beside us, steadying the steps we’ve trod.

A whisper from Your Spirit that comes with every wave
Says ‘Hear Me for I love you; it’s you I came to save’.
The ocean is my healing as it sets my thoughts on You
At night Your love revealing, Your voice still coming through.

 Wyn Barratt March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Put Your Hands On Me.


Put Your hands on my weaknesses
Help me to be strong
I’m following Your footsteps Lord
That’s just where I belong
I was twisting and turning
Facing the wrong way
When a light came from heaven
That showed me the way.

Then You looked into my heart Lord
And what did You see?
You saw pain and darkness
As deep as the sea
You knew that my yearning
Would never be filled
Without You came inside of me
And Oh Lord was I thrilled!

You put Your hands on my weaknesses
As I climbed up a wall
I intended to leap it
But feared I might fall
You remembered my darkness
And my need to be filled
You held me up inside Your arms
And Oh, Lord, I was filled!

Would someone put this to music please?

Wyn Barratt

March 2013.

Monday, March 18, 2013

When We Fail

When we fail You, Lord, do we feel that You failed us
By allowing us to sin and fall from Grace?
Does our freedom of choice make us hear the wrong voice
And attraction turns our gaze from Your face?

We may look at Adam and Eve; wonder why they were deceived
Yet that weakness shows its strength many times
Are we no wiser now since our hand’s been on the plough
As we struggle with life’s reasons and rhymes.

Well the answer of course is that in God we have recourse
He will forgive if we truly repent
Our free will is God’s gift to give us an aim and not just drift
He gave us a future and with hope it should be spent.

Wynb. March 2013