Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Journey.

My Journey.

I have been told that I ‘wear everything on my sleeve’, and that my poetry reveals whether I have had a good day or a bad day.

That is true.
King David showed the same things in his Psalms, which also happens to be my favourite book in the Bible.

My poems for the most part, are my cries to God, my Saviour, my Friend.
I wanted to share everything with you, my friends, and fellow travellers on the road to Glory.

You will learn my feelings, my regrets, my longings and my pleas and praise to my Heavenly Father.
I would like to add also, my successes and triumphs, but they are very few, sadly.

I am a slow learner, too impulsive, and as a friend so succinctly put it, inclined to fire a gun and try to chase the bullets!

Don’t emulate me! Learn from my mistakes! Please!

In exposing my innermost thoughts and feelings it is because I have been led to share my journey with you in the hope that you will escape the pits into which I have fallen too many times, and that you may find help and encouragement too.

Psalm 27.v.4 ‘I pray that you too will be blessed as you inquire in His Temple.’

W.B. June 1 2009

Were You There?

Were you standing near the Cross when my Saviour died
Did you see the stone rolled away from the grave
Did you follow the Christ down the dusty road
Until He said to tell the others he was alive?

Will you follow Jesus wherever He goes
If He walks the desert or mountain road
If He crosses rivers or walks on mighty waves
Will you stand with Him when He stands alone ?

He maybe going hungry, or be tired or sad
When He seeks the needy and the lost
Will you join Him there as he holds out His arms
Will you stand by Him whatever the cost?

God’s beloved Son always stood by us
Whatever pain and torture He endured
He never turns away, never lets us down
He stands with us . Are we loyal and sure?

W.B. May 2009.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Humanity.

Oh God, take away the pain of my humanity
Remove from me my propensity to sin
Raise me from the depths of my depression
Have mercy on the state that I am in.

You only can place within me Holy Fire
You only can burn out the dross within
Dear Saviour hear my pleas and my desire
Without Your blood how will my life begin?

My trust in You will replace my fears and distrust
Of everything that’s good You brought to me
Holy Spirit send Your cleansing fire
Right now oh God, please set me free.

I have no need to stand and shiver
On the brink of every shiny brand new day
In fear of what might happen if I weaken
When because of impulse I throw my victory away.

Your victory is there to give me power
To fight my demons and to always win
Your resurrection power is mine this very hour
I’m free to fly with You, so let’s begin.

W.B. May 2009.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Cannot Tell.

I cannot tell why a Holy God should love me
Or why He should choose me as his precious child
Or why Jesus died for me while watched by others
Who would look upon God’s Son and just deride.

But I can tell you all that Jesus loves you
And that He died to save and set you free
Please see that sin and doubt will end your future
Of eternity with Him, whose love you see.

I cannot say why His creations are so beautiful
And you are one of His creations too
But this I know, He made you because He loves you
And with His salvation your life will be made new.

So please choose life and walk with God in glory
And tread this earth with all He made for you
God’s family now will welcome and surround you
The Holy Spirit within to guide you through.

Have faith in God, He is your Heavenly Father
Untold adventures may attend your day
Or yet, a quiet walk beside still waters,
Whatever path, He holds you all the way.

W.B. May 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let Me Look.

Let me look into Your eyes when I feel anger
Let me look into Your heart when I feel pain
Let me stand beneath the cross when all around is loss
Let me touch Your side and hands that hold the nails.

Help me staunch the tears that fall for my own sorrows
Help me turn my back on my own selfish needs
There are those who suffer loss, I need to show the cross
And care for ones whose troubles no one heeds.

Your lost sheep are scattered everywhere, dear Saviour
Among my family, friends, and those I’ve yet to meet
Lord, hear my prayer that they will hunger and not be satisfied
Till they see the cross and kneel Lord, at Your feet.

W.B. May 2009.

Monday, May 18, 2009

In Honour Of You, My Lord.

Everywhere I look, Lord
I see a sign of You
In clouds and rain and sunshine
In everything You do.

The birds sing out their praises
As soon as the dawn breaks
And my heart leaps in response, Lord
And follows in their wake.

Another day, and other chance
To prove my love for You
Whatever then may happen
Is a gift or test to do.

Oh Saviour You’re my teacher
I’m learning at Your feet
It’s only then I realize
The good you wish for me.

I’m surrounded by Your loving gifts
From earth and sky and sea
At every turn You hold out more
Your gifts of love for me.

Lord, I can never, never match
Your mercy love and care
If I could live ten thousand years
My offerings would still be bare.

But You only ask of me
To love, trust and obey
So I surrender up my will
From this moment and every day.

W.B May 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

To Be Alone.

Would that I could stand upon a lonely hill
And by the gentlest zephyr be caressed
My eyes closed to heighten the sense of other things
Then breathe the fragrance from the trees at rest.

If you were to stand there quietly with me
Not speaking, but a kindred spirit there
Would we both hear music carried on the breeze?
And think beautiful thoughts without a care?

Your presence would direct all my thoughts to you
And my spirit would no longer be free
So goodbye my dear companion I need to be alone
So my spirit may fly oh God to Thee.

W.B. March 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Winter Of My Soul

Lord, I’m coming out of a deep black hole
It seemed to be the winter of my soul
The trials and the coldness that I felt
Just chilled my heart till I crept into my shell.

I shut You out too while I shut out the world
My pain inside as by myself I curled
But You opened up my shell when Your blood flowed in
I heard you say,.’ I’ll forgive you if you confess your sin’.

‘Come to Me dear child and I will lead you out
Tell your Heavenly Father what all this is about.
You not only hurt yourself, but You hurt Me too
Come to Me and I’ll show you what I can do.’

Yes, take me by the hand Lord lead me out into the light
Into the warmth of Your great love where all is clear and bright.
No need to hide or shiver, His hand’s outstretched to guide
Just hold on to the Saviour, He’ll always be your guide.

W.B. May 2009.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Storm.

There are storm clouds building up
On my horizon once again
Already I hear thunder
And feel spots of heavy rain.

Can I survive the turmoil
From any more pain and strife?
Oh Lord, be Thou my Shepherd
And the Guardian of my life.

Oh save me Father, shelter me
My boat is rocking once again
Please call to calm the coming storm
And whisper, “This is My rain.’.

Oh Holy Spirit rain on me
And keep me through the storm
My boat is filling up again
Please shelter me from harm.

Where are the green pastures?
Where is the water still?
Where is the table spread for me?
Where is the peace my soul to fill?

Oh shelter me dear Saviour
My boat is sinking fast
Without Your love and mercy
I know my strength won’t last.

W.B. May 2009.

It’s Me, Jamie.

Hello, everyone, it’s me, Jamie.
I’m bored and I wanted to write
I’ve nothing to say, but I’ll try anyway
But I promise I won’t give you a fright.

I give them to my little sister
Because she‘s a pain in the neck
My Mom tells me off and my Dad just smiles
So I scare her and say, ‘what the heck!’

My sister’s name is Betty
I call her Betty Blue
She always looks sad, even when I’m not bad
Perhaps she wonders just what I will do.

She’s pretty, and that just annoys me
‘Cos she looks in the mirror, and such.
I think that’s the problem with being a girl
They care what they look like too much.

I wonder if God loves girls
As much as I know He loves boys
He was raised by a carpenter that’s how I know
He would really enjoy ‘boys toys’.

So when I grow up I will make things
That I know will make Jesus proud
I may even make something for poor Betty Blue
And I know she would show it around.

W.B. May 2009.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Color ?

What color do I paint my life
When You should yield the brush?
You laid Your plans yet all my days
Go by in such a rush.

I dabble here and dabble there
No God-given plans are mine
Whatever seems a good idea
I think will then be fine.

No wonder then I don’t mature
Or see your colors in my life
Lord, take Your brush, I’m in no rush
Just color Jesus clear and bright.

Then all my days are Yours to guide
Send me where’ ere You will
Each day is one you have supplied
Color me with Jesus, I will be still.

W.B. May 2009.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Same Old, Same Old.

Do we wake in the morning to the ‘same old, same old’
And think nothing changes for us?
The grass to be mowed, the chores to be done
And problems keep on coming up?

Take ‘time out’ and listen for the still small voice
It’s only a whisper, I know
But when God whispers the things you should do
That’s the time we’ll begin to grow.

We may feel all alone in our struggles and strife
Like Elijah when he hid in a cave
But God had seven thousand faithful ones
Left behind when Elijah escaped.

We are covered by prayer from God’s faithful
Who raise our name every day
We must not forget to hold them up too
Prayer strengthens us all on our way.

We are a family, the family of God
We’re all one hidden under the Blood
Whatever we look like, our heart should be one
To love God, each other, and do good.

W.B. May 2009.


I stand on the edge of darkness, shadows reaching out with long waving arms trying to pull me forward into a black abyss.
I want to let go and be carried by whatever force is out there. This is the only way I can be absolved from the responsibility of my plans, my actions, my weaknesses.
Where will I be taken if I yield? It won’t be on the wings of heaven or in the strong arms of a raging torrent. I will be tossed hither and thither, no progress, no purpose. I will just be at the mercy of dark formless beings with an agenda of differing plans but with the one goal of dragging me down to Hell and keeping me out of the reach of redeeming Grace, and the sunlight and the warmth of God’s love.

I feel the warmth and brightness of something wonderful around my shoulders. I struggle to turn and face this brightness, and in doing so, turn my back on the hungry black pit which is trying to claim me for its own.
I face the light. I cannot see the source. I feel the warmth soaking into my skin.
My eyes close, but I am no longer on the edge of blackness but at an entrance to light.
Somehow I know that if I step out into this light, this warm, this inestimable brightness, that the ground will not fall away beneath my feet. I will stand on solid rock, warm arms will enfold me.
I hear a deep whisper, “ Come, my child, take the first step and I will be with you for the rest”.

I recognize the voice of God, the steady grip of His hand on mine, and know for a surety that though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil’.

God is my life, my absolution, my purpose, and my ultimate reason to ‘be’, and He walks beside me all the way.

W.B. April 2009.


“Our feelings may fluctuate but He is unchangeable.’ Paul Van Gorder.

O what a joy Lord that You are so dependable
No shadow of turning, no changing of mind
Our feelings may fluctuate but You are unchangeable
O what security in You Lord I find.

Your plans were fixed since before our creation
With our disobedience we may trail far behind
All that Your love and Your mercy would grant us
The manifold blessings and love-gifts sublime.

Lord, I would be all loving and giving
Living each day as You would have me to do
When I can’t see You I still need to show You
Someone out there needs to know Your love too.

W.B. April 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Sun Is Setting.

The sun is setting fast Lord
Today will soon be spent
We are here to do Your will Lord
Wherever we are sent.

Your Will be done dear Father
The time is growing short
There’s so much need in every field
Are we doing what we ought?

Do we feed the hungry,
Do we clothe the poor
Do we spread salvation
Across every shore?

You have set us tasks Lord
We’re Your hands and feet
Just a smile can lift a heart
Till our God they meet.

So don’t fret about your problems
God knows about your needs
Just let the love of God flow through
A vessel clean and sweet.

W.B. May 2009.

Boundless Love.

What boundless love created
The sweetly perfumed flowers
The myriad moving creatures
In this great world of ours

But how much more amazing
Is Your great love for me
Such a sinful, willful creature
What mercy do I see!

O Father I am covered
By the ocean of Your love
Let the waves keep rolling over me
Let me drown within Your love.

No trials then can snatch me
And grief will drift away
I’m floating on Your sea of love
And I see heaven too that way.

W.B. May 2009.

An Ornament.

Lord, give me a meek and quiet spirit
An ornament to Your Grace
A soul that rests within its Lord
Always looking in Your face.

The things of earth just shadows
That are tools You use for me
To learn and work in obedience
Not fretting for what cannot be.

I want to be a vessel
Through which Your love is poured
The more it flows the more will come
Till Your love is spread abroad.

The world around is hungering
For the Salvation You offer, Lord
I have received and must display
The invisible Love of God.

W.B. May 2009.