Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Winter Of My Soul

Lord, I’m coming out of a deep black hole
It seemed to be the winter of my soul
The trials and the coldness that I felt
Just chilled my heart till I crept into my shell.

I shut You out too while I shut out the world
My pain inside as by myself I curled
But You opened up my shell when Your blood flowed in
I heard you say,.’ I’ll forgive you if you confess your sin’.

‘Come to Me dear child and I will lead you out
Tell your Heavenly Father what all this is about.
You not only hurt yourself, but You hurt Me too
Come to Me and I’ll show you what I can do.’

Yes, take me by the hand Lord lead me out into the light
Into the warmth of Your great love where all is clear and bright.
No need to hide or shiver, His hand’s outstretched to guide
Just hold on to the Saviour, He’ll always be your guide.

W.B. May 2009.

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