Friday, May 15, 2009

It’s Me, Jamie.

Hello, everyone, it’s me, Jamie.
I’m bored and I wanted to write
I’ve nothing to say, but I’ll try anyway
But I promise I won’t give you a fright.

I give them to my little sister
Because she‘s a pain in the neck
My Mom tells me off and my Dad just smiles
So I scare her and say, ‘what the heck!’

My sister’s name is Betty
I call her Betty Blue
She always looks sad, even when I’m not bad
Perhaps she wonders just what I will do.

She’s pretty, and that just annoys me
‘Cos she looks in the mirror, and such.
I think that’s the problem with being a girl
They care what they look like too much.

I wonder if God loves girls
As much as I know He loves boys
He was raised by a carpenter that’s how I know
He would really enjoy ‘boys toys’.

So when I grow up I will make things
That I know will make Jesus proud
I may even make something for poor Betty Blue
And I know she would show it around.

W.B. May 2009.

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