Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just Can't Help Loving You

I just can’t help loving You
My dear Lord, my Saviour
Your Spirit keeps on coming through
When I fear I have lost favour.

But I really know deep in my heart
That You will never change
As long as I will take my part
It is I that needs to change.

Yes I’ll be here; I will stay near
For I know I need You Lord,
My eyes are fixed on You
Your Spirit leads me through.

I just can’t help loving You dear Lord.
I just can’t help loving You my dear Lord.

W.B. Oct 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Treasures Of God

The treasures of God are hidden ones spawned through our darkest days
In those times we wept to be taken from, He showed His loving ways
Not for one moment did He turn and let you fight in vain
Or stand and watch uncaring when you fought, but failed again.

Your tears were His though you did not know His heart was breaking too
You are His love, His precious one, and He is part of you
In light or dark; in pain or grief these lessons aren’t in vain
Though weaning us from unwise love may bring the greatest pain.

Tomorrow the same sun will shine but it’s you who will be changed
As imperceptibly refined by the Spirit’s increased range
Some things may go some new thing come but your point of view is new
Now seeing through the Spirit’s eyes as He steps along with you.

W.B Oct 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Each Moment.

I need You oh my precious Lord each moment of the day
There’s not a breath that I would take without You there to stay
I do the things at hand to do but never on my own
And that includes the time I spend on computer or the phone.

I am Yours for ever and a day dear Spirit please be close
And tap me on the shoulder if I’m sharp or too verbose
I am grateful for the angels that You send to comfort me
But it’s only in Your sweet presence that I really want to be.

Sometimes the days are far too long and sometimes they’re too short
But every day’s a gift from You though I don’t do all I ought
When night time comes I go to bed and rest back in Your arms
And the last words that I speak are from my favourite book of Psalms.

W.B Oct ‘13