Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank you for ME.

I just want to say thank you for loving me Lord
And I want to say thank you for ME!
I know it sounds strange to hear something like that
But I’m grateful that You let me BE.

If I hadn’t been born, just think what I’d missed
The world and the sky and the sea
The clouds and the animals, birds, and the rain,
The sun, and the fish in the sea.

You show me your beauty, Your love and Your care
You lead me when I can’t see
You cry when I cry, laugh when I laugh
A more wonderful Friend couldn’t be.

I’m here to thank You for letting me BE
You chose me and gave me a name
You knew me before both my parents were born
And you’ll take me to heaven from where I came.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hold Out My Arms

Will there be time to say,” I love you” When the sky is rent with light?
Will there be time to cry,” God save me”! If He came back one quiet night?
The words we wish we had not said cannot be wiped away
But those that can and should be said are left until, ‘some day’.

If that day comes, and so does God, the instant is the same
‘Some day’ is now again too late, too late to call their name
Too late to say the things our heart had often longed to share
For fear of being thought too soft, if our emotion’s bared.

There is no doubt that God will come with trumpets loud and long
And call His chosen up to Him with others looking on.
What will we feel when swept aloft with loved ones left behind?
We loved them, but not quite enough to help them change their mind.

What urgent challenge did we present, their eternal life to gain
To urge them,” Soon it will be too late, you must be born again”.
Our loved ones then would fly with us away from earthly harm.
‘Go into all the world,’ You said, ‘Hold out to them my arms’.

Don’t hesitate because you’re weak or shy or don’t have charms
‘My Word will accomplish what I will, so go, hold out My arms.’
Let’s then be faithful to our call to share the love of God
In time we’ll hear ‘Well done my friend, come home to Me, your God.’

W.B. Dec 2008.


If I could draw I would draw You
Especially Your eyes,
Your hands that comforted a child,
Your feet that walked for miles

If I could paint I’d paint Your love
That saved someone like me
The love that went to Calvary
And died to set me free.

If I could sculpt, I’d sculpt Your arms
To wrap them round my heart
I’d make them strong as Yours are strong
Too strong to pull apart.

If I could live, I’d live for You
It’s all that I can do
I’ve not the talents some may love
But my heart is art to You..

W.B. Dec 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'd Love To See Your Eyes.

I’d love to see Your eyes Lord
I love looking into eyes
I’d watch You look around You
And hope You’d glance at mine.

For eyes give out their secrets
Of all that is inside
The love and joy and purity
That no-one’s eyes can hide.

They are mirrors of the soul Lord
So many eyes I’ve seen
And loved the beauty that’s within
Reflections of their dreams,

It doesn’t seem to matter though
The colour of your eyes
If they are brown or hazel
Or blue or gray besides.

Your eyes are going to show out
The soul that is within
So if you gaze on Jesus
I’ll know when I look in.

W.B. Dec 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Looking Within.

I’m looking within
Will I find sin?
What state am I in?

Cleanse me Lord.

I’m looking without
At paths round about.
What is my route?

Lead me Lord.

Can I be still?
Rest in Your will?
Loving You still?

Bless me Lord.

Beauty of flowers
Brighten dull hours
Do they have powers?

Lift my heart Lord.

All You have sent
In love it was meant
I am content.

I am Yours Lord.

What Is Eternity Like?

What is eternity like, Lord?

Are the days any different or is everything just the same?

When I was a child I thought eternity was like a bathroom when the hot water had been running. Everything hidden in steam like on a mountain top when the clouds covered it. Nothing properly visible, just ghostly.

Now I think that eternity is an endless succession of days.
Nothing bad happens. Everyone is happy and kind.

You don’t get bored because you can do anything you want, but you only want to do what is pleasing to God, and that pleases you too.
I like to think there are babies to cuddle and children to read stories to.
Will the babies and the children grow up?

Now I have a problem. If they do, what happens when there are no more babies or children? I won’t like that very much, but why shouldn’t they be able to grow up? That would be what they would want isn’t it?

There shouldn’t be any problems in eternity, should there, Lord?

So then, what will eternity be like?
I obviously have no idea.
I know there will be a new heaven and a new earth.
If it’s alright with You, Lord, I’d prefer to spend eternity on the new earth.

I feel much more comfortable about that idea. You see I’ve lived on the earth for eighty years and a bit, so I’m really used to it by now and I’m used to the people, and
I just love the incredibly beautiful earth, with its wonderful scenery.

I won’t mention the creatures because I don’t want to even think about cockroaches and mosquitoes and I don’t know how I would take it if you said that they were part of the deal.
I would really be appreciative of the fact that there would be no weeds to cull.
I really hated how healthy and lush the weeds were while my precious plants barely clung to life, and how it hurt my back and my knees to deal with those awful weeds!

I haven’t mentioned this before, but I guess You remember how when I was young, almost a century ago I always wanted to be a pilot and fly a red aeroplane, well if there are planes on the new earth may I fly one then ? I believe I could do it without any lessons if I was immortal. I always thought I could fly without any lessons when I was a mortal child too.

What will Eternity be like Lord ?
I wish someone could tell me!.
W.B. Dec 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008



Oh God, I am delighted by You
My Lord, I am delighted in You.
You love me, hold me, and lift me up.
May You be delighted in me.

Thank You for holding me Lord
For I’m human, I trip, and I fall
I can’t live without You I need You my Lord
You’re the One that keeps holding my hand.

Lord, I am committed to you
Without You what would I do?
While I’m trusting , not fretting, no enemy can stand
You’re the one that keeps holding my hand.

I’m trusting and resting in You
I’ve committed my way to You Lord
Keep leading me on up the mountains of joy
You are the One that keeps holding my hand.

Because the Lord is the One that holds my hand.