Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank you for ME.

I just want to say thank you for loving me Lord
And I want to say thank you for ME!
I know it sounds strange to hear something like that
But I’m grateful that You let me BE.

If I hadn’t been born, just think what I’d missed
The world and the sky and the sea
The clouds and the animals, birds, and the rain,
The sun, and the fish in the sea.

You show me your beauty, Your love and Your care
You lead me when I can’t see
You cry when I cry, laugh when I laugh
A more wonderful Friend couldn’t be.

I’m here to thank You for letting me BE
You chose me and gave me a name
You knew me before both my parents were born
And you’ll take me to heaven from where I came.


Donna May said...

Stopped by because I am a grandmother too. Liked you poems, I attend a writers group in AZ. Like to breeze through these now and then to see what Christians are up to. That wonderful thread is always the same. WE LOVE THE LORD AND ARE THANKFUL TO KNOW HIM.

Marja said...

"I am here to thank you for letting me BE", awseome Wyn.
I truly enjoy this poem, it really fits in with Sorek's story. I would send it to a pro-life blog or website if I were you or a parenting magazine or something. Thank you Wyn, for using your creative gift and sharing with readers all over the world!

wyn said...

Thank you Donna May and Marja for those encouraging words.
Our love for the Lord unites us wherever we are in the world.