Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hold Out My Arms

Will there be time to say,” I love you” When the sky is rent with light?
Will there be time to cry,” God save me”! If He came back one quiet night?
The words we wish we had not said cannot be wiped away
But those that can and should be said are left until, ‘some day’.

If that day comes, and so does God, the instant is the same
‘Some day’ is now again too late, too late to call their name
Too late to say the things our heart had often longed to share
For fear of being thought too soft, if our emotion’s bared.

There is no doubt that God will come with trumpets loud and long
And call His chosen up to Him with others looking on.
What will we feel when swept aloft with loved ones left behind?
We loved them, but not quite enough to help them change their mind.

What urgent challenge did we present, their eternal life to gain
To urge them,” Soon it will be too late, you must be born again”.
Our loved ones then would fly with us away from earthly harm.
‘Go into all the world,’ You said, ‘Hold out to them my arms’.

Don’t hesitate because you’re weak or shy or don’t have charms
‘My Word will accomplish what I will, so go, hold out My arms.’
Let’s then be faithful to our call to share the love of God
In time we’ll hear ‘Well done my friend, come home to Me, your God.’

W.B. Dec 2008.


Marja said...

Awesome WYN!!I am going to print this one and put it on my refrigerator. It encourages me to never give up on family and friends who need salvation. Thank you for these well written words, you blessed me today :)

wyn said...

Thank you, Marja,
You are always such a blessing and an encouragement to me.
Love you!!