Monday, April 27, 2015

My life is Yours

My life is Yours; I cannot sing
Yet You have given me everything
Sweet music sounds in silent ears
You stroke my head You dry my tears
My hope and future in Your hands
Behind these walls or in foreign lands.
I know You wish me nought but good
My heart still sings though I wish I could.

My joy comes now from those who can
And bless us with their heart and hand
Such melodies are made in Heaven
To strengthen us whether one or seven.
They maybe songs from long ago
That we’ve forgotten but need to know
How much Your love has shielded us
The cross, the blood You shed for us.

Musicians , singers, please be bold
Break out the music that you hold
Refresh our hearts; lift up our heads
We hunger still for music’s threads
Send it with love , we’ll love you back
Songs old, some new, just play that track!
We’ll practice for that heavenly choir
And spread God’s love, our one desire.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

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I'm Not Looking For Democracy

I’m not looking for democracy when I get into Heaven
For God will be in full control and my spirit may be leavened
I won’t feel shy or of little worth for I’ll be made anew
I’ll know my place and have a job that no one else could do.
I ‘ve often had some happy thoughts of what work would suit me best
Such as cuddling little babies when it’s time they had a rest

But will there be a babe at all or would we all be old?
The very thought of such a thing has made my blood run cold
I’m told there’ll be no ocean so I might want to run away
For the ocean holds my will to live and where I’d like to stay
I’m sorry, Lord, I’m difficult, and I’ll need to change a lot
If I’m to settle in that Heavenly sphere, contented with my lot

I know You love me and I love You, but will that be enough?
You said to wait, and wait I will, though I don’t like waiting much.
I’ll try to be agreeable although that’s hard for me
A square peg in a rounded hole is what I’ve always been
And You have been so patient; Your love has known no end
Have You ever said to Father, Wyn drives me round the bend?

W.B. April ‘15

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can I Write Too Often?

Can I write too often of Christ’s pain on the cross
When the Father gave up His Son? Was Christ’s life a total loss?
Why did He die for the sins of the Godless many
Was anyone grateful? Did He find any?

Just now and then would you sit and ponder
Of the love of the Father and His Son now up yonder?
Thirty three years watched by His mother
Praying for each other as this world He discovered.

The love and the hate in this world He would sample
His death changed our future His loving was ample
Thank You thank You, Jesus now we kneel at Your throne
Thank You for Your death now we have become all Your own.

Spirit fill our hollows, burn out all the dross
Let us walk beside You as You carry the cross
Thank You for forgiveness, patience, mercy too
Can we reach the manhood that we have seen in You?

Yes, the journey’s difficult, blessings mixed with pain
But with healing for our frequent wounds touched by Your love again
We hail the future promised we promise to be true
Looking for eternity that we will spend with You.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Good intentions

How empty are our days oh Lord when they’re not spent with You
Intentions then however good can’t fill the hollow made
By absent heart and absent mind, by love not hot and true
And though You’re near, eyes pleading yet, Your precious figure fades.

Father I vow I shall not wait till trauma cuts me through
I would be pure and faithful I know I need Your touch
I’ll seek You out, the living Fire, to burn me through and through
Each breath I’m given is straight from Heaven and in Your power I trust.

Give me a heart just like Your own to pray the lost ones home
And add my voice to the Spirit’s call naming all that are lost
Give me a heart in which I don’t live; a heart that never roams
For all that I am and have is Yours and You have paid the cost.