Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm Not Looking For Democracy

I’m not looking for democracy when I get into Heaven
For God will be in full control and my spirit may be leavened
I won’t feel shy or of little worth for I’ll be made anew
I’ll know my place and have a job that no one else could do.
I ‘ve often had some happy thoughts of what work would suit me best
Such as cuddling little babies when it’s time they had a rest

But will there be a babe at all or would we all be old?
The very thought of such a thing has made my blood run cold
I’m told there’ll be no ocean so I might want to run away
For the ocean holds my will to live and where I’d like to stay
I’m sorry, Lord, I’m difficult, and I’ll need to change a lot
If I’m to settle in that Heavenly sphere, contented with my lot

I know You love me and I love You, but will that be enough?
You said to wait, and wait I will, though I don’t like waiting much.
I’ll try to be agreeable although that’s hard for me
A square peg in a rounded hole is what I’ve always been
And You have been so patient; Your love has known no end
Have You ever said to Father, Wyn drives me round the bend?

W.B. April ‘15

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