Sunday, August 23, 2015

If The World Should Stop Turning

If the world should stop turning today Lord
And I were to be flung into space
I would reach out my arms to seek You Lord
Though I’m not much in this human race
Would Your cords still spin out till You found me¬
Would You still wrap me round in Your love?
Then enfold me as if You’d just seen me
And knew I was someone to love
Your love is amazing so strong and so true
You love me so much more than I have loved You
I would be Yours till the sun doesn’t rise
Please dry the tears that keep filling my eyes.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What are my thought processes?

You asked me what they were quite some time ago
I never answered that request for I didn’t really know
I push the ball out every day and watch it roll away
And hope I have not made a mess of everything today.
I wait for things to happen and hope it is the Lord
I talk to Him in these long long days, more mistakes I can’t afford.
How will I know when I’ve done wrong? That’s when the phone will ring
And a loved one starts berating me. I could give up everything.
My struggles have gone on far too long. Why didn’t God give up?
Just one more day will be too much Dear Lord, I’ve had enough!
For those I love I’d give my life but now they’re distant, cold
Am I too needy, wanting love or am I just too old?

Monday, July 20, 2015

There's Still Time.

When Abraham was ninety was he just too old to change?
Well I am not quite ninety yet but couldn’t walk the range
My Shepherd is beside me, He knows my weaknesses
But I will cling to Him for He expects that I will change.
‘Walk before Me’ says the Saviour ‘and be perfect in my sight’
Walking‘s slow and steady and what Jesus says is right
Each step will take me nearer to the Home prepared for me
As the Spirit makes me perfect in the eyes that look on me.

There’s still time, yes there’s still time
For a few more breaths a few more days, another rhyme
Walk with me at the Saviours side, I’d love your company
The road can be so lonely and I’d love you close to me
The soft green hills the rugged crags are not too hard at all
When you have a friend who takes your hand and helps you lest you fall
So if we walk together before the Saviour’s eyes
We’ll climb the road to Glory and nothing will surprise.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Are You Standing Alone

Are you standing alone in the quiet
Do you feel a shadow behind?
Don’t worry my child it is I that came
To listen and walk through your mind.
You are never alone as I’ve told you
My mind is always on you
Little tunes may run through your memory
They are songs I have written for you
Don’t be disturbed by the silence
If you don’t hear Me at work
That is when things are becoming the finest
So don’t forget how I LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh Lord Please Sweep Me In Your Arms

Oh Lord please sweep me in Your arms
Hold me above the waves
Open my mouth so I can say
That only Jesus saves
I’m just a trouble old and frail
What use am I to You?
I make mistakes just all the time
And rhymes are all I do
But I can pray and pray I will
I’ll never let You go
Whatever happens every day
You’ll do the same for me I know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lord, I beseech You

Lord, I beseech You, send me
Lord, I beseech You, use me
Lord, I am tossed aside in this crazy world

See the love I’m bearing,
Love I should be sharing
What use am I if I’m not fully Yours?

Take me, since You died for me
Your Spirit wants to work on me
Help me show folk love that could be theirs.

Feelings can be deceitful
Mould me till I’m useful
Apprentice me in Your great school for life

Rebirth me in Your great school of life.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Will I Ever Sing Again?

Will I ever sing again? Or do I wait till You come for me?
Will those happy grateful notes sound as clear as they used to be?
Please give the sounds that I once held so tenderly in my mind
To someone else who needs them who is crippled or maybe blind
Oh Lord I need to share the gift that I once had from You
No matter just how old they are, whether eighty or just two.
Give them the joy of loving You in songs that reach to Heaven
Or to mimic birds that sing for life for six years maybe seven.
The awful sound that my throat makes however hard I try
Is such a cold and bitter pill, no wonder I sometimes cry.
Could I press ‘delete’ or ‘back to base’ or ‘put the clock back Lord?
Or ‘what’s that surgeon thinking of? It’s worse now than before!
Well now I’ve got that off my chest I’ll walk out through the door
And thank You that my eyes still see as clearly as before.
I see the moon, the stars, the sun, the clouds scud through the sky
And send my prayers not for myself but for those who have no sight.

Look Upon Me Jesus

Look upon me Jesus, my life is bound in You
Don’t ever turn away from me for then what could I do?
I’m human Lord, I make mistakes. I run before I walk
My impulses get out of hand, why did I learn to talk?.

Right now Lord all I want to do is fall down at Your feet
And never stand upright again, my tears will wash Your feet
Regret I know is pain from Hell. There is no pain like that.
Is that the only pain You never felt? Oh Lord free me from that.

Look upon me Jesus my love is bound to You
You gave Your all that I should not fall and I belong to You
Oh help my love grow deeper help me feel the pain I caused
Let me know the love of forgiveness and in forgiving help Your cause .

Monday, June 22, 2015

You Can Walk Across My Grave

You can walk across my grave my friend for I will not be there
I have broken through my chrysalis, now I don’t have a care
There’s no pain and no more loneliness; no cold dirt over me
I’m walking down the roads of Heaven, enjoying all I see.

No need to cry beside my grave my friend, for I will not be there
I’m sitting in the sunshine of my Lord without a care
If I have time I will be looking for those I used to know
But Mum and Dad will be the first for I want them both to know.

That I’ve broken free of earthly cares since Jesus is my Lord
He died for me at Calvary and carried me aboard
The glory train to Heaven, so I want you all to know
That I’m basking in the light of God and I’m glad He loved me so.

Now it is so important that you hear what I say
For I want to see you all up here one grand and glorious day
There is such a crowd of witnesses cheering from above
With the Spirit, God and Jesus watching over you with love.

So please remember that although I’ve gone, I’ve not gone very far
For I will always love you, yes, you know who you are
You were always in my heart and my heart is still in you
So get ready for Heaven, it’s the best thing you could do.

Wyn Barratt
July 2011.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

These Hours Drag On Too Slowly

These hours drag on too slowly and sunset left my room
In this pitch black sky no morning’s nigh and no sign of the moon
Black clouds hang up like soggy sheets that need a tub of suds
And that’s the colour of my mood, what can I see that’s good?

A bedroom’s lit, a baby cries, (no sleep again tonight)
A cat is yowling in the rain would someone turn on a light?
A gentle breeze still slightly warm; I felt an angel’s breath
As she walked so slowly up the lane when Christ walked to His death.

What have I done? I let Him go! I’d not meant that Christ should die?
I was so sure I could stop events before the dew was dry?
My arrogance, my faith in me was not worth anything
And Christ was born for Calvary and His love meant everything.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lord Hold me

Lord hold me, I need to be near
I’m starving for You yet still filled with fear
Fear that I’ll lose You; Fear I will fall
Angry words have unbalanced me, Lord You are my all.

Murmuring voices; words that condemn
What are my choices? For You now and then?
Never no, never! You Lord alone
Stifle those voices! You Lord are my Home

Nothing will save me. You already died
Shame sets on fire my Christ Crucified
Loving and longing for You alone
Please Saviour call me and take me back home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Never Has My Spirit Been Lower

Never has my spirit been lower
Never has death held more appeal
Never before have I needed You more
Lord grab me and show me You are real.

Recent trials have come; I wasn’t ready
I thought I had the answers to my needs
When my enemy struck I was not just out of luck
And they caught me not down upon my knees.

And so I failed and I need You Lord;
I’m on the rails, I can’t bear to walk abroad
Judges everywhere fingers pointing as I stare
Colour me gone, hide me in You I need You Lord.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Am Setting My Spirit Free.

I am setting my spirit free.
I want You only near to me
Not to be my willing slave
You Who conquered death and grave
I need to have You hold me tight
Grip my hand with every fright
Warm my heart with Your sweet breath
Take away my fear of death

Please ease the pain of losing friends
Do I need them too much as life nears end?
Memories rest in sweet content
Remember me, my love was meant
To heal your wounds and soothe your pain
To be the sunshine in your rain
To give you hope when skies were grey
To show I’d never walk away.

My life was yours my love was too
How old I feel! Yet hope was new
Heaven’s drawing near, life’s sky is bright
Gone is my day; I welcome night
All will be well once I am home
A reunion no urge to roam
My spirit is no longer free
I’m Home, I’m held, just You and me.

W.B June ‘15

Saturday, May 30, 2015

How Much I Want To Tell You

How much I want to tell you, friend, Christ’s love has changed my heart
With your non judgemental loving soul I never want to part
I know the pain you often bear that I can’t take away
It wrenches through the heart of me most every night and day
Our God is love; He weeps with us and longs to take us Home
But we wander aimless through our times instead of kneeling at the Throne
There’s oh so much to say and do when I would hold you near
I soon grow tired when age claims strength. I’m little use I fear.

I could borrow wings from strengthened owls to fly both near and far
To catch a tear or stroke your head to be close to where you are
Your time and strength for other’s need will work alongside mine
While angels watch with eagerness to fly to you one more time.
And so too slowly sometimes the sands of time move on
Until one day we notice that time is almost gone
Our love will hold and linger, our memories won't fade
The love first came through Jesus Christ then History was made.

W.B. May '15

The Daydream Little Comfort Return to Paradise

Monday, May 4, 2015

Choose Now This Day

You will never leave us, nor will You forsake us
In the shadow of the cross is where I’d make my home.
My pain is your pain Lord, You Who took the blame, Lord
Wash me in the blood now, be my shelter if I roam.

Listen to the good news those who think they should choose
What they make of their life if Christ should call you home?
Will you let Him stand alone here, the God of Heaven Who holds you dear
Longing for your company as He guides you to his Home.

The clock of Life will stop one day when Christ returns to make His claim
And those written in the book of Life will join Him in the sky
Too late to cry, “But wait, but wait, I’m ready now, I did hesitate
Another chance, have mercy now on a sinner such a I.”

Monday, April 27, 2015

My life is Yours

My life is Yours; I cannot sing
Yet You have given me everything
Sweet music sounds in silent ears
You stroke my head You dry my tears
My hope and future in Your hands
Behind these walls or in foreign lands.
I know You wish me nought but good
My heart still sings though I wish I could.

My joy comes now from those who can
And bless us with their heart and hand
Such melodies are made in Heaven
To strengthen us whether one or seven.
They maybe songs from long ago
That we’ve forgotten but need to know
How much Your love has shielded us
The cross, the blood You shed for us.

Musicians , singers, please be bold
Break out the music that you hold
Refresh our hearts; lift up our heads
We hunger still for music’s threads
Send it with love , we’ll love you back
Songs old, some new, just play that track!
We’ll practice for that heavenly choir
And spread God’s love, our one desire.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

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I'm Not Looking For Democracy

I’m not looking for democracy when I get into Heaven
For God will be in full control and my spirit may be leavened
I won’t feel shy or of little worth for I’ll be made anew
I’ll know my place and have a job that no one else could do.
I ‘ve often had some happy thoughts of what work would suit me best
Such as cuddling little babies when it’s time they had a rest

But will there be a babe at all or would we all be old?
The very thought of such a thing has made my blood run cold
I’m told there’ll be no ocean so I might want to run away
For the ocean holds my will to live and where I’d like to stay
I’m sorry, Lord, I’m difficult, and I’ll need to change a lot
If I’m to settle in that Heavenly sphere, contented with my lot

I know You love me and I love You, but will that be enough?
You said to wait, and wait I will, though I don’t like waiting much.
I’ll try to be agreeable although that’s hard for me
A square peg in a rounded hole is what I’ve always been
And You have been so patient; Your love has known no end
Have You ever said to Father, Wyn drives me round the bend?

W.B. April ‘15

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can I Write Too Often?

Can I write too often of Christ’s pain on the cross
When the Father gave up His Son? Was Christ’s life a total loss?
Why did He die for the sins of the Godless many
Was anyone grateful? Did He find any?

Just now and then would you sit and ponder
Of the love of the Father and His Son now up yonder?
Thirty three years watched by His mother
Praying for each other as this world He discovered.

The love and the hate in this world He would sample
His death changed our future His loving was ample
Thank You thank You, Jesus now we kneel at Your throne
Thank You for Your death now we have become all Your own.

Spirit fill our hollows, burn out all the dross
Let us walk beside You as You carry the cross
Thank You for forgiveness, patience, mercy too
Can we reach the manhood that we have seen in You?

Yes, the journey’s difficult, blessings mixed with pain
But with healing for our frequent wounds touched by Your love again
We hail the future promised we promise to be true
Looking for eternity that we will spend with You.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Good intentions

How empty are our days oh Lord when they’re not spent with You
Intentions then however good can’t fill the hollow made
By absent heart and absent mind, by love not hot and true
And though You’re near, eyes pleading yet, Your precious figure fades.

Father I vow I shall not wait till trauma cuts me through
I would be pure and faithful I know I need Your touch
I’ll seek You out, the living Fire, to burn me through and through
Each breath I’m given is straight from Heaven and in Your power I trust.

Give me a heart just like Your own to pray the lost ones home
And add my voice to the Spirit’s call naming all that are lost
Give me a heart in which I don’t live; a heart that never roams
For all that I am and have is Yours and You have paid the cost.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

There Was No Other Way

There was no other way, that’s why Christ did it
No compromise, half death, known unto man
The whole of Christ’s body, his Spirit, His Holiness
Was destined to die for the sins of man.

Do we keep sinning in spite of Salvation?
Do we make excuses for humanities fall?
Watch for the sky to open by His hand
How much longer will He wait to see our remorse?

Our second chances belittle His sacrifice
Pathetic excuses for each time we fail
Lord, strengthen our spirits for we are your warriors
You won the battle and You’ll never fail.

W.B Easter ‘15

Monday, March 23, 2015

SLEEP in the arms of God

SLEEP in the arms of God
Could we then , ask for more?
Each day is one step nearer Heaven.
See the lights on Glory’s shore?

WORK from the arms of God
There’s safety all around
He puts us there, or there or here
And we are on holy ground.

REST in the arms of God
Jesus beside us still
No need to fret or wonder ‘if’
We’re in the centre of God’s will.

Don’t ever say “No, Lord!”
If He sets an awesome task
For God is mighty, safe, and sure
With power for all He asks.

Let God work change in YOU
While He remains the same
Your hope and future in His hands
Then Heaven and earth will gain.

W.B. 2015.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Couldn't Look in Your Eyes.

I couldn’t look in Your eyes each time that I spurned You
And I knew that each time a bit of me died
I was fiercely resistant though only a child then
Yet I loved that You’d called me and called me Your child.

I was just ten years old when I glimpsed in my future
And knew without You I had nowhere to hide
For Your pain grips me sometimes even now I am older
And my tears are still burning though I can look in Your eyes.

A world of regret won’t wash away my sorrow
For years I have wasted and sorrow I’ve caused
But Lord You are faithful, unchanging, still loving
God, my Eternal my dear Loving Lord.

W.B March’15

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Love To Know

I love to know that You are near me
In this silent room
Are You without? Within? Do You hear me?
Have You enough room?

Do I command my life without You
And not surrender all?
May my days be filled with music
Now I can’t sing at all?

The music in my head is winning
Memories still strong
Repeating love from the beginning
Now I know where I belong.

Take me, use me, let me live
With all this wasting love
Longing still for Your returning
I watch the skies above.

W.B Mar ‘15

Friday, February 27, 2015

Are You There?

Are You up in Your Heaven, or here in my room?
Flying the sky or coming here soon??
Are you at Your desk planning or looking right down?
Are You walking towards me? Are You wearing a crown?

I want to be near You but I cannot quite see
Please come through the clouds and stay close to me
Today has been awful everything has gone wrong
And I’m so alone, not just one in a throng.

I need You right here so I can tell You my tale
Sympathy would be nice or I’ll let out a wail
Just so I feel that I am near to You
You really can help that’s something You do.

You have answered prayers as quick as a flash
But this thing took longer to turn into hash
And so I expect for some time to go by
Before all is sorted and I’m out of the pie

Now I’m feeling Your Peace and I know You are near
Please slip Your arms round me say I’ve nothing to fear
I will tread with more care this rocky terrain
So I don’t keep on calling again and again.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Am Following You

I am here my Lord and Saviour. I am following you
I know You are near me though I don’t know what to do
I saw the blood spattered on the judgment hall's floor
As You looked to Your Father to strengthen You some more

Is it worth it dear Lord even one drop of Your blood?
This angry revolutionary not seeing what he should?
If Your death is eternal then it’s a wasted life
And I will smite every one of them that took Your precious life.

Am I the Judge? Then who is God? The Father took Your hand
And whispered words of comfort for death inside this land
While You, the obedient, fast held by sinners bands
Envisaged the redeemed souls already heaven bound.

It’s not too soon , nor yet too late to kneel at holy feet
And offer up our souls to the Son of God so great
He gave His all, His inheritance and took on all our sin
To see the gates of heaven open to gladly let us in.

W.B ‘15

Are You A Lily Of The Field?

Today I sat and pondered about the lilies of the field.
Do they refuse to bloom where there is no beauty?
I believe they really seek out a plain and ugly bower
And let God sprinkle out their seeds as if it were their duty.
Go look across the fields whether walking near or far
Do you see the flowers right from where you are standing?
Then you have found the beauty of the lilies of the field
They don't compete with the bright plumes of birds now landing.
No matter who or what you are your beauty lies within
And the light of God will shine on all around you
Wherever God has placed you it was to bring your beauty in
To strengthen, lift, encourage those around you.
So bloom dear Lily and colour our life, let no one put you down
Without you our joy would wane far too soon
Soft rain washed colours never brown can cope with heat of noon
And show the touch of your Fathers hand.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I am here Lord, my Saviour I am following You
I know You are near me though I don’t know what to do
I saw the blood spattered on the judgment hall’’s floor
As You looked to Your Father to strengthen You some more

Is it worth it dear Lord even one drop of Your blood?
This angry revolutionary not seeing what he should?
If Your death is eternal then it’s a wasted life
And I will smite every one of them that took Your precious life.

Am I the Judge? Then who is God? The Father took Your hand
And whispered words of comfort for death inside this land
While You, the obedient, fast held by sinners bands
Envisaged the redeemed souls already heaven bound.

It’s not too soon , nor yet too late to kneel at holy feet
And offer up our souls to the Son of God so great
He gave His all, His inheritance and took on all our sin
To see the gates of heaven open to gladly let us in.

W.B ‘15