Sunday, January 25, 2015

Are You A Lily Of The Field?

Today I sat and pondered about the lilies of the field.
Do they refuse to bloom where there is no beauty?
I believe they really seek out a plain and ugly bower
And let God sprinkle out their seeds as if it were their duty.
Go look across the fields whether walking near or far
Do you see the flowers right from where you are standing?
Then you have found the beauty of the lilies of the field
They don't compete with the bright plumes of birds now landing.
No matter who or what you are your beauty lies within
And the light of God will shine on all around you
Wherever God has placed you it was to bring your beauty in
To strengthen, lift, encourage those around you.
So bloom dear Lily and colour our life, let no one put you down
Without you our joy would wane far too soon
Soft rain washed colours never brown can cope with heat of noon
And show the touch of your Fathers hand.

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