Thursday, July 30, 2015

What are my thought processes?

You asked me what they were quite some time ago
I never answered that request for I didn’t really know
I push the ball out every day and watch it roll away
And hope I have not made a mess of everything today.
I wait for things to happen and hope it is the Lord
I talk to Him in these long long days, more mistakes I can’t afford.
How will I know when I’ve done wrong? That’s when the phone will ring
And a loved one starts berating me. I could give up everything.
My struggles have gone on far too long. Why didn’t God give up?
Just one more day will be too much Dear Lord, I’ve had enough!
For those I love I’d give my life but now they’re distant, cold
Am I too needy, wanting love or am I just too old?

Monday, July 20, 2015

There's Still Time.

When Abraham was ninety was he just too old to change?
Well I am not quite ninety yet but couldn’t walk the range
My Shepherd is beside me, He knows my weaknesses
But I will cling to Him for He expects that I will change.
‘Walk before Me’ says the Saviour ‘and be perfect in my sight’
Walking‘s slow and steady and what Jesus says is right
Each step will take me nearer to the Home prepared for me
As the Spirit makes me perfect in the eyes that look on me.

There’s still time, yes there’s still time
For a few more breaths a few more days, another rhyme
Walk with me at the Saviours side, I’d love your company
The road can be so lonely and I’d love you close to me
The soft green hills the rugged crags are not too hard at all
When you have a friend who takes your hand and helps you lest you fall
So if we walk together before the Saviour’s eyes
We’ll climb the road to Glory and nothing will surprise.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Are You Standing Alone

Are you standing alone in the quiet
Do you feel a shadow behind?
Don’t worry my child it is I that came
To listen and walk through your mind.
You are never alone as I’ve told you
My mind is always on you
Little tunes may run through your memory
They are songs I have written for you
Don’t be disturbed by the silence
If you don’t hear Me at work
That is when things are becoming the finest
So don’t forget how I LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh Lord Please Sweep Me In Your Arms

Oh Lord please sweep me in Your arms
Hold me above the waves
Open my mouth so I can say
That only Jesus saves
I’m just a trouble old and frail
What use am I to You?
I make mistakes just all the time
And rhymes are all I do
But I can pray and pray I will
I’ll never let You go
Whatever happens every day
You’ll do the same for me I know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lord, I beseech You

Lord, I beseech You, send me
Lord, I beseech You, use me
Lord, I am tossed aside in this crazy world

See the love I’m bearing,
Love I should be sharing
What use am I if I’m not fully Yours?

Take me, since You died for me
Your Spirit wants to work on me
Help me show folk love that could be theirs.

Feelings can be deceitful
Mould me till I’m useful
Apprentice me in Your great school for life

Rebirth me in Your great school of life.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Will I Ever Sing Again?

Will I ever sing again? Or do I wait till You come for me?
Will those happy grateful notes sound as clear as they used to be?
Please give the sounds that I once held so tenderly in my mind
To someone else who needs them who is crippled or maybe blind
Oh Lord I need to share the gift that I once had from You
No matter just how old they are, whether eighty or just two.
Give them the joy of loving You in songs that reach to Heaven
Or to mimic birds that sing for life for six years maybe seven.
The awful sound that my throat makes however hard I try
Is such a cold and bitter pill, no wonder I sometimes cry.
Could I press ‘delete’ or ‘back to base’ or ‘put the clock back Lord?
Or ‘what’s that surgeon thinking of? It’s worse now than before!
Well now I’ve got that off my chest I’ll walk out through the door
And thank You that my eyes still see as clearly as before.
I see the moon, the stars, the sun, the clouds scud through the sky
And send my prayers not for myself but for those who have no sight.

Look Upon Me Jesus

Look upon me Jesus, my life is bound in You
Don’t ever turn away from me for then what could I do?
I’m human Lord, I make mistakes. I run before I walk
My impulses get out of hand, why did I learn to talk?.

Right now Lord all I want to do is fall down at Your feet
And never stand upright again, my tears will wash Your feet
Regret I know is pain from Hell. There is no pain like that.
Is that the only pain You never felt? Oh Lord free me from that.

Look upon me Jesus my love is bound to You
You gave Your all that I should not fall and I belong to You
Oh help my love grow deeper help me feel the pain I caused
Let me know the love of forgiveness and in forgiving help Your cause .