Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Day Another Grumble

Another day, another chance to serve You, precious Lord
I’m trying not to grumble, it’s a fault I can’t afford
It only takes a glance outside to tell me that You care
The floor needs washing once again, but I will praise You there.

The rain has stopped, the sky is blue, so the washing can be done
I’ll sing to You as I hang it out so I won’t feel so blue
I’ll get the better of my feelings that remind me that I’m down
And lonely most of every day, but that won’t win my crown.

For I know that You are always there and I chat to You all day
But I wish a human being would pass along this way
Yes, I know that I have neigbours who are not too far away
But they’re too busy yelling at their screaming kids most days

I know the dogs are lonely too for I listen to their barks
And listen; listen; listen; it really is no lark.
Well, now I’m grumbling again and wishing things would change
If I could run away to sea I would be well out of range.

Wait, just a mo’, I’m not so sure about going out to sea
For way out on the ocean who would visit me?
I will stay home, and scrape my chairs, and let my back door bang
Then my neighbour is sure to call and greet me with a frown.

Wyn Barratt.
Sept 2011.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Crowd Of Witnesses.

How great a crowd of witnesses
Gathered in Glory now
Look down with pride, with love and joy
To see God’s children grow.

We grow in love, in grace in peace
It is our Father’s will
Our journey home encouraged by
Those saints who are praying still.

Your eyes are on us Father, God
You will us to succeed
Arms out, ever ready, loving still
Offer everything we need.

How great oh Lord, Your love for us
No words can tell its span
You loved us well before our birth
Before the world began.

What can we offer, Saviour, Lord?
Our lives are frail at best
But take our love, our lives, our dreams
Our surrender, for Your best.

Wyn Barratt Sept 2011.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vanishing Cream.

Where could I purchase some vanishing cream?
I would rub me all over and then not be seen
I could climb up a tree without scaring my Mum
And if she should call me I’d not need to come
For how can you expect someone not even there
To come in for their bath, brush their teeth, comb their hair?

And as for my homework I’m not really sure
For my writing would show up! Oh, what a bore!
Well, homework is out; if I’m not seen in my bed
My parents would worry, or go off their head
Why is it that vanishing is so great for me
When I then couldn’t come in and eat up my tea?

I may have to give this idea more thought
For what I thought fun now seems to be wrought
With all kinds of problems and difficulties.
I could cream myself ‘gone’ from my feet to my knees
That would be funny, but I think it is best
To cream myself ‘gone’ from my head to my chest.

That way, what ever the mess that I’m in
I couldn’t be blamed or put in the ‘sin bin’
I’d have to keep quiet and not open my mouth
For then I’d be caught out, for I tend to shout
When I am in trouble with no good excuse
Oh, forget that darned cream! What is the use?

Wyn Barratt Sept 2011.

Floating In A Fine Gray Mist.

Floating in a fine gray mist the moon is small and white
The owl is hooting in the wood; the echo builds the fright
A rustling first behind, then round, and now is coming near
The woods are daring me to stay and overcome my fear.

Excitement draws a gasping breath, when walking in the dark
I mean to stay in silence here till morning wakes the lark
The creatures of the night are free, no obstacles for them
The darkness is as light to them just as it is in Heaven.

The wonders of Creation are hidden from my view
I’ll use imagination to think what creatures do
When they scurry in a hurry from dark to misty place
Like the anxious beings that belong to the human race.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Are My Lord.

You are my Lord. I cry out to the world today
Hear me! Hear me! Behold Your God!
Jesus, the crucified; Jesus, for us He died
Come now and see Him rise up from the dead.

He is Lord of the ages; the God of Creation
He walked the road to Calvary and went for you alone
Now risen up in victory He holds out His arms to you and me
Surrender to the Victor for He will lead you Home.

You are my Lord. I cry out to the world today
Hear me! Hear me! Behold your God!
Jesus the Creator the Saviour and the Master
Follow Him today and take the road He trod.

Wyn Barratt Sept 2011.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do You Think Of That Day?

Do you think of that day when the God of the world
Gave up His Son for the sins of that world?
Think of all the evil down through the years
Thought, and committed, at Christ was then hurled.

He died as a sinner, His body was cursed
His Father disowned Him and what is even worse
We ‘Christians’ keep sinning, and our Lord deny
When He says, “Do you love Me?” we do not reply.

Do we love self and sin even though Jesus died?
Do we love our own opinions of what we deem right?
Do we give Him just a part of what He has bought?
Only a little, and then after much thought?

Remember the darkness that fell on the earth?
God shielded those watching from the sight of sin’s work
A precious Son, a Leader, a Guide and a Friend
Now in a body where sin and beatings blend.

Yes, that is what Jesus did for me and you
What do you offer in return? Is it ALL of you?

©2011 Wyn Barratt.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was wandering aimlessly, nowhere to go
Looking for friendships with those that I know
But the friendships didn’t fill the gap; I needed the best
And my heart was just yearning for comfort and rest.

I took up my Bible which I often did
But saw judgments and fear; so those pages I hid
Then my eyes lit on these words I’ll never forget
“I have chosen you” and right there I found rest.

I no longer called out, “Choose me, Oh, choose me!”
In silent appeal at the folk I would see
For I had now realised the decision wasn’t mine
I was chosen by God and not picked from a line.

Not chosen as the best looking girl in the bunch
Or because I took someone important to lunch
I was chosen by God because He has loved me
So much that His Son chose to die on that tree.

So I’d like you to know God has chosen you too
And there’s only one wise thing I think you should do
That’s to step forward and stand by His side
For with Jesus as your Saviour you won’t want to hide.

Wyn Barratt Sept 2011.

Am I Dreaming?

I am in a sphere that’s moving; it looks like a drop of rain
I am rolling then falling, then rolling, and falling again and again
How did I come to be here? When will this dream end?
If this sphere should burst what will happen? Will I just fall again?

One moment I’m lying snugly in my warm comfy bed
Then I must have dozed off for I was falling, but not falling out of bed.
First it seemed that I stood on a hilltop; on a glorious carpet of green
Yet the moon was shining down on me completing an eerie scene.

There were donkeys climbing the hillside with flowers around their head
They were dragging something behind them; some little kid in his bed
I think I should have been frightened but I heard someone calling out
“There’s no more cheese for your supper, it’s making scream and shout!”

Wyn Barratt.
Sept 2011.

Monday, September 19, 2011

This Is My Future.

Lord, I will never stop needing You
Lord, You will never stop loving me.
Oh Lord, You will never leave me
This is the future I see.

Lord, You never stopped seeking me
One day I stopped hiding from You
Lord You will never turn away from me
This is the future I see.

Seeking me, finding me, holding me close
No darkness can swallow the light around me
The waiting, the silence is a time for my faith
To bridge the gap with a prayer saying, "Lord, I believe."

Lord You’ll be always my King and my Friend
Holding my hand until my life shall end
Teaching and guiding with patience and love
This is the future for me.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Changing Things.

I know I can’t end my life span
So instead I will change things for me
My life’s out of line for I spend too much time
On things unimportant you see.

Like Facebook where I read with interest
All the antics of family and friends
I send the odd comment with humour
But no answer my humour commends.

I may just as well have done nothing
I wish I could live in a tent
With no window or zippered compartment
No one would know where I went.

I would like to live on an island
But with all the ‘mod cons’ there of course
No human beings are welcome
But a pet like a sweet little horse.

I could ride him all over the island
Teach him to pull me up from a pit
For that is my one bad habit
I dig a hole then fall right in it.

The future would always be rosy
Since no one would know my mistakes
Each sunrise would bring fresh adventure
No shopping or chewing tough steaks.

I could only eat fruit and fresh veggies
I’m too much of a goose to catch fish
They would wriggle and squirm and I’d drop them
They’d never be cooked on my dish.

From sunrise to sunset there’s freedom
To do what I want when I like
No TV to show all the bad things
No phone, no computer, no Skype.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No Sea?

I see huge waves on the horizon and so far out to sea
They burst up high and upwards like the water I boil for tea
Yet closer into shore they are just lapping gently
Yes, it is the ocean that I love and I know it’s plain to see.

I love all of God’s creation and the land in beauty lies
Carpeted with grasses, trees, and flowers to feast the eyes
But the thing that mostly thrills me, is this glorious sea
Of all of God’s creations it’s the most beautiful to me.

But, friend, I find I’m troubled, for though God’s Word I love to read
But somewhere I am sure it says in Heaven there’ll be no sea
If that is true, then, Father when Jesus comes for me
Will You ask Him to forget me and leave me by the sea?

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Many?

How many prayers does it take, Lord
To pray one soul into to Heaven?
How many angels are needed
To watch over seventy times seven?
I have so many questions
I’d like to ask You, Father, God
All the things that You did to help us
When You watched the path that we trod?

How did You work out our days Lord?
They are not just three score and ten
Some of us live much longer
So how do You share them then?
Some children and babies have short lives
Others an hour or two
How do You work out our days Lord?
How many are left for me, too?

There’s such interesting Math in the Bible
But it goes much further than that
So I want to know dear Father
How many for this and for that?
You see I am craving for knowledge
But I want to know You even more
It’s not that important how long I live
But I‘d like to at least reach threescore.

Wyn barratt
Sept 2011.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do You Remember Your First Love?

Do you? Do you remember your first love
Did it not last? Then I’m sad, love
It was not meant to be that way.

Would you? Would you remember that parting?
How terrible was the heart ache
That you took away, then, with you.

One day, we will remember our first love
We may meet by surprise, one day, love
Would you still recognise me?

I’ve aged now; life has been good to me, love
As I’d have been good once to you my love
I meant to be ever with you.

We parted, not wanting to struggle with heart ache
No longer willing to partake
Of the cold cruel struggles of youth.

But one day we will meet and begin life anew, love
I will ever and always be true, love
My beginning and end is with you.

©2011 Wyn Barratt.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sometimes it seems I’m wasting the days you gave to me
Sometimes it seems I spend them hanging round
But the times I spend with You, Lord, when I’m on bended knee
They’re the greatest and the best times I have found.

You are never too busy to sit and talk with me
You never turn Your face the other way
It seems that all the problems that come to bother me
Are not too much for You to help me with today.

Sometimes I may forget Lord, to thank You for Your love
Yet there’s no way that You ever forget me
And so I’m here to say, Lord, as I’m looking up above
Thank You, thank You, dear Lord, for loving me.

I never will forget Lord that day at Calvary
When You walked right to the cross ready to die
You did it for all of us, but especially for me
So I want to say I love You, and that’s no lie.

You rose again in triumph and over death in victory
And set the power of Heaven at our right hand
Now Your Holy Spirit our Comforter will be
As He teaches, guides and leads to Gloryland.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011.

Lord, I Don’t Know .

Lord, I don’t know how much time I have
It may be one more day
Or then again I might be here
For ever and a day
I only know that all I want
Is to be by Your side
And be consistently obedient
However hard the trials.

Lord I don’t know what You’ve planned for me
It’s still a mystery
But I do know that whatever comes
It will be alright with me
For You have my best interests
At all times in Your Heart
And as long as I stick close to You
We two will never part.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Saw The Rays From Heaven Touch The Sea.

I walked beside the ocean, it seemed quiet but waves were loud
The sunrays filtered softly down through the clouds
I looked up into heaven; I knew the Lord was watching me
When I saw the rays from heaven touch the sea.

This time the world looked different in the early morning light
The seagulls walking on the sand suddenly took flight
Fishermen were bringing boats back to the quay
When I saw the rays of heaven touch the sea.

The clouds had spread across the sky and blanketed the earth
Wrapped in heaven’s cotton wool I saw Your hand at work
The restless tide began to turn and flowed towards me
The day the rays of heaven came down to touch the sea.

I know that God is everywhere it is so plain to see
The wonders of Creation spread from mountains to the sea
Wherever I may go I know the Lord is watching me
When the rays of heaven come down and then touch me.

© Wyn Barratt.
Feb 2011.

God Sent Me An Angel

God sent me an Angel to keep me company
He was tiny, neat, and brown as a bird’s supposed to be
He stood right on the path I took to climb up the hill
Then glanced at me and ran ahead, sun glistening on his bill.

It wasn’t very long before we reached the hill top
He kept looking round to make sure I hadn’t dropped
As soon as he convinced himself that I would be alright
He wagged his head at me as he took his flight.

So, thank you, Father for angelic company
You showed me the love and the care you have for me
I know I’m not alone on a hill or back at home
You can send an angel any time so I won’t be alone.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Talking Trees?

I was standing in a copse; the trees were tall and dark
Their trunks were wide and overbearing too
There was little of the sunlight that the trees allowed inside
I stood there wondering what I should do.

It all depends on why you’re there beneath a stand of trees
What do you want the trees to do for you?
Their branches thick and heavy like arms upraised to strike
But their leaves danced harmlessly in pleasant view.

I heard a voice like thunder, it was the largest of those trees
“Well? Tell me, now, what I can do for you?
Do you want some shade from summer’s heat or climb upon a branch?
Make up your mind; if not, then move on through.”

It spoke again and I was scared for I am really small
“I am here to help the birds, not just for you
Now, move on, there’s a good chap for there’s going to be a storm
And if the lightning strikes I may just fall on you”.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011

Until I Met You.

Until I met You Lord I thought I was whole
I never realised that I had a soul
I knew nothing of hunger for Your righteousness
Of guilt for my sins; or hope of redress.

Until I met You Lord I thought I knew all
Of the joys and excitement that made my life whole
My hope was bound up with what I’d do next
I grew happy then sad, was calm and then vexed.

But then I met You Lord and what did I see
I saw Your sad eyes looking right into me
I looked at myself with my sin and my pain
I turned back to You as I realised my gain.

I lost all my guilt and I gained a new life
Eternity mine; help, in sorrow and strife
But most important of all a Saviour is mine
My future is Yours I don’t need one of mine

For You are my life Lord and You are my hope
Your hand is for holding when I’m at the end of my rope
You are leading me through the pathways to Home
You are my future, Lord; You are my Home.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mix The Colours.

Mix the colours of my day, Lord
At the moment it’s all grey
But I’d rather not have blue, Lord
I’ve had enough of that today.

The bright yellow of the sunlight
On a warm summer day
And a saffron tinted sunset
I would love to come my way.

You see warm colours make my day
While cold ones freeze me out
It’s how you look at things that counts
At least that‘s what I’ve found out.

So please colour up my day Lord
With happy, warm, bright hues
For I just feel so sad now
With all these greys and blues.

Then when the sun goes down like
A ball of heavenly fire
I can look forward to the morning
When I’ll hear a vibrant choir

Of birds whose song is joyful
As they greet a brand new day
Full of yellows, pinks and reds, Lord
That You have sent their way.

Send the colours of Your smile Lord
And the red of Your beating Heart
The purple of Your Majesty
With all Creation’s art.

Wyn Barratt
Sep 2011.