Friday, September 2, 2011

Talking Trees?

I was standing in a copse; the trees were tall and dark
Their trunks were wide and overbearing too
There was little of the sunlight that the trees allowed inside
I stood there wondering what I should do.

It all depends on why you’re there beneath a stand of trees
What do you want the trees to do for you?
Their branches thick and heavy like arms upraised to strike
But their leaves danced harmlessly in pleasant view.

I heard a voice like thunder, it was the largest of those trees
“Well? Tell me, now, what I can do for you?
Do you want some shade from summer’s heat or climb upon a branch?
Make up your mind; if not, then move on through.”

It spoke again and I was scared for I am really small
“I am here to help the birds, not just for you
Now, move on, there’s a good chap for there’s going to be a storm
And if the lightning strikes I may just fall on you”.

Wyn Barratt
Sept 2011

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