Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vanishing Cream.

Where could I purchase some vanishing cream?
I would rub me all over and then not be seen
I could climb up a tree without scaring my Mum
And if she should call me I’d not need to come
For how can you expect someone not even there
To come in for their bath, brush their teeth, comb their hair?

And as for my homework I’m not really sure
For my writing would show up! Oh, what a bore!
Well, homework is out; if I’m not seen in my bed
My parents would worry, or go off their head
Why is it that vanishing is so great for me
When I then couldn’t come in and eat up my tea?

I may have to give this idea more thought
For what I thought fun now seems to be wrought
With all kinds of problems and difficulties.
I could cream myself ‘gone’ from my feet to my knees
That would be funny, but I think it is best
To cream myself ‘gone’ from my head to my chest.

That way, what ever the mess that I’m in
I couldn’t be blamed or put in the ‘sin bin’
I’d have to keep quiet and not open my mouth
For then I’d be caught out, for I tend to shout
When I am in trouble with no good excuse
Oh, forget that darned cream! What is the use?

Wyn Barratt Sept 2011.