Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Many?

How many prayers does it take, Lord
To pray one soul into to Heaven?
How many angels are needed
To watch over seventy times seven?
I have so many questions
I’d like to ask You, Father, God
All the things that You did to help us
When You watched the path that we trod?

How did You work out our days Lord?
They are not just three score and ten
Some of us live much longer
So how do You share them then?
Some children and babies have short lives
Others an hour or two
How do You work out our days Lord?
How many are left for me, too?

There’s such interesting Math in the Bible
But it goes much further than that
So I want to know dear Father
How many for this and for that?
You see I am craving for knowledge
But I want to know You even more
It’s not that important how long I live
But I‘d like to at least reach threescore.

Wyn barratt
Sept 2011.


Marja said...

You have the inquisitive mind of a child Wyn, always wondering, always pondering... I like that about you. Thanks for another great poem my friend.

Jedidja said...

Very nice! I like it.

wyn said...

Thank you Marja. I guess I am Peta Pan and not Peter Pan!
I confess that I am more at home in the child's mind and world.
God bless, Wyn

wyn said...

Thank you , Jedidja!