Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mix The Colours.

Mix the colours of my day, Lord
At the moment it’s all grey
But I’d rather not have blue, Lord
I’ve had enough of that today.

The bright yellow of the sunlight
On a warm summer day
And a saffron tinted sunset
I would love to come my way.

You see warm colours make my day
While cold ones freeze me out
It’s how you look at things that counts
At least that‘s what I’ve found out.

So please colour up my day Lord
With happy, warm, bright hues
For I just feel so sad now
With all these greys and blues.

Then when the sun goes down like
A ball of heavenly fire
I can look forward to the morning
When I’ll hear a vibrant choir

Of birds whose song is joyful
As they greet a brand new day
Full of yellows, pinks and reds, Lord
That You have sent their way.

Send the colours of Your smile Lord
And the red of Your beating Heart
The purple of Your Majesty
With all Creation’s art.

Wyn Barratt
Sep 2011.


Pam said...

Lovely, Wyn. I could visualize each moment with you. Thanks!
Pam at

wyn said...

That was quick Pam, the ink was still wet!
Thank you for your encouragement, Blessings, Wyn

Marja said...

Colorful post Wyn, good job!

wyn said...

Thanks, Marja,