Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Friend

I was sitting on a wooden bench and looking out to sea
When a shadow passed across my face as someone sat by me
It was a friend I recognised; someone so dear to me
We hugged; sat down; and once again, were gazing out to sea.

The sky then seemed more interesting, the waves were higher too
That happens when someone else is there to talk to you
Our meetings are not frequent for we each have our own lives
So if we chance to meet it is a pleasant surprise.

You see we’re joined in fellowship under the Hand of God
Perhaps we’re even soul mates for we’re like peas in a pod
We can sit together quietly and not express our thoughts
At other times we chat about people, God, or sports.

When it’s time for a parting we will just walk away
And wave goodbye and say we’ll meet again another day
Friendship doesn’t fade with meeting infrequently
We will remember the day we sat together by the sea.

Wyn Barratt.
May 2011

Abandoned to You.

Abandoned to You, Lord, that’s what I want to be
I am tired of trying to stand on my own two feet, You see
I just want to throw myself at Your feet my Lord
Is that abandonment? Is it really, Lord?

Not I but Christ, Oh Lord that is my aim
Nothing I do seems to honour Your Name
Unless You do it for me and sweep me off my feet
I’m abandoning me, for it’s You I want to meet.

I need to be in ‘freefall’ as I’m abandoned to You
I throw myself into Your arms; the best thing I can do
You are my Master, my leader and my Friend
Unquestioning obedience until my life shall end.

My heart will know Your Peace when I’m abandoned to You
No fretting, no questioning; the best thing I could do
Waiting is not so hard when I am close to You
Fully abandoned, there’s no more ‘me’ just ‘You’.

Wyn Barratt.
May 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

God Is Real.

Lord, it’s good to know that I’m with You
And You are here with me
I’m sitting on a wooden bench
Just gazing out to sea.
I’m proud to say I’ve climbed the hill
Named after Mutton birds
They live and nest here at their will
Though I haven’t seen one bird.

The sun is shining through the clouds
But I don’t think it will rain
If that should happen I’ll have to race
Across this hill again.
I can take a spot of rain
Or a downpour or two
It would be fun to try and find
Somewhere to dry off too.

The sea’s not rough, but the waves can roar
As they pound on the rocks below
It reminds me of Your protection
When my storms begin to blow.
The Peace You leave within my heart
I’ll carry all the day
My troubles are only noise and froth
Just like these waves, today.

I gaze on the horizon
It looks so quiet and still
If that’s the view You have, my Lord
Then why aren’t I quiet and still?
My life is in Your gentle care
No turmoil I should feel
Just resting in my Father’s love
What joy to know You’re real.

Wyn Barratt
May 2011.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will Heaven Wait?

Will Heaven wait till I’m perfect?
What happens if that cannot be?
When I’m forgiven I’m perfect
For a moment, till You convict me

Of something I said that I shouldn’t
Or didn’t do what I should.
I am such a disappointment
Why is it I just can’t be good?

Now I realise that I’m far from perfect
And what a hard job that You have
To get me ready for Heaven
When I keep turning good into bad.

But wait! There is more to this story
For Your Word says when You look at me
You see me through Christ’s own Glory
And the Cross where He died for me.

I am washed in the blood of my Saviour
And so I look perfect to You
Conviction and trials will make me
A much better image of You.

Wyn Barratt
May 2011.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I must make decisions wisely
But Lord, I am not sure
Which choice is best when I would rest
In Your choice more and more

So, Father do please guide me
And engineer the way
That I should walk to please You
And only go Your way.

Then, Lord, I’ll stand and praise You
And lift my heart in prayer
That You have helped me once again
And You are always there.

The torment of decisions
When I strive to know Your will
Is only my own lack of Faith
For You’re my Father still.

So thank You Lord for guidance
As You whisper, ‘This is the way
Walk in it dear child of Mine
I’m with you every day.

‘My back is never turned to you
Ears open to your cry
So keep your eyes and heart on Me
My help I’ll not deny.’

Wyn Barratt.

May 2011.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Love Never Fails.

Love never fails I’m told, yet it will sometimes change
God alone the only One Whose love always prevails.
Human love grows hot then cold as interest falls away
Hearts are bruised and damaged and love dies one sad dark day.

When you are told, “I’ll always love you”; that will warm your heart
But oh, the cold that grips you when that one desires to part
You see true love’s unselfish, but the selfish person finds
It is easy to say goodbye as soon as they have changed their mind.

It’s only God can teach us how to truly love
For Jesus died at Calvary the epitome of true love
No sacrifice was too much for He gave up His all
He loved us though we didn’t care about Him at all.

So Lord, please help us love folk just the way you do
To be faithful and constant whatever they may do
Love is always kind and leaves the judging to God
Jealousy comes straight from Hell whenever satan gets the nod.

So let’s remember love is kind and longsuffering
Love is never jealous, or takes account of anything
Love rejoices in the truth, love never fails
The love of God never failed when Jesus took the nails.

Wyn Barratt.
May 2011.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Say Hello To Sunshine.

Say hello to sunshine
The rain has gone at last
It’s left behind some diamonds
Sparkling in the grass.

Clouds may come tomorrow
But you can be prepared
So soak up the sunshine
And let your voice be heard.

Say hello to sunshine
Let sorrows fade away
Jesus suffered sorrows too
For many a day.

Let His love warm up your heart
And sparkle through your eyes
Send a stranger sunshine
As a loving surprise.

Someone’s head is lowered
They do not see the sun
Burdened and troubled folk
May give up one by one.

They may fall away but
You can lift them up
Hold out a helping hand
That’s warm with God’s love.

Wyn Barratt.
May 2011.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Almost Home.

Don’t cry for me, I’m almost Home
How long I’ve waited for this to come
My memory short, the days too long
But I remember I’m almost Home.

Do you call sometimes? I don’t recall
I know your faces and I love you all
You are the ones I hold so dear
Don’t cry for me, my Lord is here.

When you were babies, just yesterday
I watched you grow; I watched you play
I dreamed such dreams of future days
When I would watch you kneel to pray.

Now you’re all grown, so are your babes
My memories now will fill my days
Love one another till your time comes
Don’t cry for me, I’m almost Home.

Wyn Barratt
May 2011.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reduce The Size Of Your Army

Reduce the size of your army
In your own strength you will not avail
It is God Who fights the battle
His power and His strength will prevail.

So step up beside Him in armour
Holding the shield of Faith
His timing is what is important
Though He may ask you to wait.

He knows that waiting’s not easy
When the battle rages around
But He will move at the right time
Whenever troubles abound.

Be strong, be brave and courageous
God will not let you down
Yield to His perfect judgement
Then the turmoil will cease all around.

His Peace will shelter and shield you
He holds you safe in His arms
Nothing can tear you from His care
And nothing will do you harm.

You are His precious disciple
Growing more like Him each day
One day we’ll see Him returning
That one day may be today.

Wyn Barratt
May 2011.