Sunday, September 29, 2013

Set Me Loose

Set me loose in Your heavens
Let me roam the hills You walked
Let me kneel on those hard rocks
Where You kneeled and where You talked

I want to hear those hardy stones
Cry out in praise again to You
They have far too long been silent
And they long to speak of You.

It is our right now to witness
And our privilege to sing
Of the love our Saviour offers
And the Salvation that He brings

Your heart bleeds again for sinners
And for saints who do not pray
We have bottled up Your power
By looking for Your ‘NAY’.

Dear Jesus You’re Almighty
The Father’s only Son
Your Word is true and mighty
Our victory You have won.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

When I Am Up In Heaven

When I am up in Heaven and I hope it won’t be long
I will ponder on the loving that my dear friends sent along
I do not need to name you for we both know who you are
How you comforted and blessed me when my spirit slid too far.

I will ask my precious Saviour to give you extra care
To kiss your tears when you are sad and I cannot be there
I will ask Him too, to smooth your path until we meet again
And may your dreaming never pass for hope brings joy, not pain.

I will remember, dear friend, the kind words that you wrote
When I suspect that often you had trials but never spoke
I would have held you at those times and been honoured by the deed
So I will wait with patience till you come and may God speed.

Sept 2013.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Anything You Say.

Anything You say Lord, I promise to obey
Until a rock is thrown at me and I want to run away
Why am I so weak Lord, just what is wrong with me?
Please take the Peter out of me; like You I want to be

There’s nothing I can do but throw myself on You
Lord, how I need Your mercy! How I depend on You
I am hiding in the bushes, my fig leaf’s full of holes
Call me; call me, precious Lord for I am far from home.

When I read Your Word Lord, I know just what to do
I‘m bright and brave and no one’s slave, I’m going to be like You
Then things go wrong; they always do and You know what happens then
I’m on my knees, I cry, “Lord, please forgive me again”.

There’s nothing I can do but throw myself on You
Lord, how I need Your mercy! How I depend on You!
I am hiding in the bushes, my fig leaf’s full of holes
Call me; call me, precious Lord I’m ready to go Home..


Thursday, September 12, 2013

If I Didn't Have You

If I didn’t have You, I’d be nothing
And nothing I don’t want to be
I want to show You all my loving
For loving’s what You gave to me.

To wake every morning and see empty skies
What does the day hold for me?
Is there someone to love and see love in their eyes?
I would share the love You gave to me.

My days may be ending, this I cannot tell
But I know the world’s hurting out there
My material blessings I’d toss down a well
To know more of Your love and Your care.

If I didn’t know You I’d know nothing
But I know I’ll forever be Yours
And I wish the same for every soul on this plain
I would claim every one for Your cause.

W.B. Sept 2013.

Friday, September 6, 2013

You're Always There

You’re always there though I’m not aware
For sometimes I’m shadowed by doubt
I look into myself and see only misgivings
Forgetting that living is why You sent me out.

Trying for perfection drives me to distraction
Yet Your Spirit will teach me the way
You want me to surrender or I’ll break if not bended
So Father, I’ll do things Your way.

You’re always there and You know how I need You
But I want to feel You are near
Yes, Lord, I have faith, but it’s not always awake
Empty space can be something I fear.

Then I feel alone even though I’m at home
And in silence I gaze at the walls
They are vacant and bland in this beautiful land
Yet I’m sheltered from harm here of course.

So inside or out, it’s not You I’m without
You are closer to me than my breath
My thought processes are messes to drag from recesses
And my faith will be exercised yet.

Love You, Lord……………..


Sept 2013.