Saturday, September 21, 2013

When I Am Up In Heaven

When I am up in Heaven and I hope it won’t be long
I will ponder on the loving that my dear friends sent along
I do not need to name you for we both know who you are
How you comforted and blessed me when my spirit slid too far.

I will ask my precious Saviour to give you extra care
To kiss your tears when you are sad and I cannot be there
I will ask Him too, to smooth your path until we meet again
And may your dreaming never pass for hope brings joy, not pain.

I will remember, dear friend, the kind words that you wrote
When I suspect that often you had trials but never spoke
I would have held you at those times and been honoured by the deed
So I will wait with patience till you come and may God speed.

Sept 2013.

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