Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Children.

My page may stand  empty, but Lord, my heart is full
I’ve pondered on Your kindness; I’ve wept about Your love
Wherever my gaze moves I see Your handiwork
Intricate creations surround me on this earth.

It was all for us, Your children, You saved Your best design
The beauty of our babies born to carry on the line
Their eyes like those of Angels with pure and steady gaze
Their hearts awake to knowledge that will influence their days.

But Lord, we should not hurt them; they should be raised in love
With lessons from the Word of God Who watches from above.   
Their purity and honour protected by us all
With extended family round them to help them if they fall.

Wyn Barratt. Oct 2012.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh Love That Will Not let Me Go.

“Oh love that will not let me go”
Those words are in a hymn that I love so.
And so I will cling to You dear Lord
Without Your love my life was lost, ignored.

I had no hope; whence would my hope then come
But from the death of God’s most precious Son?
His life surrendered just to pay the price
Of all my wilful sin and hidden vice.

And I have nought to give save just one thought
That I am Yours, and Your Salvation sought
With my remorse. Where is my guilt now held?
The precious blood of Jesus, its death knell.

Wyn Barratt Oct 2012.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Are You Waiting?


Are You waiting in the garden Lord? I thought I heard You call?
Is it as beautiful as once it was before we had the fall?
I wondered if the weeds had died the day You rose again
For You made the world so beautiful I would love to come again.

If I come into Your garden will the flowers be in bloom?
Will the birds be singing joyfully? Might I hear them from my room?
I can see a little piece of sky with the tree tops standing tall
As they rustle do they whisper that our God is over all?

I will come into Your garden if You would call again
No matter if the sun shines or it is pouring down with rain
For I know that You will be there and that You will wait for me
Although I cannot be as quick as once I used to be.

I hope the time goes slowly and the sun will never set
For when we are together I forget all my regrets
The sun will shine forever and the sky is always blue
When we are both together, though all I see is You.

Wyn Barratt Oct 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Gift.

If I could bring a gift to you
I’d bring you bubbling joy
A fountain of perpetual love
That God’s own Grace employs.

I’d bring a twinkle for your eyes
A gentle, ready smile
A happy optimistic thought
As you walk that second mile.

For all you are and mean to me
I’m grateful for God’s gift
And all these things I covet too
For they make my spirits lift.

Wyn Barratt  Oct 2012.

This Is A Nothing Day.

This is a nothing day. Is God in waiting mode?
I roam around this empty house and there’s no-one in the road.
Sometime’s I stand and stare at neighbours moving round
And when they hurry here and there I wonder where they’re bound.

And do they notice me, a face behind the lace?
My curtains old and faded too, like me tired of life’s race.
The sun is gentler now as evening draws its blind
The shadows stretch to reach the light, though darkness will be kind.

The moon draws softer lines, while stars are twinkling eyes
Of angels dressed in party clothes now dancing through the skies.
I’ll watch the clouds float by then dream of youth’s own joys
When I could leap from tree to tree as nimbly as the boys.

Wyn Barratt.  Oct 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sigh With The Sunset

My heart sighs with the sunset and trembles with the dawn
Too beautiful to fidget; too sad, when I’m forlorn
But I know when day is dawning You’ll have blessings there for me
Each one is unexpected as You show Your love for me.

Then as the day progresses I will whisper in Your ear
Lord, please may I bless someone to show them You are near ?
Today may be their last day and they need to hear Your voice
Someone whose heart is ready, then our hearts will rejoice.

Then as I sit and ponder the beauty of the day
The sun puts out the fire and slowly glides away
The world is turning as it does to find another dawn
Where joyful souls across the globe awake to greet their morn.

Wyn Barratt  Oct 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Slipping and sliding, running and hiding
Ground moving under my feet
Twisting and writhing my body is striving
To stay upright over my feet.

Buildings are crashing, boulders are smashing
Walls groan as they fall in defeat
Hands that are clasping, reaching and grasping
Vanish in pockets of heat.

A car engine’s roaring, the driver ignoring
The ‘g’s that now drag them downhill
Not seeing the appalling, the dust, or folk falling
Or the sights ahead of them still.

Then there is silence no shouting or wailing
As all wait for movements to cease
Holding their breath at the sick smell of death
Such a ghastly example of peace.

Then out of the rubble; the terror; the silence
A movement that beggars belief
The hand of a small child sliding upward to daylight
Starts the cries of joy and relief.

People appearing to a scene all are fearing
Dust washed by the tears on their face
Drag at the boulders or anything over
The injured where they can find trace.

Where strangers now gather a family is born
As all work with one aim alone
To rescue the perishing and care for the dying
And help any others get home.

Wyn Barratt Oct 2012.

* This was the Newcastle earthquake. I was the car driver on the way to the Hospital.

Does The World Ever Stop Turning?

Does the world ever stop turning?
Does the sun ever fail to rise?
Do the plants and flowers cease to grow
When springtime gives them life?

And so it is with our Dear Lord
How faithful are His ways
He is always right beside us
Until we end our days.

His Word is never broken
His life was given for all
His love for us was spoken
When the temple veil was torn.

He walks inside the hospitals
To the homeless ones He calls
‘Come unto Me you weary souls’
You are not a sad, lost cause.’

‘Your sins can be forgiven
When you give your life to Me
Your story will be written
For all eternity.’

Wyn Barratt  Oct 2012.