Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do We have No King?

Do we have no king but Caesar?
Have we denied our Lord?
Where now is our allegiance?
Are we standing with the Lord?

What sacrifice He made for us
What pain in His tortured death
Is that not enough to gain our love?
Will He not win our last breath?

What purpose has our life if we
Don’t live it all for Him
What future do we seek once we
Are washed from all our sin?

A life that’s lived for God alone
A solid worshipping stance
Not up and down as emotions roll
First an upward then backward glance.

Oh Lord, I need Your power right now
To keep my worship pure
Unsullied by a Godless pout
If I think my pleas ignored.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Friday, May 24, 2013

It Has To Be You

It has to be You, Lord, it has to be You
Who shows me the way and tells me what to do
I muddle and flounder; I puzzle and test
All of the waters, choosing what I think best.
I want You to lead me to point out the way
So there will be no doubt You are leading today
You are my Master, my Saviour, my Friend
I’m no good without You, my life may as well end.

Dear Lord please get hold of me in a grip that could hurt
For I’m tired of slipping right down in the dirt
You know how I need You, how I’d love to belong
To Your group of friends who are trustworthy and strong.
But as yet I don’t feel You have all of my brain
As Your Word keeps correcting me again and again
So Lord don’t give up on me and I will hold on
Until You can come for me or this world is gone.

Wyn Barratt May 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lord, Are You There?

I am marred by the incurable
My decisions named ‘deplorable’
And everything I touch turns into sand
The storms of life have weakened me
All hope has now seeped out of me
I want to get away from this ‘holy’ band.

My memories no longer sweet
They mock me as I wake or weep
I cannot move, oh Lord, please take my hand
The wisdom that I know I need
Eludes me though I pray and plead
My future cannot be in this hard land.

Is there a place that I may hide
Until You take me as Your bride
Where I can write of love to You alone?
The judgments that are hurled at me
From those who say they care for me
Just drive me out to find another home.

Is there a land where no one knows
That I am shy, withdrawn, morose
Where I might find a non judgmental friend?
Where can I watch the restless sea
That fills a yearning need in me
Lord, are You there? Please hold me at the end.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Seventy Times Seven

Seventy times seven those words came through today
Seventy times seven my sins are washed away
Seventy times seven my Lord has lifted me
And a million times a million He has shown His love for me.

As I lift up a tear stained face confessing that I’ve failed
To honour You in all my ways and see the hands I’ve nailed
I feel You touch my head with love as You’ve forgiven me
And the sunlight glistens on the page that You renewed for me.

A second chance, yes, many more than that I have received
A true confession and remorse I’ve laid down at Your feet
You lifted me as all my heart just melted with your love
And here I find a fresh new day in the light shed from above.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013

I'm So Glad I Asked

 I’m so glad I asked You to undertake
You know I get muddled and the mistakes that I make
I just want Your perfect will for my life
Or I get into trouble, yes, trouble and strife.

I opened my heart so You know my desires
But they’re not set in stone and the enemy conspires
I’ll leave it to You, Lord, to lead me aright
I can only be happy if You’re King of my life.

So I set down before You the steps that I took
My intention was just to sit beside a clear brook
To daydream and write of the Saviour I love
To share with some others about our home above.

But the things that I touched have just crumbled away
My dreams are all shattered and hope’s died with the day
So now I surrender and ask You dear Lord
Please take my hand; guide me; I need You on board.

Not as a sailor or even first mate
I need You as Captain for You are first rate
I told You my dreams but my life story’s Yours
You’ll write the ending if I follow Your course.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Faith is a quiet room to hide
Within its strong, firm walls
A place where nought else comes inside
And God fills all our thoughts.

Please Help Me.

Please help me Lord in all I do
To keep my eyes fixed on You
To keep Eternity in mind
Remaining gentle, humble, kind.
Perfection’s still eluding me
But You are perfect, and it’s You I see
I know I’ve grumbled when I’ve seen
You work through others but not through me.

When I withhold from Your dear heart
Some little thing or tiny part
That’s not surrendered, kept as mine
That is the start of my decline.
So help me Lord, each day, each hour
To surrender to You and claim Your power
For I am not a helpless child
But a follower of Jesus, the meek and mild.

You are the light that shows the way
But mine the power to disobey
This power I surrender, may it never return
Until my life’s ended Lord, let my heart burn
With love and with passion to do all Your will
Take me and keep this restless heart still
I have nought to be proud of and nor can I stand
Without You are close Lord, and have hold of my hand.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Hundred Thousand

I’ve a hundred thousand reasons Lord to love You
For a hundred thousand sins You’ve washed away
And a hundred thousand times that You have lifted me
When I fell as I tried to run away.

A hundred thousand times You’ve said You love me
And a million times You’ve proved that this is true
So what else can I say except  ‘I love You’
And it’s time I proved that this is true too.

Wyn Barratt.  May 2013.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Keep My Vision Clear.

Dear Father, keep my vision clear
Let my will never interfere
With anything that You would do
Or any sight I think is You

Pointing the way that I should go.
Please give me clearly ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
My wits are dull my thoughts confused
Don’t let the enemy take and use

The things that only You have given
The gifts that point my way to Heaven
I am Your child and would remain
Placid, obedient, not giving pain.

A gentle servant, full of love
For those You groom for life above
With peaceful, non-judgmental care
For those in pain and lying there.

This poem, you see, still has no end
Like my future Lord, on You depends.
No more I see, but only You
You alone show me what to do

So here I am; my pen; my day
Is Yours in secret or in open way
My future known to only You
My past beneath the Blood, that’s true

What I’m to be is almost passed
But I am Yours; that’s what will last.
So Father keep my vision clear
Let my will never interfere.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Can I Write.?

What can I write when sorrows hand lies heavy on my brow?
What can I write when all around are crying ‘Now, now, now’?
Where is the peace for which I long with all the clamour gone
Where are those soft green pastures that You said You will lead me on?

Have my prayers been heard? But nothing’s changed; things daily getting worse.
In health’s decline, old age’s range, too much for this old horse
The days I sought, kin round my knee, just never came to pass
I can’t even read a story for my voice can only rasp.

I expected a gracious genteel old age; a picturesque decline
Instead I’m fighting like a cat to save this life of mine
I’ll go here; No, there; try this or that; the ocean too far away
No paddling in the gentle waves. I can’t afford to stay.

This is a rich man’s paradise but it’s a poor man’s hell
No cake is passed round on my plate; do I want bread as well?
And yet I tell you all I want is to be in my Father’s will
So would you pray it will be so for I need your friendship still?

Wyn Barratt May 2013.

Monday, May 6, 2013

He Will Remember You.

Our God Who calls the stars by name
He will remember you
He knows your every stress and strain
And He will see you through
Don’t think your present trials
Are too much for you to bear
For He is right beside you
And He will lead with care.

All prayers fly up to God on high
Though you only whisper HELP!
He knows before you call on Him
You are not left on the shelf
He weeps with you He smiles with you
His joy is to surprise
So launch yourself into His arms
And feel your spirit rise.

Wyn Barratt May 2013.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lord, Lead me Gently.

Lord, lead me gently through the time that remains
I am no leader, let me follow again
Strength now is fading, the future is dim
Let my epitaph say, ‘I followed Him’.

Lord, lead me gently I’m not groomed for a fight
Prayer is my strength and I’m not led by my sight
Gnarled hands are groping looking for doors
Opened by You Lord, the One I adore.

Lord, take me gently there’ll be no regrets
Things I can’t do now, put aside with the rest
Just let my love remain stronger through time
Touching my loved ones for they still are mine.

May they remember though perfect I’m not
That I truly loved them though it may be all that they got
My deepest longing so important to me
Is that we’ll meet in Paradise and I can still see.

Wyn Barratt May 2013.