Monday, May 20, 2013

Please Help Me.

Please help me Lord in all I do
To keep my eyes fixed on You
To keep Eternity in mind
Remaining gentle, humble, kind.
Perfection’s still eluding me
But You are perfect, and it’s You I see
I know I’ve grumbled when I’ve seen
You work through others but not through me.

When I withhold from Your dear heart
Some little thing or tiny part
That’s not surrendered, kept as mine
That is the start of my decline.
So help me Lord, each day, each hour
To surrender to You and claim Your power
For I am not a helpless child
But a follower of Jesus, the meek and mild.

You are the light that shows the way
But mine the power to disobey
This power I surrender, may it never return
Until my life’s ended Lord, let my heart burn
With love and with passion to do all Your will
Take me and keep this restless heart still
I have nought to be proud of and nor can I stand
Without You are close Lord, and have hold of my hand.

Wyn Barratt  May 2013.

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