Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lord, Lead me Gently.

Lord, lead me gently through the time that remains
I am no leader, let me follow again
Strength now is fading, the future is dim
Let my epitaph say, ‘I followed Him’.

Lord, lead me gently I’m not groomed for a fight
Prayer is my strength and I’m not led by my sight
Gnarled hands are groping looking for doors
Opened by You Lord, the One I adore.

Lord, take me gently there’ll be no regrets
Things I can’t do now, put aside with the rest
Just let my love remain stronger through time
Touching my loved ones for they still are mine.

May they remember though perfect I’m not
That I truly loved them though it may be all that they got
My deepest longing so important to me
Is that we’ll meet in Paradise and I can still see.

Wyn Barratt May 2013.

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