Sunday, May 20, 2012

Could It Be Love?

I get up each morning I’m cold and alone
For there’s nobody else that lives in my home
I started my car and went out for a ride
And passed the old dog’s home; there was barking inside.
Well I pulled up right there and thought they sounded lonely
So I looked in each cage and saw just one dog only.
They must be kept separate in case they should fight
But it s lonely in a cage when there’s nothing to bite.

I got to the end of the rows of the dogs
There were cats in the next ones; they were looking for frogs
They looked up at me like I didn’t count much
They were more interested in finding their lunch.
I walked slowly back towards my old car
When this huge grey dog brushed up to my arm
He whimpered and shook like something was wrong
But he licked me as his tail wagged, ‘saying please take me home.’

Well we just kinda looked at each other that day
As I tried to decide if I should take him away
The keeper said sadly, shaking his head
He hasn’t much time left, he’s old; soon be dead.
That dog wriggled and wiggled and licked me again
Could it be love ? I wondered in vain.
How great it would be to open my door
And find a grey horse sprawled on my floor

He’s as big as a horse and would eat twice as much
But he loves my attention, my strokes and my touch
You see he is deaf so unless he can look
He’d have no idea what I said when I spoke.
He’d know that I loved him because I was kind
And he would just love me even if I were blind
For dogs can look straight into a man’s heart
And tell what’s inside you for they are so smart!.

Now my mornings I welcome when my feet touch the floor
My dog will be standing just outside the door
His mouth will be holding a slipper or shoe
As if he were saying, “I am ready for you.”
So we walk and I talk and he pays great attention
To things he can sniff that I don’t like to mention
But we’re friends now forever and we’ll never part
For as I look in his eyes he sees in my heart.

Wyn Barratt May 2012.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Does It Matter?

What does it matter if I am on my knees
Or spread across the ground to hold Your feet?
As long as my heart and my head are as one
And I’m worshipping my Lord the Holy One.

The bush may be burning or there is silence and cold
A storm may be raging; I may be young or maybe old
As long as my head and my heart are as one
As long as I reached Your feet before my Saviour’s gone.

What was I doing when I heard You call?
Did I turn my back; not look at You at all?
But as soon as the trials had reached my door
You knew that I’d be calling for You once more.

What was I doing when You died for me?
Where did I stand there at Calvary’s tree?
Did I wave a palm, did I weep a Psalm
Did my head and my heart kiss Your bleeding palms?

What am I doing at the opened grave?
Calling to the Romans, Jesus came to save!
As long as my head and my heart are as one
I will witness to my Saviour and my Holy One.

Wyn Barratt
May 2012.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Want To Write A Love Song

I want to write a love song to the lover of my life
The tears I shed of gratitude seem so weak and lacking life
Yet You my Lord gave everything to save a wretch like me
And here I sit in sorrow for what You’ve done for me.

I should be standing joyfully my arms outstretched in praise
Calling out to others ‘Come see, our Lord is raised.’
He took my guilt on His own back yet I still hold it too
I’m holding to a shadow that satan will use on you.

My guilt is gone the price is paid yet satan waves the bill
‘Look what you did’ he whispers ‘and you’re still going downhill
Your every sin and blunder just proves that I am right
So give up now; fulfil each whim; come with me to Hell’s dark night.’

But listen to the love song to the lover of my life
My Saviour died and rose again I’m His in death or life
His power is my triumph over satans evil plans
My trials are just nothing, held in His gentle hands.

Wyn Barratt May 2012.

Nowhere In The World.

Nowhere in the world is a love like Yours
Nowhere in this world is there such love
It has been there forever and it came from God
And never will that love fly back above.

You planned to buy us back from the enemies’ bank
You died to make sure the debt was paid
No trick or trial from the depths of hell
Will work against the blood that was laid.

Even just a spot was drawn with agony
Pain You felt for Your own Mother’s heart
No short cut no negotiated plans were made
You paid the price with pain in every part.

But now where are You standing, my Saviour dear?
The gates of Paradise are open wide
I see the crowded streets and all the Saints of old
Packed together just to welcome us inside.


Wyn Barratt May 2012.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Dear Creator did You run into snags
When You came to make our world?
Did everything fit perfectly
From the first time planets whirled?

I’m having such an awful time
Making my computer run
As smoothly as I know it should
The way the salesman’s done.

I know I lack in patience
And understanding too
It’s torture just to read the ‘Help’ page
And the bits the dog has chewed.

My brain is slow my eyes are dim
My wits went out the door
And the price these things are costing
No- one will think I’m poor.

There is a large instruction book
In all languages on earth
But even the tiny English bit
Makes it all look worse.

I cannot understand the words
I’ll close the whole thing down
My homework is much easier
It doesn’t make Dad frown.

Wyn Barratt May 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Give Me A Song From Heaven

Give me a song from Heaven Lord
A sweet and simple tune
Yet one that carries the clouds along
As angels dance round the moon.

You have a name for every star
You breathed them into life
And even then Your Word has said
I’d had a longer life.

You chose me before You made the stars
You named me but I still don’t know
I’d love to know the name You gave
A mystery one day I’ll know.

Who taught the Angels to play the tunes
The musicians, who were they?
If I sat down at a piano
Would I be able to play?

Your every wondrous Creation fills
My widened eyes with tears
I have no skill but oh the thrill
Of watching them unawares.

Wyn Barratt May 2012.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are You In A Quiet Place?

Are you in a quiet place? Do you hear the Angels wings
The blades of grass are whispering and its Jesus name they sing
The trees can’t keep a secret, they have always been like that
Since Zacheus climbed the Sycamore still wearing his bright hat.

It doesn’t really matter how quiet you try to be
Our Jesus sees and hears us and whispers ‘Listen now to Me”.
‘My Word is full of secrets. They are hidden in the dark
Just read and think about them one day they’ll wake you with the lark.’

And you will hear My message and understand My love
The reason that I died for you and why I came from above
You’ll learn the love of Father and the Holy Spirit’s work
We are Trinity yet family and here to do one work.

This Trinity is bonded with untold strength and love
We’re all for one and one for all headed for a home above
Its all good news you have to tell there’s nothing bad in this
That I’ve built your home in heaven and you’re welcomed with a kiss.

Wyn Barratt May 2012.