Friday, July 31, 2009

Were You Ever Lonely Lord?

Were You ever lonely Lord in spite of all those crowds
Is that why You would climb the hills that were sometimes topped with clouds?
So many people wanting You and expecting to receive
While the disciples You were training to help the ones in need

But You would miss Your Father and His loving encouragement
It was hard to be alone at times, I know just how that felt
The disparaging remarks of those gloomy Sadducees,
And the self righteousness of the Pharisees

You must have wondered if it was worth the supreme sacrifice
Even before You had to die and pay the ultimate price.
But You were faithful to Your cause, faithful unto death
Hanging silent on that cross until Your final breath

Then after Your resurrection when You finally went home
Your Father’s arms enfolded You as You sat upon Your throne.
Just because You suffered and knew loss and loneliness
You see those who are lonely are held close to Your breast.

Oh Lord may we remember that it is our task to see
The lonely, lost, and needy are important to Thee
So we’ll care for others as if we cared for You
Until one day when You return and there’s no more we can do.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Peace of God.

Oh the joy of rest when a battle has been won
To rest within the arms of God when He whispers, ‘Child, well done’
When all the pain and struggle fades into half forgotten thought
And our God shows He is pleased at a brave battle fought.

There a peace in You, dear Saviour, You place in human hearts
Not devised or manufactured through any kind of art
It’s transmitted through the Spirit and comes down from above
A gift from God alone, and it is wrapped inside His love.

God’s peace is like a velvet glove that caresses our mind
Or like a soft and gentle breeze that our spirit entwines
We start to feel it when we kneel beside the Mercy Seat
Or when we contemplate Salvation, that makes our lives complete.

We need to carry that peace always deep within our heart
It will shield us from harm when another battle starts
It is the strand of silk that clings firmly around our heart
And binds us to the Saviour so we can never part.

©2009. Wyn Barratt.

Friday, July 24, 2009

There’s A River

There’s a river that’s flowing, a river of love
It comes from the heart of the Father above
Although we may feel that we’re all alone
This river will carry us up to the throne

A throne of all mercy with judgment and truth
The blood of our Saviour has been shed for you
Surrender your heart and your troubles and pain
And feel the arms of the Lord put around you again.

There’s a place of still water God wants you to know
He’ll walk there beside you as closer you grow
There’ll be pastures of green and a table that’s laid
With provisions to strengthen, nourish and aid.

There’s nothing but joy and hope up ahead
Your Lord will feed you with His living Bread
Your trials and struggles are part of His plans
He holds you for ever in His gentle hands.

W.B. July 2009.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Is today a day of silence
No special uplift from God’s Word?
Do you feel that God is missing
Perhaps with someone who more deserves?

This is when the Lord is nearest
Standing with you, friend with friend
You know He said He’d never leave you
He’s close by now right to the end.

This is when your faith is tested
Standing on the brink of what?
Perhaps God thinks it’s time you rested
No worry then, ‘Shall I?’’ Shall I not?’

Just enjoy the cool still waters
And the quiet of pastures green
His plans for you are continually forming
Even though they are not seen.

W.B. July 2009.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank You, Lord

Thank You for a new day, thank You for Your love
Thank You for sending Jesus from His glorious home above
Thank You for Salvation and the cleansing precious Blood
Thank You Lord, for finding me when I was hiding from Your love.

Words are never good enough to tell of Your majesty
Your beauty and Your mercy, Your forgiveness, full and free
No spoken word or language could express how I feel
Though angel hosts in heaven can Your glory reveal.

But one day when You call me home my gratitude I’ll tell
In the language of heaven ,as I’ll learn to know it well.
But while I’m here down on the earth my heart will have to do
I know the Holy Spirit will pass it on to You.

He speaks to You with groanings that I cannot pen with words
Telling how I love You, Lord, in this, Your other world.
For all creation worships the Creator of all things
From creatures underneath the sea to those You made with wings.

The stones cry out in worship, nothing could silence them
So why do we stay silent? Is Your death forgotten then?
I call on all who claim to be the children of the King
Fall on your knees and worship our glorious King of Kings.

W.B. July 2009.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm Dancing.

Lord I am dancing down the highway of Your kingdom
You came to rescue me and now there’s music in my heart
So now I am dancing to the music You are sending
You set my feet dancing when You stepped into my heart.

Lord, I knew I needed You, so I found where You were passing
I’m too small to see, so I climbed up in a tree
That tree was a Sycamore but I was really sicko’me
Yet You saw me Lord and said You’d visit me.

Now, Lord, I’m dancing down the highway of Your kingdom
You came to rescue me and now there’s music in my heart
And so I am dancing to the music You are sending
You set my feet dancing when You stepped into my heart.

Once I was lost and I needed You to find me
I never heard the music You were singing to me
But now I can dance to the music You are singing
As You guide me through the pathways to Your heart.

W.B. July 2009.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Winter Of Content.

The nights draw in and the days are cold. I huddle by the fire.
Somehow I have time to ponder and browse through old, feverish times.
I sit and am drawn towards the fire with its hot golden flames
Like the fire from God’s alter. I hope it burns my dross again.

The fire dies and the cold moves in. Now God just sits with me
Sometimes completely silent, sometimes setting thoughts free.
I move towards the worship of a God so great, so kind
His loving words taking shape in the corners of my mind.

I don’t feel this way in summer. It’s not a pondering time for me
But in the dark, cold, wintry days, there’s more time for God you see.
When I huddle over the fire, there are no thoughts of chores or plans
No daydreaming as in summer days, of work to fill my hands.

Just warmth and dark and cold around and I can sit and hide
While God and I can visit. He is so close right by my side
I am content with pondering and the worship of my Lord
And all the while my spirit heals and is drawn closer by His love.

W.B.. July 2009.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keep Your Eye On Me Father.

Keep Your eye on me Father
You promised You’d always be near
I’m afraid I may slip right out of Your sight
My trouble seems always so near.

So keep Your eye on me Father
24/7 and more
I want You to watch me closely
In case I leave You at the door.

I don’t want to be a rebel
I’ve spent most of my life like that
Now You’ve won my heart, I’m Your servant
No more wandering from You, that’s a fact.

You watched for me when I left You
Why did you care so much for me?
You knew I’d be lost without You
Now I’ve returned, but yet I am free.

I am free to leave You dear Saviour
But I love You too much to go
So keep Your eye on me Father
My eyes are on You , yes, You know.

W.B.. July 2009.

You Are my Righteousness.

O Holy Father, You are my righteousness
What a huge task You have
My humanity presents You with crumbling walls
When a tower of strength You would love.

In Christ alone am I righteous
I plead the precious blood
His sacrifice is needed to show me
As righteous to You Lord above.

Your power within me, Your Spirit I crave
My spirit starves to death without You
Cleanse me, fill me, build me up
Your love alone keeps me true.

I want to serve You precious Lord
And walk with You faithfully
Your goodness and mercy is never withdrawn
So thank You for loving me.

W.B. July 2009.

Our Prayers

Lord, we bring our prayers to You
And know You understand
The things we long have prayed for
Are in Your gentle hands.

Our future still is yet unknown
And we would have it so
Sufficient is our care today
As step by step we go.

Nothing that we suffer
Has not been felt by You
And yet You’ll face it all again
To help us travel through.

Our pain is Your pain
Our longings touch Your heart
So Jesus, fold us in Your arms
And in obedience we’ll do our part.

W. B. July 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Up, Looking Round.

When I look back Lord, look back on my life
I see how You led me in love
All of my failings, mistakes and wrongdoings
Are wiped from Your records above.

So when I look up and my eyes are on You
I don’t need to stumble again
For You are my Saviour and I long to please You
As long as my life will remain.

I see Your hand on every part of my life
And I trust You for all that is left
Tomorrow is wrapped in Your shelter of love
I know in that love I’ll be kept.

I can now look around since I’m safe and secure
And see all the work I can do
To care for Your loved ones wherever they are
Show them love, fill their needs, as You’d do.

So I can look back, and up, and around
I see You in every place
Wherever You lead me Your love will abound
I am safe in Your Mercy and Grace.

W.B. July 2009.

Call Me.

When you are in deep despair
Call on Me for I am there
When your hope is all but gone
I stand beside you, God’s own Son.

Are you bowed with sorrow’s care?
Just whisper to Me, I’m always there
Lay all your burdens at My feet
Look up! I am at the Mercy Seat.

Dear child please know I weep with you
I smile when you smile, I watch what you do
I gave you my life and I hope to share yours
Come up to the Throne room this fellowship is ours.

W.B. July 2009