Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Peace of God.

Oh the joy of rest when a battle has been won
To rest within the arms of God when He whispers, ‘Child, well done’
When all the pain and struggle fades into half forgotten thought
And our God shows He is pleased at a brave battle fought.

There a peace in You, dear Saviour, You place in human hearts
Not devised or manufactured through any kind of art
It’s transmitted through the Spirit and comes down from above
A gift from God alone, and it is wrapped inside His love.

God’s peace is like a velvet glove that caresses our mind
Or like a soft and gentle breeze that our spirit entwines
We start to feel it when we kneel beside the Mercy Seat
Or when we contemplate Salvation, that makes our lives complete.

We need to carry that peace always deep within our heart
It will shield us from harm when another battle starts
It is the strand of silk that clings firmly around our heart
And binds us to the Saviour so we can never part.

©2009. Wyn Barratt.


Marja said...

Great song Wyn! When are you going to publish your poems?

wyn said...

When I find an interested Publisher.
I wrote to Tate Publishing and sent a couple of poems on tow occasions but never received a response. That happened with a couple of others so I went into my corner!
I think I am too lazy to be persistant!