Sunday, August 23, 2015

If The World Should Stop Turning

If the world should stop turning today Lord
And I were to be flung into space
I would reach out my arms to seek You Lord
Though I’m not much in this human race
Would Your cords still spin out till You found me¬
Would You still wrap me round in Your love?
Then enfold me as if You’d just seen me
And knew I was someone to love
Your love is amazing so strong and so true
You love me so much more than I have loved You
I would be Yours till the sun doesn’t rise
Please dry the tears that keep filling my eyes.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What are my thought processes?

You asked me what they were quite some time ago
I never answered that request for I didn’t really know
I push the ball out every day and watch it roll away
And hope I have not made a mess of everything today.
I wait for things to happen and hope it is the Lord
I talk to Him in these long long days, more mistakes I can’t afford.
How will I know when I’ve done wrong? That’s when the phone will ring
And a loved one starts berating me. I could give up everything.
My struggles have gone on far too long. Why didn’t God give up?
Just one more day will be too much Dear Lord, I’ve had enough!
For those I love I’d give my life but now they’re distant, cold
Am I too needy, wanting love or am I just too old?

Monday, July 20, 2015

There's Still Time.

When Abraham was ninety was he just too old to change?
Well I am not quite ninety yet but couldn’t walk the range
My Shepherd is beside me, He knows my weaknesses
But I will cling to Him for He expects that I will change.
‘Walk before Me’ says the Saviour ‘and be perfect in my sight’
Walking‘s slow and steady and what Jesus says is right
Each step will take me nearer to the Home prepared for me
As the Spirit makes me perfect in the eyes that look on me.

There’s still time, yes there’s still time
For a few more breaths a few more days, another rhyme
Walk with me at the Saviours side, I’d love your company
The road can be so lonely and I’d love you close to me
The soft green hills the rugged crags are not too hard at all
When you have a friend who takes your hand and helps you lest you fall
So if we walk together before the Saviour’s eyes
We’ll climb the road to Glory and nothing will surprise.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Are You Standing Alone

Are you standing alone in the quiet
Do you feel a shadow behind?
Don’t worry my child it is I that came
To listen and walk through your mind.
You are never alone as I’ve told you
My mind is always on you
Little tunes may run through your memory
They are songs I have written for you
Don’t be disturbed by the silence
If you don’t hear Me at work
That is when things are becoming the finest
So don’t forget how I LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh Lord Please Sweep Me In Your Arms

Oh Lord please sweep me in Your arms
Hold me above the waves
Open my mouth so I can say
That only Jesus saves
I’m just a trouble old and frail
What use am I to You?
I make mistakes just all the time
And rhymes are all I do
But I can pray and pray I will
I’ll never let You go
Whatever happens every day
You’ll do the same for me I know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lord, I beseech You

Lord, I beseech You, send me
Lord, I beseech You, use me
Lord, I am tossed aside in this crazy world

See the love I’m bearing,
Love I should be sharing
What use am I if I’m not fully Yours?

Take me, since You died for me
Your Spirit wants to work on me
Help me show folk love that could be theirs.

Feelings can be deceitful
Mould me till I’m useful
Apprentice me in Your great school for life

Rebirth me in Your great school of life.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Will I Ever Sing Again?

Will I ever sing again? Or do I wait till You come for me?
Will those happy grateful notes sound as clear as they used to be?
Please give the sounds that I once held so tenderly in my mind
To someone else who needs them who is crippled or maybe blind
Oh Lord I need to share the gift that I once had from You
No matter just how old they are, whether eighty or just two.
Give them the joy of loving You in songs that reach to Heaven
Or to mimic birds that sing for life for six years maybe seven.
The awful sound that my throat makes however hard I try
Is such a cold and bitter pill, no wonder I sometimes cry.
Could I press ‘delete’ or ‘back to base’ or ‘put the clock back Lord?
Or ‘what’s that surgeon thinking of? It’s worse now than before!
Well now I’ve got that off my chest I’ll walk out through the door
And thank You that my eyes still see as clearly as before.
I see the moon, the stars, the sun, the clouds scud through the sky
And send my prayers not for myself but for those who have no sight.

Look Upon Me Jesus

Look upon me Jesus, my life is bound in You
Don’t ever turn away from me for then what could I do?
I’m human Lord, I make mistakes. I run before I walk
My impulses get out of hand, why did I learn to talk?.

Right now Lord all I want to do is fall down at Your feet
And never stand upright again, my tears will wash Your feet
Regret I know is pain from Hell. There is no pain like that.
Is that the only pain You never felt? Oh Lord free me from that.

Look upon me Jesus my love is bound to You
You gave Your all that I should not fall and I belong to You
Oh help my love grow deeper help me feel the pain I caused
Let me know the love of forgiveness and in forgiving help Your cause .

Monday, June 22, 2015

You Can Walk Across My Grave

You can walk across my grave my friend for I will not be there
I have broken through my chrysalis, now I don’t have a care
There’s no pain and no more loneliness; no cold dirt over me
I’m walking down the roads of Heaven, enjoying all I see.

No need to cry beside my grave my friend, for I will not be there
I’m sitting in the sunshine of my Lord without a care
If I have time I will be looking for those I used to know
But Mum and Dad will be the first for I want them both to know.

That I’ve broken free of earthly cares since Jesus is my Lord
He died for me at Calvary and carried me aboard
The glory train to Heaven, so I want you all to know
That I’m basking in the light of God and I’m glad He loved me so.

Now it is so important that you hear what I say
For I want to see you all up here one grand and glorious day
There is such a crowd of witnesses cheering from above
With the Spirit, God and Jesus watching over you with love.

So please remember that although I’ve gone, I’ve not gone very far
For I will always love you, yes, you know who you are
You were always in my heart and my heart is still in you
So get ready for Heaven, it’s the best thing you could do.

Wyn Barratt
July 2011.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

These Hours Drag On Too Slowly

These hours drag on too slowly and sunset left my room
In this pitch black sky no morning’s nigh and no sign of the moon
Black clouds hang up like soggy sheets that need a tub of suds
And that’s the colour of my mood, what can I see that’s good?

A bedroom’s lit, a baby cries, (no sleep again tonight)
A cat is yowling in the rain would someone turn on a light?
A gentle breeze still slightly warm; I felt an angel’s breath
As she walked so slowly up the lane when Christ walked to His death.

What have I done? I let Him go! I’d not meant that Christ should die?
I was so sure I could stop events before the dew was dry?
My arrogance, my faith in me was not worth anything
And Christ was born for Calvary and His love meant everything.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lord Hold me

Lord hold me, I need to be near
I’m starving for You yet still filled with fear
Fear that I’ll lose You; Fear I will fall
Angry words have unbalanced me, Lord You are my all.

Murmuring voices; words that condemn
What are my choices? For You now and then?
Never no, never! You Lord alone
Stifle those voices! You Lord are my Home

Nothing will save me. You already died
Shame sets on fire my Christ Crucified
Loving and longing for You alone
Please Saviour call me and take me back home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Never Has My Spirit Been Lower

Never has my spirit been lower
Never has death held more appeal
Never before have I needed You more
Lord grab me and show me You are real.

Recent trials have come; I wasn’t ready
I thought I had the answers to my needs
When my enemy struck I was not just out of luck
And they caught me not down upon my knees.

And so I failed and I need You Lord;
I’m on the rails, I can’t bear to walk abroad
Judges everywhere fingers pointing as I stare
Colour me gone, hide me in You I need You Lord.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Am Setting My Spirit Free.

I am setting my spirit free.
I want You only near to me
Not to be my willing slave
You Who conquered death and grave
I need to have You hold me tight
Grip my hand with every fright
Warm my heart with Your sweet breath
Take away my fear of death

Please ease the pain of losing friends
Do I need them too much as life nears end?
Memories rest in sweet content
Remember me, my love was meant
To heal your wounds and soothe your pain
To be the sunshine in your rain
To give you hope when skies were grey
To show I’d never walk away.

My life was yours my love was too
How old I feel! Yet hope was new
Heaven’s drawing near, life’s sky is bright
Gone is my day; I welcome night
All will be well once I am home
A reunion no urge to roam
My spirit is no longer free
I’m Home, I’m held, just You and me.

W.B June ‘15

Saturday, May 30, 2015

How Much I Want To Tell You

How much I want to tell you, friend, Christ’s love has changed my heart
With your non judgemental loving soul I never want to part
I know the pain you often bear that I can’t take away
It wrenches through the heart of me most every night and day
Our God is love; He weeps with us and longs to take us Home
But we wander aimless through our times instead of kneeling at the Throne
There’s oh so much to say and do when I would hold you near
I soon grow tired when age claims strength. I’m little use I fear.

I could borrow wings from strengthened owls to fly both near and far
To catch a tear or stroke your head to be close to where you are
Your time and strength for other’s need will work alongside mine
While angels watch with eagerness to fly to you one more time.
And so too slowly sometimes the sands of time move on
Until one day we notice that time is almost gone
Our love will hold and linger, our memories won't fade
The love first came through Jesus Christ then History was made.

W.B. May '15

The Daydream Little Comfort Return to Paradise

Monday, May 4, 2015

Choose Now This Day

You will never leave us, nor will You forsake us
In the shadow of the cross is where I’d make my home.
My pain is your pain Lord, You Who took the blame, Lord
Wash me in the blood now, be my shelter if I roam.

Listen to the good news those who think they should choose
What they make of their life if Christ should call you home?
Will you let Him stand alone here, the God of Heaven Who holds you dear
Longing for your company as He guides you to his Home.

The clock of Life will stop one day when Christ returns to make His claim
And those written in the book of Life will join Him in the sky
Too late to cry, “But wait, but wait, I’m ready now, I did hesitate
Another chance, have mercy now on a sinner such a I.”

Monday, April 27, 2015

My life is Yours

My life is Yours; I cannot sing
Yet You have given me everything
Sweet music sounds in silent ears
You stroke my head You dry my tears
My hope and future in Your hands
Behind these walls or in foreign lands.
I know You wish me nought but good
My heart still sings though I wish I could.

My joy comes now from those who can
And bless us with their heart and hand
Such melodies are made in Heaven
To strengthen us whether one or seven.
They maybe songs from long ago
That we’ve forgotten but need to know
How much Your love has shielded us
The cross, the blood You shed for us.

Musicians , singers, please be bold
Break out the music that you hold
Refresh our hearts; lift up our heads
We hunger still for music’s threads
Send it with love , we’ll love you back
Songs old, some new, just play that track!
We’ll practice for that heavenly choir
And spread God’s love, our one desire.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

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I'm Not Looking For Democracy

I’m not looking for democracy when I get into Heaven
For God will be in full control and my spirit may be leavened
I won’t feel shy or of little worth for I’ll be made anew
I’ll know my place and have a job that no one else could do.
I ‘ve often had some happy thoughts of what work would suit me best
Such as cuddling little babies when it’s time they had a rest

But will there be a babe at all or would we all be old?
The very thought of such a thing has made my blood run cold
I’m told there’ll be no ocean so I might want to run away
For the ocean holds my will to live and where I’d like to stay
I’m sorry, Lord, I’m difficult, and I’ll need to change a lot
If I’m to settle in that Heavenly sphere, contented with my lot

I know You love me and I love You, but will that be enough?
You said to wait, and wait I will, though I don’t like waiting much.
I’ll try to be agreeable although that’s hard for me
A square peg in a rounded hole is what I’ve always been
And You have been so patient; Your love has known no end
Have You ever said to Father, Wyn drives me round the bend?

W.B. April ‘15

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can I Write Too Often?

Can I write too often of Christ’s pain on the cross
When the Father gave up His Son? Was Christ’s life a total loss?
Why did He die for the sins of the Godless many
Was anyone grateful? Did He find any?

Just now and then would you sit and ponder
Of the love of the Father and His Son now up yonder?
Thirty three years watched by His mother
Praying for each other as this world He discovered.

The love and the hate in this world He would sample
His death changed our future His loving was ample
Thank You thank You, Jesus now we kneel at Your throne
Thank You for Your death now we have become all Your own.

Spirit fill our hollows, burn out all the dross
Let us walk beside You as You carry the cross
Thank You for forgiveness, patience, mercy too
Can we reach the manhood that we have seen in You?

Yes, the journey’s difficult, blessings mixed with pain
But with healing for our frequent wounds touched by Your love again
We hail the future promised we promise to be true
Looking for eternity that we will spend with You.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Good intentions

How empty are our days oh Lord when they’re not spent with You
Intentions then however good can’t fill the hollow made
By absent heart and absent mind, by love not hot and true
And though You’re near, eyes pleading yet, Your precious figure fades.

Father I vow I shall not wait till trauma cuts me through
I would be pure and faithful I know I need Your touch
I’ll seek You out, the living Fire, to burn me through and through
Each breath I’m given is straight from Heaven and in Your power I trust.

Give me a heart just like Your own to pray the lost ones home
And add my voice to the Spirit’s call naming all that are lost
Give me a heart in which I don’t live; a heart that never roams
For all that I am and have is Yours and You have paid the cost.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

There Was No Other Way

There was no other way, that’s why Christ did it
No compromise, half death, known unto man
The whole of Christ’s body, his Spirit, His Holiness
Was destined to die for the sins of man.

Do we keep sinning in spite of Salvation?
Do we make excuses for humanities fall?
Watch for the sky to open by His hand
How much longer will He wait to see our remorse?

Our second chances belittle His sacrifice
Pathetic excuses for each time we fail
Lord, strengthen our spirits for we are your warriors
You won the battle and You’ll never fail.

W.B Easter ‘15

Monday, March 23, 2015

SLEEP in the arms of God

SLEEP in the arms of God
Could we then , ask for more?
Each day is one step nearer Heaven.
See the lights on Glory’s shore?

WORK from the arms of God
There’s safety all around
He puts us there, or there or here
And we are on holy ground.

REST in the arms of God
Jesus beside us still
No need to fret or wonder ‘if’
We’re in the centre of God’s will.

Don’t ever say “No, Lord!”
If He sets an awesome task
For God is mighty, safe, and sure
With power for all He asks.

Let God work change in YOU
While He remains the same
Your hope and future in His hands
Then Heaven and earth will gain.

W.B. 2015.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Couldn't Look in Your Eyes.

I couldn’t look in Your eyes each time that I spurned You
And I knew that each time a bit of me died
I was fiercely resistant though only a child then
Yet I loved that You’d called me and called me Your child.

I was just ten years old when I glimpsed in my future
And knew without You I had nowhere to hide
For Your pain grips me sometimes even now I am older
And my tears are still burning though I can look in Your eyes.

A world of regret won’t wash away my sorrow
For years I have wasted and sorrow I’ve caused
But Lord You are faithful, unchanging, still loving
God, my Eternal my dear Loving Lord.

W.B March’15

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Love To Know

I love to know that You are near me
In this silent room
Are You without? Within? Do You hear me?
Have You enough room?

Do I command my life without You
And not surrender all?
May my days be filled with music
Now I can’t sing at all?

The music in my head is winning
Memories still strong
Repeating love from the beginning
Now I know where I belong.

Take me, use me, let me live
With all this wasting love
Longing still for Your returning
I watch the skies above.

W.B Mar ‘15

Friday, February 27, 2015

Are You There?

Are You up in Your Heaven, or here in my room?
Flying the sky or coming here soon??
Are you at Your desk planning or looking right down?
Are You walking towards me? Are You wearing a crown?

I want to be near You but I cannot quite see
Please come through the clouds and stay close to me
Today has been awful everything has gone wrong
And I’m so alone, not just one in a throng.

I need You right here so I can tell You my tale
Sympathy would be nice or I’ll let out a wail
Just so I feel that I am near to You
You really can help that’s something You do.

You have answered prayers as quick as a flash
But this thing took longer to turn into hash
And so I expect for some time to go by
Before all is sorted and I’m out of the pie

Now I’m feeling Your Peace and I know You are near
Please slip Your arms round me say I’ve nothing to fear
I will tread with more care this rocky terrain
So I don’t keep on calling again and again.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Am Following You

I am here my Lord and Saviour. I am following you
I know You are near me though I don’t know what to do
I saw the blood spattered on the judgment hall's floor
As You looked to Your Father to strengthen You some more

Is it worth it dear Lord even one drop of Your blood?
This angry revolutionary not seeing what he should?
If Your death is eternal then it’s a wasted life
And I will smite every one of them that took Your precious life.

Am I the Judge? Then who is God? The Father took Your hand
And whispered words of comfort for death inside this land
While You, the obedient, fast held by sinners bands
Envisaged the redeemed souls already heaven bound.

It’s not too soon , nor yet too late to kneel at holy feet
And offer up our souls to the Son of God so great
He gave His all, His inheritance and took on all our sin
To see the gates of heaven open to gladly let us in.

W.B ‘15

Are You A Lily Of The Field?

Today I sat and pondered about the lilies of the field.
Do they refuse to bloom where there is no beauty?
I believe they really seek out a plain and ugly bower
And let God sprinkle out their seeds as if it were their duty.
Go look across the fields whether walking near or far
Do you see the flowers right from where you are standing?
Then you have found the beauty of the lilies of the field
They don't compete with the bright plumes of birds now landing.
No matter who or what you are your beauty lies within
And the light of God will shine on all around you
Wherever God has placed you it was to bring your beauty in
To strengthen, lift, encourage those around you.
So bloom dear Lily and colour our life, let no one put you down
Without you our joy would wane far too soon
Soft rain washed colours never brown can cope with heat of noon
And show the touch of your Fathers hand.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I am here Lord, my Saviour I am following You
I know You are near me though I don’t know what to do
I saw the blood spattered on the judgment hall’’s floor
As You looked to Your Father to strengthen You some more

Is it worth it dear Lord even one drop of Your blood?
This angry revolutionary not seeing what he should?
If Your death is eternal then it’s a wasted life
And I will smite every one of them that took Your precious life.

Am I the Judge? Then who is God? The Father took Your hand
And whispered words of comfort for death inside this land
While You, the obedient, fast held by sinners bands
Envisaged the redeemed souls already heaven bound.

It’s not too soon , nor yet too late to kneel at holy feet
And offer up our souls to the Son of God so great
He gave His all, His inheritance and took on all our sin
To see the gates of heaven open to gladly let us in.

W.B ‘15

Sunday, December 21, 2014

To all our grand and great grandchildren. Hide this question under the Chrismas tree

What do you know about Jesus?
Do you know that He died for you?
You are young and a baby in wisdom
But be assured that He loves you too.

Some grown ups have got it all figured
And some like to think that is true
But you aren't too young to ask parents
Do you know Jesus died just for you?

Christ made you a promise that He’d never leave
He never will leave you alone
He asks, 'Will you love Me as I have loved You
And watch as I build you a home.”

There are mansions just ready for you to move in
Whenever the time is just right
But don't let your parents wander alone
Alone without Christ in the night.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Not Just For The Birds

This morning before the sun came up I listened to a bird
He was hidden in the blossoms of a tree in my front yard
I couldn't see the bird at all or know what kind he was
But I knew he was singing praises to his Lord, almighty God.
Can we do that and sing a song or whisper a sweet prayer
To Our Lord Who gave His life for us when we weren't even there?
Can we hold up the cross of Christ and thank Him for all the pain
He bore in dark and Godless hours giving all for us again?

First he gave up His glorious home and the father that he loved
To be mocked and scorned and tortured by those God had made and loved
And at the end from that harsh cross His Father turned away
As the sin we hold so closely identified with Christ that day.
Tomorrow's news and headlines, today's blackest of all sins
Lay on those Holy shoulders as our Salvation did begin
How can we brush aside these things as insignificant
When Christ the Son of God reached out to conquer sin and want?

So Christmas time is here again with a sweet and Holy Babe
Born in the shadow of a cross for those He came to save
A greater love has not been known and we should love Him too
For our 'little' sins would drag Him back to the place He bled for you.
We are redeemed! Wake up! Wake up! Our Lord will come again
And hold us in His eternal arms; forgotten all our pain.
We are free to love and free to fly; look into worlds unknown
And safely in our Father's arms we know we're going Home.

W.B December '14

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rock Our World.

When things go wrong and troubles lie around your own front door
And those you love are hurting too but you can’t help any more
There is a place beyond the skies above where dreams can all come true
For God has many helpers who reached Heaven before you do.

I believe our Mums and Dads with Grandparents galore
Are waiting for instructions to help their loved ones more
Could God hand out a message for how they might assist
And smooth the path just now and then? No parent could resist!

I cannot swear that this is true, but my idea of fun
For I would love just one more time to see my Grandad run!
Our God’s a God of miracles and pours out love on us
We all know He makes exciting plans when we don’t make a fuss.

So tell Him all, so quietly, for He hears whispers best
Then slide your arms around His neck, your head upon His breast
Your hope becomes your future His plans are set in Rock
For God can do just anything and your world too can rock!

W.B. Nov ‘14

Help Me

Help me walk in Your footsteps
Let me die in Your arms
May my memory be clearest
Of how You kept me from harm
For Your love will never leave me
As in Your presence I stand
All the time nearing Heaven
And its glorious land.

W.B. Nov ‘14

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In Your Presence.

I am here in Your presence with another new day
Lord I cherish my friendships that don’t fade away
Friends are for ever given through Your love
And as long as we love You we’ll still be friends above.

Hear my prayers dear Saviour for each loving friend
Keep them safe, send them blessings until life one day ends
Wrap them in joy, strengthen their faith, and see the world through Your eyes
On each new day kiss them with fresh love and surprise.

Let me kneel in Your presence, let me die in Your arms
May my faith be like a fortress and despise the world’s charms
Give me a sense of other’s needs and the means to refill
Every hole that aches inside as they seek Your own will.

W..B. Nov ‘14

Friday, October 31, 2014

Thank You For Breaking My Heart

Thank You for breaking my heart
When those I loved too well
Reaped answered prayers and feats I dared
That caused their hearts to swell.

I know I’m nothing now
A memory at best
A pat on the head then left for dead
O come eternal rest!

Thank You for breaking my heart
I’ve broken Yours at times
My lukewarm love drifts up above
When circumstance inclines.

The challenge now to see
The pain laid on Your heart
Each day I see Your love for me
Means we shall never part.

How much Lord, You love me
Far more than I deserve
And how I need Your arms round me
With nothing in reserve.

W.B. Nov ‘14

Friday, October 17, 2014

Are You Home Yet?

You’re in a home for old and doddery has-beens
Where you’ll be safe and filled with daily bread
It’s good to know that you are locked up safely
Behind a door through which you may not head.

Do you remember days of joy and freedom
When you could pack a bag and drive away?
Kids in their homes too busy to find fault with you
Your dreams of love may one day come to stay.

How strange is life?; When your home was full of babies
You made your plans to board a plane and fly
The years went by and cash flew out the windows
And sickness came and never said goodbye.

So here you are and long to enter Heaven
Loved by your Lord who washed you in His blood
Yearning for souls who hide their fears in mockery
While days drag on; you’d help them if you could.

So come, dear Lord; convict us all of sin once more
Show us the Cross, on which You chose to die
This beam; this pole that blinds us everywhere we look
Destroy it now so we see others through Your eyes.

W.B Oct '14

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dearest Shepherd.

Dearest Shepherd I can never tell
How often Your care has told me all is well
When fear and failings drag me to the edge
You will love me for ever; oh how I need that pledge.

Now I don’t get judgement and justice is for all
You hold Your arms out and catch me when I fall
Mercy Your promise; judgement washed in blood
Why should I struggle? I wouldn’t if I could.

Each night I sleep now resting in Your arms
Mornings blessed with sunshine nothing can harm
Where should I be now but walking at Your side?
No condemnation when You are my guide.

Judgment comes from others at satan’s beck and call
I have been forgiven and Jesus is my all
I’ll never be perfect in the worlds narrow sight
But my Saviour accepts me and makes my future bright.

W.B.Oct ‘14

Can I Tell You Privately?

Can I tell You privately how much I dread each day?
The simplest tasks or visits and I want to run away!
I fear that I will make a mess and say too much, or not
I always seem to aggravate the ones I love a lot.

I am so me and cannot change; I fail and fail and fail
I let You down by too much talk or silence or complaint
My life is never finished and I do so wish it would
Then my next mistake would be my last and I could see some good.

Dear Lord You keep forgiving me but I want an early mark
I am torn in two by failures and can’t face another start
By the time my feet have touched the floor my negative’s awake
And the thing I find attractive is just to run away.

My brain is wired backwards; I go backwards when I swim
I’ve never figured that one out. I go out when I should stay in.
I am really too contrary I want what I haven’t got
And when what I want is given to me I’d throw away the lot.

I know my time is running out and I was raised to try and please
But since I am no good at that what could I do with ease?
I could hide inside my little room and not answer the door
But Lord I want to be with You, did I mention that before?

W.B. Oct ‘14

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Where Is The Love?

Where is the love that Your love deserves?
Where is the love from me?
Instant by instant as day follows day
What depths of love will You see?
In an instant decision, who comes off best?
Is it something for You or for me?
Does my head say ‘later’ and this thing comes first?
How important are You to me?

It should be no contest and You should come first
You should always come before me
My plans are just wishes; do I hope in the stars?
How important are You to be?
My life is Your gift; my strength Yours alone
Tomorrow may be just a dream
Regret is a cancer that is mine alone
You must be the centre of life’s theme.

WB.. Oct ‘14

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Can’t Live Without You.

Lord, I can’t live without You
Please walk through my door
I know that I betrayed You
I beg mercy once more
What love You have shown me
What patience and much more
I cannot live without You
Please pass by my door.

Would You glance inside my window
And see me where I wait?
Your Word is right beside me
Lord do not hesitate
I know of all my failings
Cleanse me here and now
Please walk through my door Lord
You know I need You now.

You know I need Your power
Lord to witness again
I covet folk for You Lord
That I may not meet again
Please silence their mocking
And show them their need
Their memory loss is nothing
When their eternity is near.

W.B. Oct’14

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves are tumbling down at my feet
Do I just stand here and bow to defeat
Or do I stand proudly outside this new door
And praise You for changes I’ve not witnessed before?

The past now is sweeter; the old dearer too
How can I part with the things that I knew?
No storage for memories and loves now long lost
Pictures of children now grown, will be tossed

Memories fading of plans that I’d made
When the future seemed endless through sunshine and shade
I pause in a passage that’s narrow and dark
Nights are too long till I hear a lark.

My door slowly opens and I see a bright smile
From the night nurse with pills; she may talk for a while
Her duties now over she’ll head home for a sleep
And tonight once again loving care she will keep.

Routine never changes and there’s comfort in that
Missing are pets I can hug or just pat
Weather and football the talk of the day
Even old ladies watch sports that are played.

Plenty of dozing to pass the long hours
Bingo and card games beyond most of our powers
Sit in the sunshine and wait for the bell
That tells the next meal is ready as well.

That’s when the news is spread round the place
From table to table; no one says grace
We are waiting for God yet He cannot be seen
Please come for me Saviour. Is this a bad dream?

W.B Oct’14

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Where Is Freedom?

Cleanse me, guide me, use me
Show me what to do
Nowhere is there freedom
Unless it comes through You
Take away my idols
Then I can stand alone
Wrong expectations bridle
In the place I now call home.

Fill us all with hunger
As we glimpse Your Holy face
Time is fading quickly
I long for Your embrace
I want each soul to need You
Hold out seeking arms
Christ alone can feed us
Lord, take us in Your arms.

W.B. Oct’14

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fresh As The Morning

Legs not working, throat is hoarse?
Keep on moving through this course
Now the final testing days
Your new twilight is a maze.
Christ your Lord waits at the end
His design on every bend
Your mansion’s ready; doors ajar
Loving friends come from afar.
Helping hands to move you in
Your paradise neat as a pin
Hand made gifts to bless your heart
From those who first held Heavens art.
Your home of homes, your loved ones near
Can you recall when you shed a tear?
Joy forever; love not lost
Fresh as the morning and the Life that it cost.
W.B Sept ‘14

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How Many Days?

How many days ? What are Your plans?
What is my future, Lord?
I stand here dazed against a wall
Who moves? You, or I, my Lord?

Were these my plans that You allowed?
Who is in charge of me?
I will stand still, hope for Your will
Afraid now I cannot see.

 Have I stepped out of Your dear will?
Where should You now find me?
Silent and still, mistakes not my will
Where would You have me be?

Oh sweep me up, into Your arms
Show me Your fierce control
Any way of mine Lord I’ll decline
I am no longer bold

 I want to rest under Your wings
Your way not mine I’ll choose.
Here on my knees that’s where I should be
I see again I’ll lose

Bounding and clutching and still I am rushing
What do I, who do I choose?
Looking to see if You’re pointing the way
Or if You’re in the room?

 I want to surrender I’m stuck on a bend here
Did I not follow Your will?
Doors seemed to open I thought I was coping
But I am alone here still.

Still, that’s the word here, nothing I need fear
Eyes locked on the back of Your heels
Not walking ahead into things that I dread
Your Peace will strengthen and heal.


W.B Sept ‘14

You Never Left The Building.

Lord, You never left the building during times of strain and strife
I could not see You, touch You, sense You; how I needed You, my Life!
When entering strange waters and clouds blotted out the sun
Then shadows of my Saviour touched me helping me to run
With the comfort of my friendships wrapt in love I could not hide
They held me up into the sunlight, forcing clouds to move aside.

I passed the shadows into love’s light; worlds unknown became a home
Prowling through unfamiliar settings realising I could no more roam.
Somewhere amongst the bustling strangers I caught a glimpse I thought I knew
Was that a soul who knew my Jesus? Or someone seeking that He could know?
Time to seek a place for meetings; time to seek a place for Prayer
God’s waiting room no place for sleeping, hungry souls are everywhere.

W.B Sept ‘14

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Be My Mouth Dear Saviour

Oh be my mouth dear Saviour
And fill my heart dear Lord
Then shield me with Your favour
For all of me is Yours.
The sun will rise for ever
While birds sing out Your praise
Yours is no lone endeavour
And all the earth will praise.

Yourself You bought our freedom
Your all has paid the price
If I alone Lord need You
No better is advice.
IF the sun could never shine again
If clouds could never weep
If my heart could never bleed for You
What vigil could I keep?

Somewhere in all this troubled world
A soul’s allotted to die
Dear God please call them Home to You
Their penance their last sigh
I see the crown of thorns You bore
And add my love to Yours
A whispered prayer no last recourse
Renew me with Your Mind.

W..B Sept ‘14

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Looks Like Goodbye

You still haven’t said but this looks like goodbye
It’s a day I ‘d really expected
Yet thought I‘d be troubled with guilt and regret
When sickness had stirred the unexpected.

Too quickly the tears flow with every track that I play
And pain long passed and part healed now
Rip open my flesh like a hungering beast
Determined to savour death somehow.

My time on the coast where once I could boast
Has ended with no bang, just a whimper
Sleep that won’t bless; rest without rest
Each sound now a groan, not a whisper.

The mists of the past surround me at last
While medics just give up the struggle
Replacement? Refreshment? Renewal?How cruel!
Let her go she’s no use; break the huddle.

Don’t look back on our dreams they weren’t the treasures they seemed
Mere fantasies driven by depression
Reality? Ignore it! I always deplored it!
Regret that tells lies. It wasn’t worth it.!

W.B. Sept.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Can I Speak Now?

Can I speak now with words of wisdom?
Can I say that I know the lord?
Do I follow Christ the Redeemer?
What sacrifice did I afford?

Which path should I take to be guided
By the Lord as day follows day?
I would be surrendered not hiding
Let no night blot out my new day.

The path that I tread holds no fear then
You know the way that I take
Each step takes me nearer to Heaven
I am happy; I’m loved, as I wait.

Today is another adventure
I will move in the light of Your love
May my words be few and all loving
As a servant of my God above.

W.B.Aug ‘14

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Day Is Yours

This day is Yours though pain or joy
May hold me fast, my thoughts employ
Days given by God to walk at His side
Knowing He’s close and with Him I’ll abide.

Alone with You, my Saviour dear
Through troubled nights You’re always near
Love of my heart, my days and my nights
I’m wrapped in Your arms and shielded from fright.

You know the way that I should go
Choose this or that to Home I’ll still go
I hold out my arms to share Your love
I’d gather the lost to carry above.

The tears You shed before Calvary
Your grief for the lost who refused to be freed
You gave Your all while we turned away
Watching You die while the Cross points the way.

Not one more soul be satan’s prize
His doom is sealed, that’s no surprise
Christ bled for each and everyone
The whosoever’s are God’s and death is gone

W.B. Aug ‘14.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Need Me

Need Me, and I will hold you
I’ll lead the way, don’t ask Me why
The path is dreary, winds ever onward
You know you need Me and I am nigh.

There is a reason for this harsh season
Sorrows like snow drifts are piled up high
The clouds won’t roll away however long you pray
Your life’s a beacon though you don’t know why.

Trust Me, I’ll never leave you
My plans for you are wrapped in love
As others watch you and read your story
You guide their way to God above

W.B Aug ‘14

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Where Did Love Go?

For God SO LOVED the world that He gave His only Son
For the righteous? Or the holy? NO, He gave to everyone
To the whosoever’s of this world however evil they might be
For we all needed a Saviour so Christ died upon that tree.

And what comes next? We point the finger and say it’s someone else’s fault
We blame the Christians and the Muslims and blame God who is not at fault
Do we blame ourselves, that we have sinned and turned our back on God’s own love?
When He offers tender mercy and His cleansing in the BLOOD.

Well we all have an opinion and so we spit out thick and green
For it is venom from that old snake with his forked tongue. Have you seen?
So where is love? Where is the Christ and the blood He shed for you?
He is waiting at the Mercy Seat, it’s not too late for me and you.

W.B.. Aug’14

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mocked By Mortality

I lie on my bed mocked by mortality
When shall I sleep? When will Peace come to me?
Weary of life, Lord, please come for me
Patience long gone, open the earth to me.

Is my work done? My brain’s frustrating me
Earth’s turmoil grows and tightens its grip on me
I’d show you the cross; tell what Christ did for me
Please look to the cross and then see what I see.

Here is the Christ, Son of almighty God
Blood stained His steps; walk in the path He trod
The ground drinks my tears Christs loved ones can see
This is the hill that took my Lord from me.

“Oh my dear Son,” listen to Mary’s cry
“What have they done? Why cannot I, too die?”
Who is to blame? Will one life be enough?
Creator God You gave Your all for us.

W.B Aug ‘14

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hate Hate Hate

I look beyond the pain and hate that’s breeding in the sinful heart
My point of view is not like yours; I look to Christ not satan’s art
The wrongs I see were not caused by me but that’s the blame I think you see
But if Christ the Saviour is the head, then that is good enough for me.
Love thy neighbour is His rule and who would not enjoy that school?
Yet everywhere is HATE; HATE; HATE, with children’s bodies where no love ruled.

Christ will return, make no mistake, and in one split second it will be too late
Then God alone appoints the blame, not to a nation or a State
But to each trembling naked soul standing at the Judgement Throne
One question will God ask of all, what did you do with Christ, My own?
His love for you was oh so great He gave His life to wipe out hate
The choice is ours we still have time and right this minute it’s not too late.
W.B Aug '14

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Love Me For Ever.

Love me for ever dear Lord Divine
Faithful Creator I am all Thine
My many failings Lord please forgive
My heart is longing with You to live.

I’ll love You for ever dear Lord Divine
Hold me, oh hold me, my love refine
I’ll rest in Your love Lord, rest in Your will
Guided, not chided, Your loved one still.

W.B.July ‘14

Monday, July 28, 2014

Painted Skies

With each new morning, Lord, the skies are painted
With blushing reds and pinks that turn to gold
The sleepy ocean fidgets under breezes
While morning’s glory rapidly grows old.

The banks of cloud that have been ocean’s blanket
Rise slowly from horizon’s gentle hold
While birds appearing black against the sunlight
Stretch out their wings to swoop and glide, now bold.

And so we joy in God’s renewed creation
And gazing upward hope for a great day
He promised us a hope and guided future
Rest in His love that never fades away.

Come sunshine, storm or pain He has a reason
Our goal a direct line to Heaven above
Spurred on by praying saints through every season
While wrapped around with God’s eternal love.

W.B July ‘14

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Random Acts?

Does your life seem full of random acts, no sense or order there?
What are God’s plans you sometimes ask and does He know or care?
We overlook the simplicity that rests twixt God and man
When fretfully we kneel and cry, “Please help?” He says, “I can”!

Think back on God the Father and remember you’re His child
Present Him with the mess that’s you when your thoughts are running wild
He made you and His plans for you are written on His hand
So offer now yourself to Him He has a Master plan.

Don’t overlook the comfort of resting in His will
Just walk inside His footsteps He is your leader still
He spreads His love in blessings to brighten up your heart
So tightly hold His nail scarred hand this is your only part.

W.B. July ‘14

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

God Gave You A Special Name

The God Who named a trillion stars has a special name for you
And a daily plan is His alone for what He’d have you do
A smile, a touch, whose source is love, will warm His loving heart
As He holds your hand and leads you on, revealing your next part.

When skies are gray the sun still shines, His grip grows ever tighter
His Spirit whispers, “Don’t dismay, you are My giant fighter
The war is won, the battle’s Mine, come, read the final page
The enemy is the loser and you throw him in a rage.”

“With time so short, a day, a month, My Father knows just when
We will return with trumpet sound; worlds end with stroke of pen
The accuser of the Brethren hurled down the pit of Hell
While I Your Lord and Saviour smile and say you have done well.”

W.B. July ’14.

Monday, July 21, 2014

I Love The Dawn

Now here comes the morning, oh how I love the dawn
Sleepless nights and stresses in light of day are shorn
Hope born to an endless day; spirits lifted high
Angels flying with the clouds ride eternal skies.

Tomorrow’s hidden in Your heart; troubles cannot breathe
Satan makes his useless plans hoping to deceive
Looking to my Saviour now, breathing in His love
Pleading for all dying souls, oh take them Lord, above.

Faithful, changeless, no decline in Your eternal love
Holding me with power divine prepare me for above
You will never turn away or give me up as lost
Lead me to eternal day and teach me what it cost.

Love divine what can I give to prove my earnest love?
I would be faithful every day until I’m called above
Oh for a revival that sets the world on fire
Holding up the Cross of Christ higher, Lord, yet higher.

W.B July ‘14

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Think On God.

In spite of all the darkening clouds the sun has risen again
Our God is faithful everyday in sunshine or in rain
So think on God for every breath is His great gift to you
And as you ponder on His love ask what He’d have you do.

If you are busy and working hard with job and family
Ask Him for guidance, wisdom too for a day that’s orderly
Under His banner step into this day that He has planned
With heartfelt prayer as every care is placed into His hands.

Today someone will bless you, so seek to do the same
And offer prayer for those you know are suffering great pain
So think on Christ and how His love surrendered all for you
Now our mighty resurrected Lord is praying from Heaven for you.

W.B July ‘14

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Words

What words are there that I could write to fill your yearning heart
If I don’t raise the Cross of Christ? This is my only part.
To tell you Christ has died for you; to say you need the blood
To beg you now to yield to Him, Who wishes only good.

A judgement day is coming soon when Jesus will return
And He alone will know you’re saved; oh how your heart will burn
When He opens up the Book of Life, will your name be written down
With perhaps a spot of His own blood, and the sign of a victor’s crown?

His prayers are written in His blood and He Who died still prays
He chose you to be one of His and lead you in His ways
A victor’s crown would then be yours but your love is all He claims
Great hope and future promised you from day to glorious day.

W.B. July ‘14

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Waiting Room

I’m sitting in Your waiting room as many others do
These rooms are full of waiting souls; do they know they wait for You?
Or are they just in limbo land, not quite sure where they are?
Or even where they left their teeth, or medicines on the bar?
They know that soon a bell will sound when their next meal is served
And they will blossom as they share the life that led them there.
Then, after that time, warmed and fed, returning to their room
A cosy heater on the wall, they hope for morning soon.

A rustle now, of footsteps, with voices soft and low
The doctor’s called to check a pulse. Alive? How does he know?
A pallid face, deep wrinkles set; expression too is set.
They don’t remember if you called or may call even yet.
Their memories are clearer of past and ancient times
The present too surreal to them and now has blurred the lines.
Yes, earlier the phone did ring; they remembered they were loved
And a burning tear coursed slowly down a cheek of your beloved.

W.B. July ‘14

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Far From Home

You hold me when I pass through chilling waters
You hold me when I am too far from home
The sun still shines as if I’m on Your doorstep
After a lifetime must I walk a brand new road?

You are close when all else is unfamiliar
You are my joy, my heart and my beloved home…
Oh precious lord I would be even nearer
I fear no space when in Your arms enclosed.

W.B July ‘14

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Forget Yesterday

Just forget your yesterdays. The milk you spilled went sour!
Tomorrow may not ever come; now is your finest hour!
God’s turned the page to a new day; you are blessed beneath His smile
So look for someone you can bless and walk the second mile.

Don’t care what others think of you, it’s what God thinks that matters
When your heart and His are one, and true, let self image be shattered.
The road to Heaven is long and hard, and if the next step is a hard one
His love and power will get you through, and that's the way He's chosen.

The overcomer wins the day but the battle is the Lord’s now
Front and centre is your place and His the ‘why’ and ‘how’
So rejoice in promised victory as you stand beside your Leader
And countless witnesses cheer you on, ignore that old deceiver.

W.B June ‘14

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Psalm 20. You may need this Psalm so please read it!!!

Are your yesterdays fading and tomorrow’s slow to come?
Do you feel your life’s spent waiting, and you can walk but never run?
Has life slowed down to a standstill and is empty as a bag?
Should you bother even caring; you’re not needed; life’s a drag?

Memories of those you loved once, fading now like summer rain
While the pain of their indifference feeds the anger that remains
So what is left for you to hold to? A mighty Saviour and your Lord!
He never turns away or hurts you. His gift of life you can afford.

His love is free; He never changes His love burns warmer day by day
He sacrificed His all to save you and He’s beside you all the way
His arms are round you when you’re happy; holds you tighter when you’re sad
Walking or running, know you need Him; let His love now make you glad.

W.B. June ‘14

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meet Me At The Well.

Would You meet me at the well, Lord?
I am thirsting and I’m weary
Things are not going too well Lord
I’m discouraged now, and teary.

I can wait till the cool of evening
Please don’t trouble in this day’s heat
As long as I can have Your healing
And my hands can touch Your feet.

I have made my plans so often
Where I’d go; people I’d visit
Just to see everything crumble
Why is that, Lord? Oh why is it?

I made my plans then You guide my steps
But not the way that I planned to go
So I surrender to Your will now
And at the well, then, will I know?

W.B .June ‘14

If You Love Me.

If you love Me, then take my hand
I will lead you across this land
One day we’ll go right round the world
And see the flag of God unfurled.

It will take prayer, obedience too
Hard work and suffering’s not new to you
I saw every tear and heard each sigh
Didn’t you know I was right at your side?

I know you’re longing to see My face
But you must wait till we’ve finished the race
When that day comes I’ll return as I left
And our eyes will meet and love never left.

O what a joy in that heavenly sphere
My Father will greet you all gathering near
There’ll be love everlasting and joy without pain
No words will be cruel for there's nothing to gain.
W.B. June ‘14

Saturday, June 14, 2014

There Is A Quiet Road

There is a quiet road to heaven that certain folk may take
And it may be thought they had an easy ride
When compared to fearless warriors or those facing many foes
It looks as if they ran away to hide.

There are ‘backroom’ men and women who are guided by the Lord
And do their fighting down upon their knees
As the Father gives instruction they bridge the gaps along the walls
For the safety and the power of those in need.

For in the Father’s army there are many posts we know
And not every man is placed right at the front
There are weapons to be honed and cleaned; let every sword be sharp
We shall still need cooks and also those that hunt.

So don’t despise the hunter or those who cook the meals
Or the men who plan the way to victory
For if anyone was missing or decided he could shirk
Many battles would be lost, don’t you see?

W.B. June ‘14

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Hiding Place.

I’m here again, Lord. You are my hiding place
Nowhere to run to while I’m in Your embrace
I need Your Peace Lord, turmoil surrounds me
I’m on my knees again, keep Your arms round me.

I’m here again Lord, for You said ‘Come to Me’
Dark mists surround me and now I cannot see
Which way to turn, Lord, and still be in Your will?
Please would You touch me and show me You’re here still.

You hear again Lord, before I called to You
Not now and then, and I can rely on You
The storms of life may try to drag me down
But in Your love I happily will drown.

W.B. June ‘14

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Happened To Warm And Fuzzy Feelings?

Recently I have been pruning and chopping and sawing away at over grown trees and bushes, especially those that were blocking my water views across the lake.

They had to be stripped and sorted into different piles ready for further reduction and finally being loaded onto trucks and taken off to the local tip 25kms away.

It was quite an enjoyable exercise in between the bouts of rain common in coastal areas such as this.

I have been pondering tonight if I could be chopped up and sorted into the twigs, small branches, limbs, and finally the long bare trunks that are so heavy even now the smaller branches are gone into another pile, and which bits of me would end up in which pile?

I don’t have the answer. Perhaps my brain into the twigs and leaf pile, my arms into the small branches, and my trunk, well, you guessed it.
My brain would be the interesting bit to dismantle and I have often wondered what Freud would do about me and my brain?

In the old days life was much simpler. When your kids got crazy in the head you smacked them on the bottom. They survived and you weren’t thrown in jail over it either. You taught them right from wrong with a little help from a paddle of some sort and they gradually learned to compromise by adding some well place padding to their pants when they suspected a confrontation and deemed it to be preferable to confession.

When labouring in the garden became too much for the aged householder you sought out the local scout leader, for they lived by their creed to help people and were repaid by donations to their group or a jolly good feed or two where money was tight in that home
It worked well, and everyone enjoyed a warm fuzzy feeling that they had helped and been helped in some form.

Not all progress has been an improvement I feel.

Well, that’s the way it was long, long, ago.
My brain is petrified or putrefied by sucking up coffee fumes all evening so you can ponder where I left off.
Let me know how you went?


Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Can’t Explain It

God is Love, I can’t explain it, but Christ died on Calvary
And His resurrection power He has given us for free
He will wash us in His precious blood, oh let the mockers heed
For Christ died for every one of us not just the ones in need

Do you wonder about heaven and presume you’re good enough
To stand before a Holy God if you have had it tough
If you have been ‘a decent bloke’ or a ‘righteous’ kind of girl?
That won’t give you a ticket into heaven from this old world.

For a start let’s blame old Adam and that Eve for messing up
And then there was a serpent that satan used to set them up
And have you also noticed that all children must be taught
To be GOOD for being naughty is an instinct, not a thought.

So perhaps you will agree now that something’s missing here
And that is why God sent His Son to pay the price so dear
For Jesus left His glorious Home to die at Calvary
That was the only way to pay for the sins of you and me.

It is not too late to come to Him though He’s returning soon
With a place for everyone of us and even our own special room
And I for one have need of love from the One who gave His all
And I will love Him all my life and when I walk through Heaven’s Halls.

W.B. June ‘14

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Please Set Me Free

Please set me free, I still have strength for what it takes
It’s not too late to let me make my own mistakes
My wings are stiff because I never tried to fly
But now I’m old I want to fly before I die.

Where shall I go? Just anywhere that isn’t cold!
What shall I do? Well, anything; my mind’s not old!
My body may be slightly slow, my brain is sharp
I was in Mensa once, but don’t think I should harp.

When funds are gone and if one day I should return
Regret then fierce and within my heart may burn
Don’t turn and say, ‘well, dear, we always told you so
We always said that at your age don’t ever go’.

For I’ll have lived; each day I’ll find an unknown prize
In other worlds, new vistas opening my eyes
The folks I meet, not caring I’m a stranger there
May welcome me not noticing I’m strange, out there.

I may seem ‘normal’ though I’ll still be always 'me'
My heart may settle for at last I’ve been set free
From anxious thoughts and doubts about my little worth
Or will I always be a stranger upon this earth?

W.B. June ‘14

Here Under Your Wings

Here, under your wings, Lord; here I will abide
Never to wander, I’ll stay close to Your side
Oceans may surge and waves can’t roll over me
Under Your wings Saviour, that’s where I’ll be

No, never alone, I hear You whisper,’ Come to Me’
Lord, I’m coming Home, each step one less for me
I know the way’s not easy and neither Lord was Yours
But I have You to hold me close and the victory is ours.

W.B June ‘14

Friday, June 6, 2014


There are words we say too often until they do not mean a thing
But the Words of God refresh us every day
It may be just a word or two that goes straight to our heart
But it’s God’s way of saying “I love you” every day.

Sometimes when we look back we find there are words that we regret
Words said in haste or anger, not words of love
Their pain remains inside our hearts and in the hearts of those we hurt
Their stain may reach the throne of God above.

So Lord please pour the blood over words that we regret
Help us to say we’re sorry right away
Forgiveness is a bond that is strengthened by God’s love
And remembered every time we kneel and pray.

W. B. June ‘14

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fear Or Trust?

‘Trust Me, it will be alright’ God says
Has fear coloured your world black?
Are your eyes closed against His Word?
Then you are sliding back.
Do you fear your future circumstance?
You fear what may never be
The mist that hides your Savour’s face
Is just doubt’s murky sea.

Is there a wall in front of you?
A night that never ends?
Mountains of impossibilities?
Gloom around every bend?
Then stop, stand still, be quiet now
So you can hear His voice
Your precious Saviour holds your hand
His way, not yours, the choice.

Tell Him all that troubles you
And lay your burden down
Don’t pick it up and drag it round
That earns no victor’s crown.
The problems are not yours to solve
They are signposts on the way
To draw your eyes up to your Lord
So He can lead the way.

Trust Him, yes, He, who made the world
His love the source of all
The joys and hopes you cannot see
If you’re blinded by fear’s pall
There is a wall? Leap over it!
No light? God is your light!
The road to Heaven’s no path of ease
But Christ’s life paid the entry rights.

W.B. June ‘14

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keep Holding On

Keep holding on, behind the clouds there’s sunshine
Keep holding on and wipe old satan’s smile
The Lord has said He’ll always be beside you
The road is long and He’s with you every mile.
The clouds will break and sunshine will surround you
Blessings will come and you will feel God’s smile

Never let go, remember Who’s beside you
Look to his Word, there is no lonely mile.
Our Lord is there, much closer than a brother
Rest in His love, the Spirit pours it in
He’ll fill your heart you really need no other
His open arms will hold and draw you in.

W.B June ‘14

The Day That You Laid Hold On Me

The day that You laid hold on me
The nail marks in Your hands I see
Scars from the tears as You hung down
Blood from the thorns of a victor’s crown.
I’ll worship you till my life ends
And in Your Home life never ends
Where’er I go You are with me
And You will keep Your hand on me.

Alpha And Omega

The sun will rise, for the world is turning
Though clouds try to hide its blazing glow
Yet everywhere the light reveals all things
A new day is here and we all will know.

Sorrows and failings are yesterday’s problem
The past is God’s and under the blood
Now with the dawn a new day is forming
Time now to praise and seek another soul’s good.

Moments are fleeting, the enemy’s watching
Waiting for us to slip up again
But the Spirit is in us, beside us, around us
Holding us closer and He will remain.

He’ll never leave us His promise is written
But what are His needs that our love could supply?
Simple obedience, loving and trusting
Putting Him first as our self we deny.

W.B. May ‘14

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Privilege Of Prayer

The greatest of all privilege is the privilege of prayer
To have unbroken contact with the God Who placed us here
His door is always open; He’s never short of time
And just a sigh is heard by Him for He is always nigh
His plans are always for our good and He knows what is right
We may fret and fume about today when He sees beyond our sight
However dark our day may be there are treasures in His Word
That shine a light upon our path and we know our prayers were heard.

W.B May’14

Monday, May 5, 2014

We Can Have It All

We can have it all, thanks to our God’s goodness
Cleansing and forgiveness, a future and a hope
The comfort of God’s family, the promises in the Bible
The Holy Spirit’s leading when we fear we cannot cope.

Following the Saviour won’t ever be confusing
When He is First and Last in our thoughts from morn till night
Fixing our gaze on Him, soaking up His loving
Imitating all His ways for all His ways are right.

W.B. May ‘14

Monday, April 28, 2014

Who Then Is This? Mk.4.41

Who then, is this that the winds will obey Him?
Who then is He Who controls our world?
He is the Christ, our Lord and Creator
Can we not trust Him as through space we hurl?

Who is He who gave up His Glory?
Why, indeed would He do such a thing?
Driven by Love let our God tell the story
Nailed by sinners to a cross was our King.

He did it for you, dear friend, let me tell you
You were on his heart as He hung on that tree
Do not pass by and dismiss all His anguish
Hell’s gates are open, but let Christ set you free.

Over His body and through His blood’s curtain
Lies the salvation that would set you free
Hope and a future, of that you are certain
Your battles were won by Christ on the tree.

W.B. April ‘14

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Do You Talk To The Clouds

Do you talk to the clouds or even the sky?
Do you seek for a glimpse of our dear Saviour’s eyes?
Do you sense Him behind every single dark cloud?
Do you pray looking upward, do you pray aloud?

Then do you remember you are not alone
For His Spirit is in you , not just in His Home?
He listens for even your tiniest prayer
He is closer than breathing; He is always right there.

You have a Companion and a lifelong friend
He’ll be with you today until your life shall end
He weeps in your sorrow He laughs when you smile
His arms are around you for each lonely mile.

Then let your love flow til it mingles with His
Life’s not always easy but His loving is bliss
He never will leave you, His promise is true
His love is for ever and He surely loves you.

W.B. April ‘14

Friday, April 25, 2014


Lord as I gaze into the clouds
I whisper Your name then pray out loud.
Strange isn’t it that I should look
So far away, yet in Your Book
You tell me that You’re ever near
And in my heart? Why do I fear
That You are busy with other souls
The good , the righteous , and the bold?

While I an ancient child of God
Tired and slow each step I’ve trod
Regret for every time I’ve failed
And I the one Your hands have nailed.
What is my future, where is my hope?
Dear Saviour lift me, help me cope
I‘ll take each promise that You made
Knowing that not one has failed

Then when I’m called before the throne
You’ll show me perfect for my new home
The blood that ever covered me
The blood that flowed from Calvary’s tree
Has washed away my every stain
Your sacrifice has been my gain
My future with my Lord I see
My hope is for eternity.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When I Remember.

How can I tell my every thought
When I remember how I was bought?
The sacrifice of God’s own Son
The victory His death has won
The gift of an eternal life
The cleansing by His blood, a knife
That cleaves the sin inside my heart
Not just some but in every part.

The hope His loving brings to me
My future I thankfully don’t see
I cling to Him, He knows the way
In cloud or sunshine, night or day
Treasures of darkness He will disclose
Loving surprises He only knows
Power from His storehouse when I cry
Peace in my heart knowing He is nigh.

W.B. April ‘14

Saturday, April 19, 2014

He Is Faithful.

Do we fuss and worry when troubles reach our door
Yet we’re exactly where our Lord wants us to be
Do we say ‘Lord please lead me’, then cry ‘Oh, not this way’!
When He says 'Trust Me dear child, for I can see.'

He is faithful in the darkness, faithful in the light
He planned our life with Him before the world began
Where there’s no rhyme or reason, trust Him to put things right
Our battle won upon the cross, our victory God’s plan.

He said He’ll never leave us and we know His Word is true
He is faithful and always His arms are open wide
He offers power and a listening ear both to me and you
When we’re overwhelmed we know where we can hide.

Our Lord is faithful, and we have proved that many times
Looking back we’ll see the path where He has led
So let us be faithful and take His hands again
Those precious hands that showed where Jesus bled.

W.B. April ‘14

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Could I REALLY Meet You, Lord?

Could I meet You, REALLY meet You in my dreams, my Lord?
How I envy those that tell me that they saw their Lord
I don’t want to be asleep, and any place we meet
Undisturbed by outwards things I’d kneel at your feet.

Lord, I love You, and long to be ,close, so close to You
Your eyes would penetrate my soul, an open book to You
I can’t wait till I’m up in Heaven, this is an urgent need
Lord I need You, need to see You, and yes, Your touch I need.

I’m already wrapped in Mercy and Your Peace I feel
But I want more, dear Lord and Saviour and that is why I kneel
I need filling with Your Spirit; let it overflow
Keep it coming, flowing, running, then my Lord I’ll know.

W.B. April ‘14

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Darkness and Silence

When there is darkness all around and silence holds its breath
Then should I kneel and wait on You or plead for early death?
This is a test of all my faith; I look up but cannot see
For darkness penetrates my heart, what use am I to Thee?

Yes, Lord, I know that You are there and close beside me still
I realise You are trusting me to know this is Your will
I’ve walked by sight and not by faith so sure that I was strong
Your Word meant everything to me. I knew that I belonged.

Then when my loved ones fade away I saw I was alone.
My network of support had gone the day I moved from home
I stood alone, no new friends made and no one needed me
My strength was fading as I aged, soon useless I would be.

Well meaning folk said, “Well, do this’ or, ‘Why don’t you do that?’
‘Go walking, that will strengthen you.’ Or, ‘Well then, get a cat!’
But where’s Your will in all of this? What use am I these days?
I drag my weary body round, my brain is quickly fazed.

So silence is at home with dark and while they wrap me round
I am unseen, an aging being, but still I’m Heavenward bound
And somewhere when the time is right Your light will shine again
Then stepping forward arms upraised I’ll receive Your Holy rain.

W.B April ‘14

Sunday, March 30, 2014

But Wait, There's More!

Christianity is the only religion where a living Person in the form of the Holy Spirit can be granted to live in the heart and mind of someone who believes.
It is a living Faith from the hands of a merciful and Living God.

Unique, isn't it?

Powerful? Yes!

A free gift? You'd better believe it!

More Random Thoughts

Salvation is a gift not a prize.

Random thoughts

If you choose to go to hell then it will be over my dead body.......Jesus.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Is Jesus Walking Ahead? Mark 10.32

Is Jesus walking ahead of you?
Don’t be tempted to ask Him to wait
Just follow.

Is His face like a flint and He doesn’t look round?
Don’t be tempted to ask Him to wait
Just follow.

He goes to Jerusalem to die on the Cross
Don’t be tempted to ask Him to wait
Just follow.

Follow the Saviour wherever He goes
He will not just die for you
The whole world is writhing in agonised woes
You know what He has to do.

So follow the Saviour wherever He goes
And afterwards hold up the Cross
This is the sign that draws men to Him
For His life is what His love cost.

W.B March ‘14

Monday, March 10, 2014

How Can We Be Sad?

How can we be sad when God’s ocean
Surges waves of love upon the shore
Reminding us His love will flow forever
And He remembers our sin no more?

His memory is selective and that’s a comfort
Yet we can do the same in the wrong way
We overlook our sin and make excuses
But can recall if we’ve been wronged every day.

Lord, give us hearts like Yours with devotion
To feel for lost and hurting souls everywhere
May we never turn away and not be caring
And leave them bruised and beaten, in despair.

We are ministers of reconciliation
Ambassadors of Jesus Christ our Lord
There is joy to be gained by loving others
And like the waves it will come back to our shore.

W.B. ‘14

Hope For The Day.

Hope for the day I see with the dawn and the glow from unseen sun
Even with cloud the sun will be there before the day is run
Of this I am sure, and so with my Lord, I know He is always there
Beside and within, cleansing from sin, lifting the burdens I bear.
He tells me to lay all my burdens down right at the foot of the cross
Then I pick them up and I struggle on when I should be enjoying their loss
So thank you dear Father for all that You’ve done sending Your Son down to die
My love so expedient and lacking obedience, I’m abandoned to You, God on high.

W.B. ‘14

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Problem.

Lord, I have a problem, so I am here again
I’ve puzzled and I’ve pondered and it’s rattling my brain
It’s about the poems we’ve written that really came from You
I post them to my blog site for it seemed the thing to do.
I know Your message would bless the person who will heed
Do I throw more money at it in the hope someone will read?

Do I file what we have written and hide it in the ground
And be condemned for talents hidden underground?
Dear Lord, You know my future and I am in that plan
And You have chosen me although You know just what I am
So please just open doors that I should walk on through
And shut tight all the others so I know just what to do.

W.B. March ‘14

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Has The Cat Messed With My Brain?

My brain feels as if it was a ball of yarn and the cat has had it for a very long time.

My writing is all dried up. Not that I don’t want to write but I feel as if I have said everything God wanted me to.

There is nothing on the tip of my tongue and perhaps that is just as well for my tongue has got me into trouble for all my life. Yep! All 85years of it! Of that I am convinced.

My brain is a sieve but that sieve should be at the back of my throat just in front of my tongue, to sift the words that tumble out. IS such a thing possible?

I have a long list of things I would like to have fixed and my tongue is still at the head of the queue.

One of my sisters always said I should join a Cistercian Convent. She told me they took a vow of silence for ever. I am not sure I believe her even now but I appreciated her sentiments (I think).

One of my fears is that God is keeping me down on earth until I am perfect enough to go to Heaven. I believe I would have to live to be well over a hundred and that thought holds no interest for me at all.

I haven’t altogether enjoyed old age up to now. My objections are not uncommon.

Firstly I still miss my husband who died four years ago.
Secondly the bits of my crumbling body that do work, hurt, and those that don’t work, don’t hurt.
Thirdly my vocal cords are paralysed and I can’t sing and just croak so people avoid my company and I can no longer bear to listen to myself singing in the shower.

My neighbours don’t complain though.
I am not sure if they can’t hear me for the noise of their screaming children, or the children are screaming because they did hear me and their parents are busy shutting doors and windows!!

One thing I know, I am a hopeless romantic and hope I will live long enough to meet my soul mate. I have never done so yet and I only hope he doesn’t have memory loss or dementia by the time that day comes. I am a realist and not an optimist so I have my doubts that such a thing would ever happen.

Tomorrow is another day. While there is life there is hope. I don’t have much of either at the moment.

Wyn Barratt. March5th ‘14

Monday, March 3, 2014

Out Of Range.

Father You gave Your love, Your life, yet I need more than that
I need Your power and wisdom for I mess up this and that.
I seem to stick in one hard place and never move along
I shut my mouth for just a while then say something else that’s wrong.

My remorse is always genuine and I would give my life
If I could only change a bit and keep right out of strife
For many years You’ve worked with me yet it seems I never change
I sometimes sense improvement but ‘holy’ is out of range.

I’m such a disappointment and that’s not just to me
I wonder at Your patience and no end to me I see.
I know I’ve asked You once before as soon as I’m forgiven
That You would pick me off the floor and rush me right to Heaven.

To leave me here until I change would take a thousand years
And every time I fail You, You know it ends in tears
It’s not that I don’t love a lot, but not wisely and too well
Impulsive and impatient; now that is my death knell.

And so I come to You again, and for the umpteenth time
To tell You that I’m sorry Lord that I stepped out of line
You give me yet another day; my slate seems to be clean
But now I face the consequence of where my mouth has been.

W.B. March 2014


Do You have just one bottle Lord to gather all our tears?
Then would You notice if I shed more than it appears?
I always thought that each of us had a bottle all our own
But if it’s small then I have filled more bottles than You’d own
I have my sessions when I’m tough though they are growing less
The cuts and slights go deeper and I want to seek redress
Especially since they seem to come from the ones I specially love
It’s then I cry and beg You Lord to take me Home above.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yes, Jesus Loves You.

Do we only love the lovely and sit beside the clean?
Do we shrink from any contact where the Spirit is not seen?
If I do not agree with you, your lifestyle or your ways
Will I fail to love like Jesus lest you contaminate my praise?
Then I must look upon the cross for Jesus died for you
And I will not presume to say what I think that you should do
All I can do is show you why Jesus died for you
And pray you into the Kingdom, that’s the thing that I should do.

W.B. Mar ‘14

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Must Keep Writing

I know I must keep writing though it’s only tossed on water
For I am urged by the Spirit so to do
These words that comfort me have a purpose I don’t see
But I know that if He wills, they’ll come to you.

Please know He feels your pain and weeps with you again
As you kneel at His feet and tell Him all
He knows your future will be bright though it’s not like this tonight
And He’s holding you so you won’t trip or fall.

When I lean on someone else though God never takes offence
They are human and just cannot hold my weight
They already carry burdens and the one that does it best
Waiting patiently, He bids us come and wait.

His timing is not ours and though minutes feel like hours
Each whispered prayer’s in Heaven right away
He already has a plan but he’ll please you if He can
Though it’s best to let the Lord have His way.

W.B. Feb ‘14

Where Is The Music?

Where is the music that Angels sing?
Soft and gentle but clear
More beautiful than the birds can bring
And sung to the Father dear?

Music that comes from a heart that bled
Following the pathway He trod
With words that He Himself may have said
When pondering on His God.

Up on the mountain He’d go to pray
Silence and mist all around
Then blessed and strengthened to face the day
Traversing the stony ground.

Was it then that the Angels sang their songs?
Unforgettable melodies theirs?
So sing your songs out from your heart to God’s
And that same music may still be heard.

W.B. Feb 2014.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lord Help Me.

Lord help me write a song
That many souls might sing
To tell that we to You belong
Since Your great suffering.

Help me to watch and pray
For You are faithful, Lord
I give You all my love and praise
Each time I walk abroad.

Creation’s silent praise
Birdsongs that never cease
Are not enough to show Your ways
But fill our hearts with peace.

I’ll walk the path of faith
Until You glorify
This child, who sometimes hides their face
Still in Your watching eye.

W.B. 2.14

Our God Is BIG!!!!!

Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened unto you, for EVERYONE that asks, receives, and he that seeks shall find and to him that knocks it SHALL BE OPENED!! Hallelujah!!!

This is in Matthew 7.7-8 also Luke 9.9-10. I believe God had it entered twice because of its importance to our Faith.

Our God is BIG!! DON’T INSULT Him with small expectations!!

Dear Father in Your Word You say that before I even ask
You will hear my prayer and right away start work upon a task
I’m not na├»ve and don’t believe that it always is a ‘yes’
But if I seek change it isn’t strange to think You’ll change ME next!

Monday, February 10, 2014


I love watching the ocean when it’s shrouded in mist
The horizon still sleeping till the sun blows a kiss
The gray waves now gentle still roll to the shore
In answer to the moon I can’t see any more.

Our lives are just like that, we have calm and then storms
But hovering above us are God’s open arms
He is there when we fear we’ll fall out of the boat
Or when waves are so high that we can’t stay afloat.

The mist hides our future and shields from alarm
And whatever God plans He wishes no harm
As the waves roll to shore regardless of storms
God continues to guide and He will lead us Home.

W.B Feb ‘14

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love Makes All The Difference.

And here begins another day. Another day with You
In cloudy grey the sky belies that the sun still shines there too
Today I’ll go on with my chores an offering of love
With routine tasks I’m quickly bored unless performed in love
For love makes all the difference in every part of life
It bathes all in its beauty as a loving sacrifice.
All love began with Jesus Christ; it took Him to the cross
When dying there He bridged the gap where sin had caused such loss.
When we are His this love abounds through every day and hour
As long as we will look to Him then we can know His power.
So thank You Lord for this new day as I seek to honour You
May Your love, Your gentleness be seen in everything I do,

W.B Feb ‘14

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where Are We Seeking God?

Where are we seeking a glimpse of our God,
In some grand and glorious sighting?
In beauty of Nature in sky or in sod
Or in visions or dreams so exciting?

Yes, He will be there, but have we overlooked
That He comes to us in the humdrum
In meaningless tasks with no reason or rhyme
In the humble performance of jobs done.

It is when we are faithful in each little thing
Whether we see it or no
That each task’s that our duty when offered in love
Is the source of God’s smile as we go.

So God can rely on our faithfulness there
Where no flags and no trumpets declare
Yet He can be seen in the light in our eyes
And He knows we are faithful right there.

No hint of drudgery follows the tasks
When we make them an offering to God
And nothing we do if it’s more than He asks
Would be leaving the paths that He trod.

W.B. Feb ‘14

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sing To Me

Sing to me Jesus, on those lonely days
When I sit on the porch and consider my ways
I go over the times that I heard You speak
Then I ponder again as in silence I weep.

The times I forgot You when flustered and fussed
Then called out to You, the only One I could trust
Now Lord, as I sit here, surrounded by birds
I can hear heaven’s music but I can’t hear the words.

So sing to me Jesus as in days long gone by
I imagine You sang when Your siblings would cry
I can hear Heavens’ music but I can’t hear the words
So Jesus sing softly then no one else is disturbed.

W.B. Feb ‘14

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


When I am hurt I run away but now I’m frail I can’t
I wobble on a walking stick, walking’s only in my heart
I gaze out through the thickening bush for glimpses of the sea
And imagine I am sitting there with the sand all around me.

A gift of strong binoculars has given me fresh wings
And I can then imagine that I am doing all these things
The sand bar and the ocean are there beneath my feet
I’m sitting close to children, who can’t see me. That’s neat!

And so I’ve joined the legless old who travel in their dreams
It has happened all too quickly and I am really old it seems
The medication that I take to slow my racing heart
Has brought me to a standstill but I still do my part.

For I have my computer and it’s such great company
The world is mine in seconds although you can’t see me.
I read about your happenings and cry a little too
Then whisper prayers about you for that’s all my love can do.

W.B.Jan ‘14

Monday, January 27, 2014

Not Long Enough.

Not long enough I kneel to feel Your soft embrace
Not long enough my thoughts are fixed on You
Not long enough my heart’s held by Your own dear lord
For soon the claims of duty will come through.

You follow me though I should be the follower
You call me back if I should lose my way
Your plans not shelved if I wander from the pathway
You take my hand and lead me back Your way.

And this I know, it’s for You I want to hunger
Your Presence crowns the ordinary days
When I have to wait for answers to the prayers I send
You wait with me, and I will learn Your ways.

W.B. Jan ‘14

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Can I Tell You Straight?

Lord, please just laugh and hug me when I come to Your gate
I know I’ve been a nuisance, and didn’t like to wait
Maybe I am like Thomas and need to see You’re real
I talked to You incessantly though I couldn’t touch or feel.

I know that I have failed You in oh, so many ways
Yet You showed me such mercy and love for all my days
I often was discouraged when troubles piled up high
It was then You’d send a message that I was the apple of Your eye.

I saw my problems shrivel up and blow off in the breeze
While recognizing that the way was not a path of ease
And now that I can see the lights of heaven so far above
I whisper that I’m coming Lord, and send You all my love.

W.B ‘14

Friday, January 3, 2014

Straight From The Stars.

I want to write a beautiful song with a melody straight from the stars
I want to show that Your love for me would fire me up to Mars
I want to be so faithful Lord that You could count on me
And anywhere You sent me would be where I want to be.

I used to be contrary and fight against Your Word
I made so many excuses until the blame I heard
You looked into my troubled heart and wiped away the pain
Now Your precious blood has cleansed me and I am whole again.

You waited with such patience till I accepted Your sweet will
I always thought that I knew best and sometimes think that still.
But now Your arms are round me I would never want to stray
And Your quiet gentle Spirit Lord, is leading all the way.

W.B Jan 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Silent Night, Silent Day

I feel as if I have dined on an empty plate. No jewel in the words I read today have stood out as a lesson or a guide to me.

Is this to be a silent day on this, the silent night
When shepherds in the quiet fields saw a brightly shining light?
They heard a voice, an angel spoke, no doubt was in their mind
Yet today while I am writing this I might as well be blind
Today I cannot see a light. The words I read are dead
And yet, Lord, I faithfully sit down to take my Daily Bread.

What have I done? Where have I failed? Does sin lie at my door?
I have prayed that You would cleanse me, even heal me, and then more
The sky is dark and cloudy, just today I need You Lord
To shine Your light upon me, or better still, walk through the door!
Well, now I’ve got that off my chest, did I detect Your smile?
You want my faith to be worked out and You were here all the while?.

W.B Dec 24th

Friday, December 20, 2013


Have you ever stood in silence, closed your eyes and begun to think
Of the blessings God has given, filling your cup up to the brink?
Beginning with a new day dawning, a fresh white page to start anew
The bed you’ve slept in, safe warm housing, food to eat, and loving, too.

Being loved another blessing, all too few can call this theirs
Until they know the Gentle Shepherd who loved the world; His life not spared
I know that life is not all blessing and trials come in spite of this
But they drive us to the arms of Jesus Who is slow to judge and quick to bless.

I could keep on like this for ever! Meet my Jesus! Love Him too!
I long to see you all in Glory. Is there something else that I could do?
Pray, of course to My dear Shepherd, His prayers for you will never cease
And until the day of His returning, may you know His Love and Peace.


Sunday, December 15, 2013


If I never say another word then let that word be ‘Thanks’!
Not, ‘God do this, or this, or that, please fill my needy banks’.
Let me first kneel to touch Your feet, caress the nail marked scars
And vow to step where You have walked, the path You walked now ‘ours’.

Do I say too often, ‘Help me, Lord’ when I should say ‘I’ll help You”?
Although You do not need it, but that’s what love would do
And if I bowed down before Your throne in armour every day
I’d be prepared to fight for Home and Glory all the way.

So let’s set out together an army to make God proud
With praises at Reveille and the Last Post just as loud
We might wake some sleeping giants and stir our Governments
Hold the cross up even higher; prove God’s power to be immense.

W.B Dec 2013.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Worship your Creator, you monumental trees
You’re reaching near to Heaven and swaying in the breeze
The sun is sparkling on your leaves while nesting birds hold tight
Your canopy holds darkness yet your crown is bright with light.
The grasses reaching round your feet are keeping your roots warm
Those roots now spread beneath the soil will hold in any storm.
And did our Saviour long ago rest underneath your shade
Or did he plant the very seed that your mighty stature made?
Stand proudly then oh mighty tree for you were made by God
And shelter those that come to you, as graciously you nod.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Can You See Me?

Lord, I’m down in the garden and under a tree
Mom said You see all things, but can You see me?
If I look to Heaven I just see blue sky
So where is the gateway and when will I die?

Yu’know I’m so alone here and if You are near
Please hold out Your hand, or sing in my ear
That’s what my Pa does when I cannot sleep
And his breath always tickles when his voice goes down deep.

I know that You’re big for You stretch East to West
So when I’m afraid may I lay on Your chest?
I’ll hear You breathing and I will be brave
For I know that You love me and You came to save.