Wednesday, January 29, 2014


When I am hurt I run away but now I’m frail I can’t
I wobble on a walking stick, walking’s only in my heart
I gaze out through the thickening bush for glimpses of the sea
And imagine I am sitting there with the sand all around me.

A gift of strong binoculars has given me fresh wings
And I can then imagine that I am doing all these things
The sand bar and the ocean are there beneath my feet
I’m sitting close to children, who can’t see me. That’s neat!

And so I’ve joined the legless old who travel in their dreams
It has happened all too quickly and I am really old it seems
The medication that I take to slow my racing heart
Has brought me to a standstill but I still do my part.

For I have my computer and it’s such great company
The world is mine in seconds although you can’t see me.
I read about your happenings and cry a little too
Then whisper prayers about you for that’s all my love can do.

W.B.Jan ‘14

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