Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walk On The Chaos

Walk on the chaos of my life
No need to calm the waves
You, Lord, have charge of pain and strife
I know that Jesus saves.

No plan of Yours is a mistake
My obedience is the key
To the success or length of stress
Come, Lord, take charge of me.

And when the Harbour comes in sight
Loved ones have lined the shore
I’ll hear You whisper “Well done, my child
Come Home, and roam no more.”

©2011 Wyn Barratt.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seventy People.

Seventy people went down to Egypt
Seventy in the hands of the Lord
There they multiplied, prospered and lingered
Until God’s purpose had won over all.

Do you fear the Kings of your Egypt?
Do you despair of becoming strong?
God has promised a hope and a future
You will succeed if to Him you belong.

Seventy persons went down to Egypt
Seventy in the hands of the Lord
Living and learning, prospering, working
Mightily blessed in the hands of the Lord.

How many souls came out from Egypt?
How many souls in the hands of the Lord?
Hundreds of thousands came out in triumph
Mightily blessed in the hands of the Lord. (Deuteronomy 10.)

©2011 Wyn Barratt.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord, Your Spirit Reigns.

Lord, Your Spirit reigns within; You are my Rock, my Tower, my Light
No trial or trauma can remove Your presence, day or night.
Why do I fret and worry so when You are God of all?
Your purposes will be worked out however dark this pall.

Behind the clouds, beyond the storm the sun is shining still
So hear my song dear God of Love for I will love You still.
Your faithfulness a shining light that pierces all the gloom
Your Word is sure and can’t be moved, You are here inside my room.

How blessed we are that You are here and with us every day
Nothing can ever change Your love, You’ll never walk away.
But if we wander from Your side Your sorrow matches ours
We move with sin, neglect, or pride, lost moments become lost hours.

You gave Your life and still pour out a love as red as blood
Each drop is wrung out from Your Heart, You wish us only good.
So why is it so hard to trust, so hard to rest in You?
Again our pride comes into play we think that we should do

This thing, or that, we deem Your will; decisions, unwise, are made
Not resting but restlessness the line on which our life is laid.
So help us Lord to look to You for every breath and step
To take instructions from Your Word then trust Your guidance yet.

©2011 Wyn Barratt.

Walking Through Life.

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the springtime of our life
While our love is young and everything is green?
Will you hold my hand and vow with me that there will be no strife
While we look around at this glorious scene?.

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the summer of our life
When new hopes and plans for prosperity lie ahead
Our quiver full, as parents proud, of children fit and free
While we teach them where to look for Daily Bread.

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the autumn of our life
Now the children all have flown out from the nest
Our hopes and plans are all forgotten, and we are slowing down
Will you walk beside me even then?

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the winter of our life
When walking may be difficult at best
Just take my hand and we will walk down memory's lane instead
And watch our grandchildren play as we just rest.

If you should go to Glory first please look on me sometimes
I'll be the one that's walking home alone you see
But don't be sad for me because I'll be coming to Glory soon
And I'll be the young and pretty wife I used to be.

©2009.Wyn Barratt

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Just A Mom.

The call of duties every day is not the stuff of dreams
But walking on before the Lord is everything it seems
We take one faithful step at a time as we feel led to do
Or continue on our daily climb doing what we know You’d do.

The daily chores of family life as a loving, giving soul
Are the silken fabrics that surround those we know as our own
In turn, they will, when growth permits live out the same way too
Your way of care and gentleness, which they have learned from you.

So don’t despair that thrills may not be a frequent part of life
Just walk on with God and share His love; it’s a healing balm for strife
Walk on, don’t faint, your Lord is near beside you all the way
You’ll find the love you pour out now will return to you some day.

Wyn Barratt
July 2011.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Smile.

A smile always starts in the eyes of a child
It slips down their face till their lips open wide
If they chuckle the smile floats away on the breeze
And it lands on the face of someone passing, with ease.

That smile lingers on till they pass someone too
Perhaps it was you and you were feeling so blue
But now it has landed your heart felt it first
It was just as if you were dying of thirst.

For your lips have just parted as the smile slipped on down
You looked up to Heaven and saw a bright crown
The angels had made it to fit that little child
As a thank you for sharing their wonderful smile.

Wyn Barratt.
July 2011.

Friday, July 15, 2011

I Heard The Music Of Heaven.

A new baby is born
Eyes still closed, no clothing worn
But a cry rends the air around the bed
My eyes are filled with tears
Is he already sensing fear?
Or have I just heard the music of Heaven?

Morning dawned in pouring rain
Bad weather here once again
I must drive carefully to avoid a prang
As I climbed into my car
I could see the morning star
I heard the music of Heaven; an angel sang.

Children coming home from school
Running; breaking all the rules
Tossed their books and their boots on my clean floor
Then straight to the fridge; grabbed the milk
And spilled their drink
I heard the music of Heaven once more.

God is everywhere we are
In the humdrum; on a star
If we listen we’ll hear the Angels sing
So no matter where you go
He is with you all ,you know
You’ll hear the music of Heaven ring.

Wyn Barratt.
July 2011.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love Letters To The Master.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Faithful to me; Faithful to me
There on the Cross You were faithful to me
You took all my sinfulness and set me free
I worship you Saviour, You’re so faithful to me.

Guiding me: You are guiding me
In my freedom You are leading and guiding me
No step would I take without holding Your hand
Saviour You are leading me through this great land.

Onward to Home; Onward to Home
Lord You will take me so I no longer roam
Draw me much closer Lord, I long to be
Right at Your side while You’re still leading me.

No more regrets; No more regrets
All that You send me I know is the best
Teaching and training me; letting me try
The ways that I praise You and the ways that You guide.

Only with You; Only with You
One day I’ll reach Heaven and be only with You
No one will take me right out of Your hand
As You walk with me Saviour to the glory You planned.

Wyn Barratt
July 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

You Can Walk Across My Grave.

You can walk across my grave my friend for I will not be there
I have broken through my chrysalis, now I don’t have a care
There’s no pain and no more loneliness; no cold dirt over me
I’m walking down the roads of Heaven, enjoying all I see.

No need to cry beside my grave my friend, for I will not be there
I’m sitting in the sunshine of my Lord without a care
If I have time I will be looking for those I used to know
But Mum and Dad will be the first for I went them both to know.

That I’ve broken free of earthly cares since Jesus is my Lord
He died for me at Calvary and carried me aboard
The glory train to Heaven, so I want you all to know
That I’m basking in the light of God and I’m glad He loved me so.

Now it is so important that you hear what I say
For I want to see you all up here one grand and glorious day
There is such a crowd of witnesses cheering from above
With the Spirit, God and Jesus watching over you with love.

So please remember that although I’ve gone, I’ve not gone very far
For I will always love you, yes, you know who you are
You were always in my heart and my heart is still in you
So get ready for Heaven, it’s the best thing you could do.

Wyn Barratt
July 2011.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Sun Will Shine Through.

The sun will shine through tomorrow
The Lord God knows all your pain
He dealt with all that at Calvary
His anguish is your gain.

He weeps when you weep with sorrow
He holds you close to His heart
He whispers ‘There’ll be sunshine tomorrow
Just hold on friend and don’t you lose heart.’

You can do this for one day longer
If you say that on every morn
Then day after day you’ll grow stronger
A stalwart; let no one pour scorn.

No one should look down on My children
They were worth every drop of my blood
Whatever you suffer right now, friend
It will serve to do someone else good.

Your trials and sorrows are testings
To establish your testimony
You’ll come through them and shine like silver
A credit to both you and Me.

Every one of my children is different
For I made people, not clones
So don’t feel that you should follow the sheep
It’s the Shepherd that shows the way Home.


Wyn Barratt
July 2011.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Will tomorrow ever come? Will it be different
From all the tomorrows that I’ve had so far?
All the hopes and dreams I’ve sought to have answered
Seem to have moved even further than a star.

Shall I forget what might have been and see reality
That there’s nothing much of anything for me?
I’m a not a shooting star but just a shadow
A reflection of what someone else might see.

I sit here; I’m a pond amongst the refuse
That those visiting humans left for me.
They came, they saw, and then they dropped their rubbish
As if it was a gift they left for me.

Oh yes, they stopped, and sat, and looked at their reflection
In my water, not as clear as it used to be
I wonder what they saw. They didn’t like it
For they tossed all their rubbish into me.

If I were clean I could reflect God’s Creation
As the moon and stars shine down upon me
But my image is marred, I’m ugly and scarred
Can anyone find beauty now in me?

I dreamed that one day someone came to clean me
That they dragged all this rubbish away
But they only did it once and then another’s response
Was to toss more bags of garbage my way.

July 2011.

Songs About God.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Please Don’t Disappear.

Please don’t disappear Lord
I need You here with me
Because You are a Spirit
How can I see?

Please stay close to my side, Lord
Without You I’m afraid
My future’s in Your hands, Lord
Please stay, oh please stay.

Now I read Your Word, Lord
You said You’d never leave
My doubts were built on lies,
For the enemy deceived .

I will walk with You Lord
For ever and a day
Devoted just to You Lord
Now I know You will stay.

Wyn Barratt.

July 2011.

Strength For Today

Sweep me up in warmth and comfort
Help me carry daily care
Dry the tears I shed too often
When I wake and no one’s there.

Give me work; I would be useful
Though some tasks I cannot do
Brain, not body, is in order
Show me Lord, I would serve You.

How to help the poor and homeless
And protect a child with care
Feed the hungry, help the dying
All this I’d do if You declare.

Paying bills is no distraction
Pension not enough to share
So what to do and how to do it
You alone know that I care.

Maybe there’ll be no tomorrow
Maybe today will be my last
Strength from You I need to borrow
Just for today; That’s all I ask.

Wyn Barratt.
July 2011.

I Am Yours

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It Is Later Than You Think.

While there is time, lift some souls to Jesus
While there is time, remember one in prayer
While there is time kneel in full surrender
And find the time to show someone you care.

While there is time pray for the world that’s dying
Tomorrow may not leave Eternity
Today may be the last one of your journey
Tomorrow I may call you home to Me.

While there’s time heal a sorrow or a friendship
While there is time remember those who cared
And helped you on your own way to Glory
They found the time to show love that they shared.

While there is time please keep on praying
For ones who are alone or full of pain
Pray for those you know and those you don’t, I’m saying
There may be someone who is homeless in the rain.

It’s later than you think, there’s not much time.

Wyn Barratt
July 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Keep Your Eyes On Us, Father.

Keep Your eyes on us Father
Don’t let us get out of sight
So many potholes are on this road
So few things going right.

We want to be always near You
So near we can hear You breathe
Your have the words of Life, Lord
The devil is here to deceive.

Keep Your heart with us, Father
We know we are loved by You
We really do want to please You
And do everything You would do.

Keep Your Spirit within us Lord
We need that comfort and strength
Sometimes the dailyness of our chores
Add to a hard day’s length.

We’ll keep our eyes on You, Father
We don’t want You out of our sight
You are our Leader and Guide, Lord
We know everything will be alright.

Wyn Barratt

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just In Case.

Just in case you call Me I’ll be ready
Just in case You need Me, I’ll be there
One thing you need to know wherever you may go
My hand is on your life and I’m right there.

Just in case you feel no satisfaction
With the path of life You’re walking down today
Remember you’re My child and I am still your Guide
You will reach the goal I’ve set for you this way.

Just in case your joy is disappearing
Look up and see that I am cheering you on
My joy is found in you and that’s what you should do
Be joyful for you and I are one.


Well, just in case You call me I’ll be ready, Lord
Just in case You need me I’ll be there
One thing that I do know, wherever I may go
You are leading me and closer than a prayer.

I’ll remember I’m Your child and You are with me
You will guide me down the path that I should go
Then when I reach the end, all my life You’ve been my friend
I’ll be ready just in case You call me Home.

Wyn Barratt
July 2011.

Friday, July 1, 2011

What Is Heaven Like?

The sky is blue and cloudless
As if God opened His front door
I’d love to peep into Heaven
For five minutes or maybe more.

Angels may be rushing round
On errands where there’s need
Old ladies knitting sweaters
Or stuff they never need.

Young people playing baseball
But not even keeping score
I’d like to spend a day there
Or two or maybe more.

I’m sure it would be interesting
And busy as can be
Would there be a spare Angel
Who could take care of me?

This place is full of strangers
Where is my Granny? Where is Pop?
Why don’t they come to see me?
They must know that I can’t stop?

The sun is setting and when it’s dark
I must be home for tea
Do they have tea in Heaven
Do you think they’d invite me?

Wyn Barratt.
July 2011.