Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Just A Mom.

The call of duties every day is not the stuff of dreams
But walking on before the Lord is everything it seems
We take one faithful step at a time as we feel led to do
Or continue on our daily climb doing what we know You’d do.

The daily chores of family life as a loving, giving soul
Are the silken fabrics that surround those we know as our own
In turn, they will, when growth permits live out the same way too
Your way of care and gentleness, which they have learned from you.

So don’t despair that thrills may not be a frequent part of life
Just walk on with God and share His love; it’s a healing balm for strife
Walk on, don’t faint, your Lord is near beside you all the way
You’ll find the love you pour out now will return to you some day.

Wyn Barratt
July 2011.


Marja said...

Hope you're doing fine today Wyn, love and greetings from your blogging friend in Holland!

wyn said...

Thanks, Marja! God bless you, and thank you for being such a dear and faithful friend,