Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Will There Be Time?

I feel I’m almost Home, Lord
I’m tired yet I can’t sleep
So many thoughts are haunting me
So many emotions, deep.

Will there be time to tell someone
I loved them unto death?
Time to ask friends and family
To choose You with my last breath?

I may have no tomorrow, yet
There may be many days
To live here on this earth Lord
Still time to learn Your ways.

But yet I think it wiser
To treat each day as my last
So I won’t put off a moment
Some small important task.

So though I’m almost Home, Lord
I need a little time
To show folk that You love them
And You’re a Friend of mine.

Wyn Barratt
Dec 2011.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I Was Walking.

I was walking down a narrow path, high mountains either side
The darkness of the shadows struck fear in me
Then I heard the quiet rustle of another pair of feet
And a quiet man fell into stride with me.

At first I was in fear that He was there to do me harm
His darkened face half covered by flowing hair
But without a word He walked with me and gave a silent nod
As if He’d said “G’day” right then and there.

Well, we walked along together, with the shadows lengthening
It was a hot and dusty road we traveled down
I had a little water that was not enough to share
But as I gave it I watched Him drink it down.

The stranger drank that small amount and emptied out the flask
Handing it back to me with a grateful smile
As I grasped it with my hand, water splashed upon the ground
Yet there was no stream to be found for many a mile.

He then began to talk as we continued on our walk
I fell silent as such awesome things He told
He said that He could give me water so I’d never thirst again
If I had faith in the God He knew of old.

That stranger seemed to be my friend as I listened carefully
I accepted all He said that I should do
Then I closed my eyes and prayed with Him my fears all had flown
When I opened them the stranger had gone too.

Wyn Barratt.
Nov 2011.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Cross.

We are told to stress the Resurrection
But without the cross where is the Christ Who died?
What’s the reason or the purpose for His dying?
For I know that my Lord was crucified.

It was there that He fought with our great enemy
It was there He conquered death and sin
Those tortured hours proved the culmination
Of His life and the pain He bore within.

Without the cross there is no resurrection
Without the cross where does salvation rise?
Christ is upheld to every tribe and nation
When the cross is raised before all human eyes.

So let’s remember the cross was the reason
That our Saviour came to earth as a babe
Born to die first, and then the resurrection
As the Saviour of the world He came to save.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2011.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not Only This.

I open my eyes and remember You love me
When I close my eyes I remember that too
And not only this, there are ten thousand reasons
That I should adore You for loving me too.

Nothing I’ve done could deserve this loving
Nothing I thought of, or I ever could be
I was condemned to a lifetime without You
And another eternity in Hell I would see.

And not only this, You surrendered Your glory
Not only this, You came down to this earth
And hung on the cross till death claimed You as sinner
Rising in victory, though I had no worth.

Now, back in Glory You have not forgotten
The weak and the sinful You left far behind
All that You ask is confession; submission
You will restore sight to the Spiritually blind.

Then day by day we’ll rejoice in our Saviour
Rejoice in the trials that are making us strong
Not only this we remember You love us
Eyes open or closed, we to Jesus belong.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2011.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lord, Let My End Come Quietly.

Lord, let my end come quietly
May my spirit soar aloft
On the breezes of the ocean
That feels so pure and soft.

Lord, let my end come joyfully
So my spirit still will sing
Your praises as You beckon me
To fly up on heaven’s wings.

Lord, let my end come gently
As You lift me in Your arms
May my family claim Eternity
With freedom from all harm.

Lord, let the memory of me
Be tempered with the thought
That I loved You in spite of
Not doing all I ought.

Lord, let my end be a welcome
Into the home of God
I long to hear the words,’ Well done
You were true to the heart of God’.

Wyn Barratt.
Nov 2011

Who Rolled Away The Stone?

Which Angel rolled the stone away
When Jesus rose again?
I like to believe that it was God
Who entered in that cave?

He would have waited patiently
When Jesus went to Hell
To pay the price of sin
We know full well.

Jesus was God’s only Son
And precious in His eyes
Though He’d turned His Face away
As His Son died.

But once it was accomplished, Christ
The victory had gained
I think that God would be the first
Inside that cold dark cave.

I believe that God would call Him
And hold Him close again
A proud Father who would push the stone
And roll it right away.

But if I have been wrong Lord
With what I wrote today
Please tell me when I get to Heaven
For You rolled my stone away.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2011.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Year.

House work is done; too hot outside
I don’t like reading; can’t abide
The thought of ‘hanging’; wasting space
A useless member of the human race.

I can’t hide behind my age
Nearly eighty-three; another page
Is already rolling into view
Another year, so what to do?

Too poor to travel; too young to die
I have my wits and one good eye
My driving licence is still my own
If that should go? Just hear me groan!

I rest back in my comfy chair
I scratch my head; I’m losing hair!
My wrinkles gather, they don’t drop off
I try to sing, but only cough.

Would I like to go back in time?
Not really; I was out of line
The halcyon summer days at school
Spent in detention for breaking a rule.

A tom-boy and a rebel, bent
On causing trouble wherever I went.
Dreaming of high adventurous days
Loving my life and all of my ways.

I felt immortal; thought I could fly
The sky was the limit; it wasn’t too high
The years went by and my wings were clipped
My hopes were dashed; expectations slipped.

What now? Immortality is close to my grasp
I have found a Saviour, what more could I ask?
The sky is the limit I’m headed up there
Still with hope and a future God promised down here.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2011.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

We Have A God.

We have a God Who hears our every prayer
We have a God Who bottles all our tears
Our Lord is near, much nearer than our breathing
How close is that! We have no need to fear.

We do not take one step without His presence
His plans with thought and love have long been made
If we but yield our will, our lives to Him
What peace will come as every step He aids.

He shelters us beneath His covering wings
He hides us in His own, His secret place
Though trials we face, He walks along beside us
He cuts the bands of failure and disgrace.

He still holds on when we are in the fire
We aren’t withdrawn till all the dross is gone
All our God’s works are perfect, so aspire
To do your very best; keep walking on.

One day we’ll hear the call, “Friend come up higher.”
One day He’ll say “Well done, my child, well done.”
Then as we soar through sky and clouds our desire
To be ever with the Lord has now been won.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2011.

You Have A Secret

Friend you seem to have a secret; there’s a light inside your eyes
And a warmth and tenderness you’ve shown to me
Is there something that you know about? It will not be a surprise
Oh please, brother, will you share your news with me?

I have heard that you know Jesus and He has love enough to share
But I’m a wretched man with a past I now regret
Do you think that I still have a chance to turn my life around?
I have no hope; strength; or determination left.

Will you let me sit beside you as you tell me what you know?
And why you look so full of optimistic joy
I have lived with sin and sorrow too many years of my life
Yet I started off as a happy, boisterous boy.

Now I want someone to show me if I can change my life
Or if this Jesus Christ could do just that for me?
I can’t go on any longer in my world of sin and strife
Please open up my eyes so I can see.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2011.