Friday, November 25, 2011

I Was Walking.

I was walking down a narrow path, high mountains either side
The darkness of the shadows struck fear in me
Then I heard the quiet rustle of another pair of feet
And a quiet man fell into stride with me.

At first I was in fear that He was there to do me harm
His darkened face half covered by flowing hair
But without a word He walked with me and gave a silent nod
As if He’d said “G’day” right then and there.

Well, we walked along together, with the shadows lengthening
It was a hot and dusty road we traveled down
I had a little water that was not enough to share
But as I gave it I watched Him drink it down.

The stranger drank that small amount and emptied out the flask
Handing it back to me with a grateful smile
As I grasped it with my hand, water splashed upon the ground
Yet there was no stream to be found for many a mile.

He then began to talk as we continued on our walk
I fell silent as such awesome things He told
He said that He could give me water so I’d never thirst again
If I had faith in the God He knew of old.

That stranger seemed to be my friend as I listened carefully
I accepted all He said that I should do
Then I closed my eyes and prayed with Him my fears all had flown
When I opened them the stranger had gone too.

Wyn Barratt.
Nov 2011.

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