Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Angel

I’ve lost my guardian angel, God
I think he’s gone away.
I ran and hid, that’s all I did,
So he would come and play.

How do I know he’s gone, God ?
Well, I just fell on the stairs,
And then a box dropped on my thumb.
I should have said my prayers,

To thank you for my angel, God.
I know You really care
And want me safe and sensible.
My angels’ here to share

My life, my fun, my joy in things,
And keep You in the loop
But now I fear he’s gone away
I don’t know where to look.

Do You think he’s gone to bed ,God?
Was he tired of my games ?
If I go up early will I find
Him sitting in a daze ?

I’ll go up to bed right now, God,
And I’ll say all my prayers.
I’ll thank you for my parents
Before they come upstairs.

If they come up too soon, God,
I know they’ll make a list
Of Aunts and Uncles, brothers too
And things they can’t resist

To add to my requests, God
So You’ll never get to rest
But when You do, please don’t forget
The angels round my bed.

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ginal said...

lovely song Wyn