Monday, October 27, 2008

No Other Love.

No other love would plan for my creation
Would know my name and count up all my days
No other love would sacrifice His Son for me
And let Him take the Cross, my soul to save.

No other love could take my life and raise it
From the destruction I was heading for.
Waiting for me to turn and then head homeward
And run to meet me, arms outstretched in love.

No other love would take my hand and hold me
Or listen for my cry when trouble’s near
Be near me when temptations are beguiling,
Or when sorrow’s pain has grown to bring me fear.

No other love but mine, all I can offer.
It’s all I have to give, yet not enough.
My Lord, my Saviour, Friend and my Provider
I worship You, and yield all to Your Love.

Your Love, Your Life, Your Cross, my gain
My all too poor a gift
I’ll honour You with all my life
And in Your Love remain.

W.B. Aug 2008.

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