Friday, October 24, 2008

Lord Of My Life.

Lord of my life be near to me
I need Your presence. Stay with me.
Hold Thou my hand, I tremble so
At the long way I have to go.

Lord of my life, keep holding me
I only wish Your child to be
I cannot stand without Your hand
This road to Heaven’s too far a land.

Lord of my life please lead me on
Until I reach that home beyond
This earthly place with all it’s strife
And trouble that attends my life.

Lord of my life, Yes Lord, You are
I praise You Lord for what You are
My Saviour, Counsellor, my Friend
Your love for me will never end.

Lord of my life, I love You so
You hold me every step I go
What can I give You but my praise?
I’ll love you till the end of days.

W.B. Oct ‘08

1 comment:

ginal said...

Yes , He is the Lord of my life also and I will always love Him.
Thanks Wyn for the beautiful songs and God bless you to write more and to enjoy our hearts with them.