Friday, October 31, 2014

Thank You For Breaking My Heart

Thank You for breaking my heart
When those I loved too well
Reaped answered prayers and feats I dared
That caused their hearts to swell.

I know I’m nothing now
A memory at best
A pat on the head then left for dead
O come eternal rest!

Thank You for breaking my heart
I’ve broken Yours at times
My lukewarm love drifts up above
When circumstance inclines.

The challenge now to see
The pain laid on Your heart
Each day I see Your love for me
Means we shall never part.

How much Lord, You love me
Far more than I deserve
And how I need Your arms round me
With nothing in reserve.

W.B. Nov ‘14

Friday, October 17, 2014

Are You Home Yet?

You’re in a home for old and doddery has-beens
Where you’ll be safe and filled with daily bread
It’s good to know that you are locked up safely
Behind a door through which you may not head.

Do you remember days of joy and freedom
When you could pack a bag and drive away?
Kids in their homes too busy to find fault with you
Your dreams of love may one day come to stay.

How strange is life?; When your home was full of babies
You made your plans to board a plane and fly
The years went by and cash flew out the windows
And sickness came and never said goodbye.

So here you are and long to enter Heaven
Loved by your Lord who washed you in His blood
Yearning for souls who hide their fears in mockery
While days drag on; you’d help them if you could.

So come, dear Lord; convict us all of sin once more
Show us the Cross, on which You chose to die
This beam; this pole that blinds us everywhere we look
Destroy it now so we see others through Your eyes.

W.B Oct '14

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dearest Shepherd.

Dearest Shepherd I can never tell
How often Your care has told me all is well
When fear and failings drag me to the edge
You will love me for ever; oh how I need that pledge.

Now I don’t get judgement and justice is for all
You hold Your arms out and catch me when I fall
Mercy Your promise; judgement washed in blood
Why should I struggle? I wouldn’t if I could.

Each night I sleep now resting in Your arms
Mornings blessed with sunshine nothing can harm
Where should I be now but walking at Your side?
No condemnation when You are my guide.

Judgment comes from others at satan’s beck and call
I have been forgiven and Jesus is my all
I’ll never be perfect in the worlds narrow sight
But my Saviour accepts me and makes my future bright.

W.B.Oct ‘14

Can I Tell You Privately?

Can I tell You privately how much I dread each day?
The simplest tasks or visits and I want to run away!
I fear that I will make a mess and say too much, or not
I always seem to aggravate the ones I love a lot.

I am so me and cannot change; I fail and fail and fail
I let You down by too much talk or silence or complaint
My life is never finished and I do so wish it would
Then my next mistake would be my last and I could see some good.

Dear Lord You keep forgiving me but I want an early mark
I am torn in two by failures and can’t face another start
By the time my feet have touched the floor my negative’s awake
And the thing I find attractive is just to run away.

My brain is wired backwards; I go backwards when I swim
I’ve never figured that one out. I go out when I should stay in.
I am really too contrary I want what I haven’t got
And when what I want is given to me I’d throw away the lot.

I know my time is running out and I was raised to try and please
But since I am no good at that what could I do with ease?
I could hide inside my little room and not answer the door
But Lord I want to be with You, did I mention that before?

W.B. Oct ‘14

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Where Is The Love?

Where is the love that Your love deserves?
Where is the love from me?
Instant by instant as day follows day
What depths of love will You see?
In an instant decision, who comes off best?
Is it something for You or for me?
Does my head say ‘later’ and this thing comes first?
How important are You to me?

It should be no contest and You should come first
You should always come before me
My plans are just wishes; do I hope in the stars?
How important are You to be?
My life is Your gift; my strength Yours alone
Tomorrow may be just a dream
Regret is a cancer that is mine alone
You must be the centre of life’s theme.

WB.. Oct ‘14

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Can’t Live Without You.

Lord, I can’t live without You
Please walk through my door
I know that I betrayed You
I beg mercy once more
What love You have shown me
What patience and much more
I cannot live without You
Please pass by my door.

Would You glance inside my window
And see me where I wait?
Your Word is right beside me
Lord do not hesitate
I know of all my failings
Cleanse me here and now
Please walk through my door Lord
You know I need You now.

You know I need Your power
Lord to witness again
I covet folk for You Lord
That I may not meet again
Please silence their mocking
And show them their need
Their memory loss is nothing
When their eternity is near.

W.B. Oct’14

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves are tumbling down at my feet
Do I just stand here and bow to defeat
Or do I stand proudly outside this new door
And praise You for changes I’ve not witnessed before?

The past now is sweeter; the old dearer too
How can I part with the things that I knew?
No storage for memories and loves now long lost
Pictures of children now grown, will be tossed

Memories fading of plans that I’d made
When the future seemed endless through sunshine and shade
I pause in a passage that’s narrow and dark
Nights are too long till I hear a lark.

My door slowly opens and I see a bright smile
From the night nurse with pills; she may talk for a while
Her duties now over she’ll head home for a sleep
And tonight once again loving care she will keep.

Routine never changes and there’s comfort in that
Missing are pets I can hug or just pat
Weather and football the talk of the day
Even old ladies watch sports that are played.

Plenty of dozing to pass the long hours
Bingo and card games beyond most of our powers
Sit in the sunshine and wait for the bell
That tells the next meal is ready as well.

That’s when the news is spread round the place
From table to table; no one says grace
We are waiting for God yet He cannot be seen
Please come for me Saviour. Is this a bad dream?

W.B Oct’14

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Where Is Freedom?

Cleanse me, guide me, use me
Show me what to do
Nowhere is there freedom
Unless it comes through You
Take away my idols
Then I can stand alone
Wrong expectations bridle
In the place I now call home.

Fill us all with hunger
As we glimpse Your Holy face
Time is fading quickly
I long for Your embrace
I want each soul to need You
Hold out seeking arms
Christ alone can feed us
Lord, take us in Your arms.

W.B. Oct’14