Sunday, October 5, 2014

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves are tumbling down at my feet
Do I just stand here and bow to defeat
Or do I stand proudly outside this new door
And praise You for changes I’ve not witnessed before?

The past now is sweeter; the old dearer too
How can I part with the things that I knew?
No storage for memories and loves now long lost
Pictures of children now grown, will be tossed

Memories fading of plans that I’d made
When the future seemed endless through sunshine and shade
I pause in a passage that’s narrow and dark
Nights are too long till I hear a lark.

My door slowly opens and I see a bright smile
From the night nurse with pills; she may talk for a while
Her duties now over she’ll head home for a sleep
And tonight once again loving care she will keep.

Routine never changes and there’s comfort in that
Missing are pets I can hug or just pat
Weather and football the talk of the day
Even old ladies watch sports that are played.

Plenty of dozing to pass the long hours
Bingo and card games beyond most of our powers
Sit in the sunshine and wait for the bell
That tells the next meal is ready as well.

That’s when the news is spread round the place
From table to table; no one says grace
We are waiting for God yet He cannot be seen
Please come for me Saviour. Is this a bad dream?

W.B Oct’14


Elizabeth said...

My heart is breaking for you! :'(

RitaSue Hanks said...

I think and it has been my experience that some days are harder than others. I hope your days there get better and better, Wyn. We all love you!

Wyn Barratt said...

I just gotta toughen up , girls, I know that now, but the air was blue when they locked my verandah door at 3.30pm!!
Was that to stop a midnight visitor or my escape?