Monday, August 25, 2014

Can I Speak Now?

Can I speak now with words of wisdom?
Can I say that I know the lord?
Do I follow Christ the Redeemer?
What sacrifice did I afford?

Which path should I take to be guided
By the Lord as day follows day?
I would be surrendered not hiding
Let no night blot out my new day.

The path that I tread holds no fear then
You know the way that I take
Each step takes me nearer to Heaven
I am happy; I’m loved, as I wait.

Today is another adventure
I will move in the light of Your love
May my words be few and all loving
As a servant of my God above.

W.B.Aug ‘14

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Day Is Yours

This day is Yours though pain or joy
May hold me fast, my thoughts employ
Days given by God to walk at His side
Knowing He’s close and with Him I’ll abide.

Alone with You, my Saviour dear
Through troubled nights You’re always near
Love of my heart, my days and my nights
I’m wrapped in Your arms and shielded from fright.

You know the way that I should go
Choose this or that to Home I’ll still go
I hold out my arms to share Your love
I’d gather the lost to carry above.

The tears You shed before Calvary
Your grief for the lost who refused to be freed
You gave Your all while we turned away
Watching You die while the Cross points the way.

Not one more soul be satan’s prize
His doom is sealed, that’s no surprise
Christ bled for each and everyone
The whosoever’s are God’s and death is gone

W.B. Aug ‘14.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Need Me

Need Me, and I will hold you
I’ll lead the way, don’t ask Me why
The path is dreary, winds ever onward
You know you need Me and I am nigh.

There is a reason for this harsh season
Sorrows like snow drifts are piled up high
The clouds won’t roll away however long you pray
Your life’s a beacon though you don’t know why.

Trust Me, I’ll never leave you
My plans for you are wrapped in love
As others watch you and read your story
You guide their way to God above

W.B Aug ‘14

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Where Did Love Go?

For God SO LOVED the world that He gave His only Son
For the righteous? Or the holy? NO, He gave to everyone
To the whosoever’s of this world however evil they might be
For we all needed a Saviour so Christ died upon that tree.

And what comes next? We point the finger and say it’s someone else’s fault
We blame the Christians and the Muslims and blame God who is not at fault
Do we blame ourselves, that we have sinned and turned our back on God’s own love?
When He offers tender mercy and His cleansing in the BLOOD.

Well we all have an opinion and so we spit out thick and green
For it is venom from that old snake with his forked tongue. Have you seen?
So where is love? Where is the Christ and the blood He shed for you?
He is waiting at the Mercy Seat, it’s not too late for me and you.

W.B.. Aug’14

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mocked By Mortality

I lie on my bed mocked by mortality
When shall I sleep? When will Peace come to me?
Weary of life, Lord, please come for me
Patience long gone, open the earth to me.

Is my work done? My brain’s frustrating me
Earth’s turmoil grows and tightens its grip on me
I’d show you the cross; tell what Christ did for me
Please look to the cross and then see what I see.

Here is the Christ, Son of almighty God
Blood stained His steps; walk in the path He trod
The ground drinks my tears Christs loved ones can see
This is the hill that took my Lord from me.

“Oh my dear Son,” listen to Mary’s cry
“What have they done? Why cannot I, too die?”
Who is to blame? Will one life be enough?
Creator God You gave Your all for us.

W.B Aug ‘14

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hate Hate Hate

I look beyond the pain and hate that’s breeding in the sinful heart
My point of view is not like yours; I look to Christ not satan’s art
The wrongs I see were not caused by me but that’s the blame I think you see
But if Christ the Saviour is the head, then that is good enough for me.
Love thy neighbour is His rule and who would not enjoy that school?
Yet everywhere is HATE; HATE; HATE, with children’s bodies where no love ruled.

Christ will return, make no mistake, and in one split second it will be too late
Then God alone appoints the blame, not to a nation or a State
But to each trembling naked soul standing at the Judgement Throne
One question will God ask of all, what did you do with Christ, My own?
His love for you was oh so great He gave His life to wipe out hate
The choice is ours we still have time and right this minute it’s not too late.
W.B Aug '14